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    posted a message on [Download] Wonderfully Stranded | WorldPainter Speedbuild

    This map is available for download here!

    If you liked it, consider a sub! =] I have about 40 more of these to do in the next four months, so expect much more content! =]

    Check out my other speedbuild ! =]

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    posted a message on WorldPainter Map - The Land of Rhine - Making of and Download
    The Land of Rhine Map

    This map has all biomes with huge amounts of trees. It is on an island with high cliffs, rivers, and ports. There are also other islands scattered around the main body of land. Check it out for yourself!

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    posted a message on Video Editor's Texture Pack

    Must have texture pack for people who like to take Minecraft editing to the next level.

    V.1 - Initial release
    V.2 - Updated for 1.2.3

    So what is this texture pack?
    This is a must have texture pack for people who are serious or wanting to get into visual effects for Minecraft. This is great for people who like to (or want to) make great Minecraft movies. Simple cropping and clipping of clips are OK, but won't always cut it. This will take it to the next level of video editing. You could make Steve go from a green screen set to being in outer space! This texture pack includes several options for your VFX needs! The three types will be explained further down.

    Psshh.. I could do this in Blender or Maya!
    That's true, but learning those programs could take years to fully master. With these texture packs, you could record anything you wanted to in-game and still make it look like you have done it in Blender or Maya after some editing! Since your footage will be recorded in Minecraft, it will look better in the final result! No more endless hours of editing positions of characters frame by frame! What could take you an hour in Blender or Maya could take you less than 10 seconds with this texture pack! If you download certain mods, you can make your character's movement look more realistic to the situation he is put it, just making this texture pack better than Blender or Maya!

    OK, so where's your proof?
    After setting up a quick green screen and set, I took a picture in-game. This is what it looked like:

    After keying out the green and adding in a few images, this is what my final result was. This was done in less than 10 minutes in After Effects CS5.5, so it is not the greatest. It's just an example.

    This texture pack is not limited to just being used for pictures. It can be used for videos, too!

    Is there anything else I need to know?
    Why yes! There are three variants of this pack, each completely different from each other! They are listed below.

    Green Screens and Sort
    The first one is the Green screens and Sort texture pack. This is what I used to edit the images above. This includes green, blue, blue with white, white, and black screens! This is what you would use to key the background out with a simple box with the screen of your choice that has an open roof. Below shows what blocks are what type of screen:
    :Green: : Green screen
    : Blue screen
    :Blue: : Blue screen with white dots
    : Black screen
    : White screen
    :Glass: : Motion tracking point

    This is what it would look like in-game:



    I had to use glass as motion tracking points because if an other block was used, you would be able to see through the ground. If you don't know what motion tracking points are for, I will tell you. When you have a moving or shaky camera and want to add effects in, you link them to the motion tracking points you set. (Can be done in After Effects.)

    Note: Glass will not work in this texture because it is used as a motion tracking point.

    Magic VFX
    This is where Blender and Maya can become obsolete. This texture pack completely removes all redstone items, including wires, torches, levers, and pistons! (Minecart tracks excluded.) This is great if you are making a movie that has redstone, but can't just fit it off screen. This can also make great for situations where you wanted to make blocks pop up, but had redstone showing. It is completely up to you. The options are endless! Below is an example of what it looks like before and after the texture pack is applied.



    Note: Stone slabs can not be used when this texture pack is applied because the bottom two pixels were removed so that diodes could become completely invisible. This includes double stone slabs, as well. The base of the lever shows a bit, as well.

    Redstone particles are not shown, either! (That's a good thing.)

    The Cameraman is the final variant of this texture pack. This will remove boats, minecarts, redstone torches, and tracks from being seen. This is great for if you are the person recording the shots. It is now easy to get shots without having the minecart or tracks in the way. Both powered and non-powered booster rails are hidden. The particles of redstone are hidden from the shot, too, so you don't have to worry about anything. This is great if you want to get clean shots for your film without having to worry about you running into anything while recording on foot! This also stops air bubbles from being shown if you are under water.



    Video Editor Pack - Green screen and sort
    Video Editor Pack - Magic VFX
    Video Editor Pack - Cameraman


    Get the Video Editor's Pack banner as your signature!

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    posted a message on Why are forum signature limits so small?
    So people can't spam like that all over the forums. You might not do it, but trolls would probably make it 10000 x 728.
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    posted a message on Do you play the Snapshots or wait for Official Updates?
    I wait for the official updates, as well. I like it because it isn't really that buggy. :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on How do I make a mod?
    You probably want Eclipse. It's free and will point out all your errors! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [Surv] Chunk Survival

    Oh, this looks like a nice spot to- Wait.

    You spawn on a chunk in the middle of nowhere.

    Courtesies to MineCraftVideoGuides for the videos.

    V.01 - Initial Release
    V.011 - Fixed hardcore bug
    V.012 - Made it easier to get another water source, but difficult in another way.

    Download Chunk Survival V.012 (Adfly)
    Download Chunk Survival V.012 - Hardcore (Adfly)
    It only takes 5 seconds of your life and the download is from Dropbox, so it's instant!

    Items in starting chest

    Rules and Challenges
    1. No fly mods, inventory editors, hacks, etc.
    2. Do not intentionally jump off the edge to regain health.
    3. Play on easy difficulty or harder
    4. Have fun and post videos and screenshots of your progress!

    Challenges: (Edited once)
    [1] Build a house.
    [2] Create a cobblestone generator.
    [3] Design a melon farm.
    [4] Expand the island.
    [5] Make a pumpkin farm.
    [6] Make a sugarcane farm.
    [7] Create a wheat farm.
    [8] Create a mushroom farm of both types.
    [9] Craft a bed
    [10] Make a full stack of torches. (64)
    [11] Smelt 64 stone.
    [12] Craft 64 stone bricks.
    [13] Create and infinite source of water.
    [14] Design a platform 32 blocks away from the chunk, allowing mobs to spawn.
    [15] Make a mob grinder.
    [16] Craft 26 bookshelves.
    [17] Eat 15 bread.
    [18] Craft 25 cobblestone stairs.
    [19] Craft 25 wooden stairs.
    [20] Reach the platform high in the sky and claim the rewards.
    [21] Craft 10 paintings.
    [22] After reaching the platform, create a nether portal. (And go to the nether)
    [23] Craft and place a stack of fences.
    [24] Create a lake.
    [25] Catch 25 fish.
    [26] Cook a stack of fish. (64)
    [27] Mine all the minerals in the chunk.
    [28] Find both Easter Eggs on the map.
    [29] Mine to bedrock.
    [30] Detonate 5 TNT safely.
    [31] Craft buttons for every 10 doors on both sides.
    [32] Create 15 trap doors.
    [33] Collect 21 bones and convert them to bonemeal.
    [34] Collect a stack of each item dropped by all aggressive mobs.
    [35] Collect a stack of each item dropped by all passive mobs.
    [36] Make 10 bowls.
    [37] Make 10 mushroom-soups.
    [38] Expand the chunk to a 3 chunk radius. (5 chunk diameter = 80 block diameter)
    [39] Smelt all ores found in the chunk.
    [40] Make a structure that is in the shape of a 5-block cylinder.
    [41] Hug a creeper.
    [42] Make a full set of diamond armor and tools.
    [43] Create any iron tool/armor.
    [44] Create any gold tool/armor.
    [45] Create any cobblestone tool.
    [46] Create and leather armor.
    [47] Enchant a sword, pick, bow, and chestplate that requires at least 3 exp points each.
    [48] Burn a whole set of cobblestone tools in lava or fire.
    [49] Have 15 trees grown at once in a tree farm.
    [50] Expand the chunk to a 10 chunk radius. (19 chunk diameter = 304 block diameter)

    More images:

    This is what it looks like when you spawn.

    Close-up of the chunk.

    Shot from below.

    Platform in sky (The Ultimate Quest).

    How to install the map
    Make sure you have removed it from the .zip first!
    Windows 7:
    Save to C:\Users\*Your Name Here*\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves

    Windows XP/Vista:
    Save to %appdata%\.minecraft\saves

    Save to Users/*Your Name Here*/Library/Application Support/Minecraft/Saves

    Go to View Options.
    Check the 'Show Hidden Folders' box.
    Go to your home directory.
    Open '.minecraft'.
    Open 'Saves'.

    Support me on YouTube: MinecraftToGo

    Get the code to have the logo as your signature!


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    posted a message on Vanilla Portal Beta!!!!
    Pics = Clicks
    Clicks = Views
    Views = Fame
    Fame = Fortune
    Fortune = Women
    Women = Good life
    Good life = Sex
    Sex = Aids
    Aids = death

    Get it?
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    posted a message on Almost Cheating Way of Killing Ender Dragon in Future 1.2
    Except the golems can only attack ground entities.
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    posted a message on Spawn in a NPC Village with ravine going through it!
    And the boys down at the lab said an earthquake would never happen here. Ha!
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