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    posted a message on MinecraftToGo's Building Challenge
    First two people to join get to be in the next Minecraft Building Challenge! :o

    Here's my channel: https://www.youtube.com/minecrafttogo

    On a side note: about to pass 30k subs, so if you wanna help ;)
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    posted a message on MinecraftToGo's Building Challenge
    First two people to join get to be in the next Minecraft Building Challenge! :o

    Here's my channel: https://www.youtube.com/minecrafttogo

    On a side note: about to pass 30k subs, so if you wanna help ;)
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    posted a message on Any ideas on how to make a block randomly drop a certain item when breaking it with a certain item?
    The title should pretty much cover it all.

    I just want dirt to drop redstone rarely when using one of the tools I have added in.

    Any ideas/help?
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    posted a message on WorldPainter Speedbuild: Island Nation [Download Included]
    Island Nation

    Total time: 1 hour 50 minutes

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    posted a message on WorldPainter - graphical & interactive map creator/generator
    Two videos of me using WorldPainter. =]

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    posted a message on [Download] Wonderfully Stranded | WorldPainter Speedbuild

    This map is available for download here!

    If you liked it, consider a sub! =] I have about 40 more of these to do in the next four months, so expect much more content! =]

    Check out my other speedbuild ! =]

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    posted a message on WorldPainter Map - The Land of Rhine - Making of and Download
    The Land of Rhine Map

    This map has all biomes with huge amounts of trees. It is on an island with high cliffs, rivers, and ports. There are also other islands scattered around the main body of land. Check it out for yourself!

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    posted a message on ► Vinecraft ◄ [RPG and Role-playing] mcMMO, Citizens, and more

    Server IP: mc.MinecraftToGo.us.to (Applicable to change)

    There's a new server on the block... Becoming bigger and better.

    Vinecraft is a friendly community server based on the Medieval Times. Work your way to the top and you can live like a king. (Literally.) Players aim to create kingdoms, towns, cities, etc, with other players to compete for the best kingdom. Kingdoms are created either through Towny or regions that are expandable. Towny is preferred so that admins can stay open and mayors can generate revenue through taxes. Money plays a big roll in this server. Many of the ranks are based off of your wealth, such as the Wealthy, Very Wealthy, or Baron ranks. (More detailed in the "Ranks and Info" section.)

    This server is one of few to offer special events. Every now and then, we have what we like to call "War Days." We also have "PVP Days" more often than War Days. Check with either the War Days section or the PVP Days section. Be sure to be there on the War Days to have fun when all hell breaks loose.

    Here is a big tip for generating revenue: Create a town and get as many residents as you can! The more residents you have, the more taxes you can collect, which means more money in your pocket! But if you want to make loads of money, consider making a farm, such as a sugarcane, wheat, melon, or pumpkin farm! Then, proceed to making a store near the spawn, if you want hundreds of players to shop in it. (Create using chest shops.) Finally, keep stocking up your store! In no time you can become one of the highest ranks of the server!
    • No griefing (unless it is a War Day)
    • No hacked clients
    • Keep mods to a minimum (Flying will automatically be disabled)
    • No spamming, bot or not
    • No advertisement of other servers
    • Racism, sexism, or any other type of harassment is not allowed
    • No transparent texture packs or xrays.
    • Don't ask for a rank. You buy it with /rankup , anyways.
    • Swearing is allowed, but excessive use can result in a day mute or a ban.
    • Religious talk should be kept to a minimum
    • Respect players, admins, structures, and opinions.
    • Peasant:
    • This is the starting rank. Start earning money to rank up and show you are no longer a newbie on this server! Even at this rank, you can create your kingdom (town) with Towny!
    • Resident:
    • Cost: $15,000 - Now you are getting the hang of this! You now have many more permissions than you did as a peasant. You will gain voice in the decisions of the server and be able to help the newbies!
    • Knight:
    • Cost: $25,000 - You are now becoming respected on this server. You can now quickly return to your death spot or where you were before you teleported with the /back command! You also gain many more permissions that would take a bit to explain here!
    • Townsman:
    • Cost: $35,000 - Your voice will now never go unheard from higher ranks anymore. Your wealth has brought you power in your voice. You can now narrate what you do with the /me command. Also, signs such as trading, disposal, or mail can now be created!
    • Wealthy:
    • Cost: $50,000 - Through your riches, you have been given the right to start your own nation! You have also gained the ability to heighten your senses and gut feelings with simple WorldEdit commands like /depth or /unstuck!
    • Moderator:
    • Must be obtained through the Moderator Application process. Gain the right to partly administrate Vinecraft and gain the ability of flying and creative mode. Any rank after this point has Moderator rights!
    • Very Wealthy:
    • Cost: $75,000 - Your hard work and effort has paid off! You can now swim in your money if you wanted to... Being very rich, you can now banish people from the Vinecraft realm. (/ban) Along with that, your senses are becoming even more keen. Be able to quickly teleport up and down with the /ascend and /descend commands! Your wealth has brought you over 50 commands!
    • Paladin:
    • Cost: $100,000 - You are now regarded as one of the most respected players in the server. Your power has brought you the ability to set warps with /createwarp. You can also now ban anyone related to a banished person with the /banip command! This rank also has many more commands.
    • Baron:
    • Cost: $150,000 - Barons run the show. They are very powerful, rich, and have many industries to generate them income. Be able to further edit Towns with commands!
    • King/Queen:
    • Cost: $200,000 - This is the final rank you can get. You are the second most respected person in the realm of Vinecraft. You have access to all commands and creative mode. This is the admin rank.
    Other rank:
    • Donor:
    • Cost: $12.85 - This rank can only be achieved through donating. To donate, do /buy to view a list of packages. Follow the commands to buy the Donor status and then go to the link it sends you to. It is Case Sensative!!! Do not take BuyCraft links from other people. (You will buy THEM the rank if you go to the link they gave you.) Each link is different for every person, so again, do not take BuyCraft links from other players!. Donor status lasts for 2 months.
    Ranks can be taken away by an admin as punishment.
    Moderators are like the flight attendants of a plane; they have power over the passengers (the players), they can tell people to get off the plane (kick or ban), are able to move around while the plane is flying (more rights and commands), but still have to listen to the captain (the admins and owner). I think that is a good analogy to almost sum it up completely. Moderators have the choice to receive creative mode or stay in survival mode. Once the choice is made, they cannot go back to the other game mode unless it considered important by an admin. (We recommend staying in survival mode, so that the server is still fun to you.) Moderators should monitor chat and, at the same time, be respectful in chat. Below are some guidelines to mutes, bans, or kicks:

    Reasons to mute:
    • Excessive swearing: Mute for 3600 seconds (One hour)
    • Caps lock overuse: Mute for 3600 seconds (One hour)
    • Speaking about other servers: Mute for 3600 seconds (One hour)
    • Harassment: First offense: 3600 seconds (One hour) Second (or more) offense: 83000 seconds (One day)
    • Disrespect of players: 3600 seconds (One hour)
    Reasons to ban:
    • Spambot: Global ban
    • Racism: First offense: Warn the player. Second offense: 1 day tempban (/tempban (player) 1d) Third offense: Permanent ban
    • Advertising: Permanent ban (Ex: "Go to lolderp.com:25565! It's the best server around!" Not: "Lolherp has some cool buildings on their server" UNLESS it is obviously hinting players to go to the server)
    If anything does not fit into those categories, either contact an admin or decide if they are muted, jailed, or banned.

    • If you are in creative mode, you are not allowed to damage players
    • If in survival mode, you can damage players, but are not allowed to speedhack or fly in battle.
    • If you catch a player with flint and steel, either seeing it in their hand or using /invsee, demand it back. Tell them that there will be punishment if they do not comply within 10 seconds. If within the 10 seconds they do not give the flint and steel back, jail them with /jail (name) jail 3600.
    • For creative Moderators: do not spawn any player items
    • When two or more players are arguing, do not take sides at first. Listen to what they have to say and settle the dispute as quick as possible.
    • Do NOT jail players infinitely. The max jail time is 1 hour. (3600 seconds)
    • Be respectful to players; you represent the server staff.
    • Do not abuse your power. It can be take away from you in a blink of an eye.
    You pretty much already know what a Moderator is and does on Vinecraft. Most of these next requirement must be met to become a Moderator of Vinecraft.
    • Agreed to server rules
    • Experience with plugins
    • Mature and fair
    • Been on Vinecraft for at least 2 weeks
    • Is at least the rank of Townsman
    • Have only one previous offense or less
    Moderator Application:
    In-game name:
    Current rank:
    How long have you been playing on Vinecraft?:
    Do you have any offensives? (Bans, mutes, jail time, etc.):
    Why should we pick you?:
    How many hours you can put into the server a week:
    Server suggestion:
    Any extra information:


    Appeal global bans at: MCBans.com
    Appeal local bans by doing the following:
    • Go here and click the sticky topic!
    In-game name:
    Who you were banned by (Not sure? the MCBans link above):
    What day where you banned? (MM/DD):
    Reason for ban:
    Admit to doing the above reason? (Yes/No):
    What is your current rank?:
    Any other information to tell:

    Every now and then, we have what we like to call "War Days." On these specific days, all protection for non-Towny kingdoms are disabled. Town mayors will now be able to declare war on other towns, as well. Players aim to crush other players' kingdoms. PVP is enabled, too. After the day, the server is reloaded to the world before the "grief" has occurred. It's not just the world that get's reloaded, the entire server, including the map and plugins, are reloaded from the day before. So go crazy and have no fear of loosing any items!

    Again, world and plugins are reloaded to the day before, so nothing is lost nor gained.

    Dates of upcoming War Days (All times are in CST, GMT-5):
    Quote from Server Staff »

    None yet

    We also have PVP days. PVP is turned on for the Wilderness and non-admin regions. The goal is to kill players and take their stuff. The world is not reloaded afterwards; this goes for plugins and player data, as well. Some tips to staying alive on PVP days:
    • Don't battle log! (Leaving when being attacked by another player)
    • Travel lightly! (Bring only essential items)
    • Don't trust many people! (They could be lying, kill you when you least expect it, and then take your stuff.)
    • Put your items in chests! (So when you die, you can easily retrieve the items.)
    • Have at least one block between you and players and remember to sneak! (This will make it so that they cannot see you.)
    Upcoming PVP Days:
    Quote from Server Staff »
    None yet. :(


    Current offers: (Times are in CST, GMT-5)
    • None
    Previous offers:
    • None, yet.

    Question: How can I report a player when there is no admin online?
    Answer: Report a player with the command: /report (player) (reason)

    Question: How come it is not letting me break a block?
    Answer: Chances are you are in a protected zone or in a town you are not a resident of. If it is a town, then ask the town mayor to invite you to their town.

    Question: Why won't it let me break this diamond ore?
    Answer: You are in too low of a light level. Place a torch nearby and you should be able to mine the ore. The plugin FoundDiamonds causes this to happen to stop xrayers.

    Question: Is there a reason I can't open this chest?
    Answer: Yes. The chest has been protected by the plugin Lockette. If it is a chest of your friend, have him right click the sign and add your username to the next available line.

    Question: How do I talk or trade with NPCs?
    Answer: Right click them when there is nothing in your hand. If it is a trader NPC, an inventory screen will pop up. Double-click items in his inventory to buy items and double-click items in your inventory to sell items.

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    posted a message on Admin question: their profile pictures
    I noticed that all the admins have images of themselves from real life, but certain facial features are filled in or outlined. Example: Sacheverell. Can someone give me the name of the style or a link to a tutorial?

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    posted a message on [1.2.3][SDK][vanilla]MaseSDK v1.2.3
    Hate to break it to you, but I highly doubt someone is going to make a website for you unless you pay them. Sorry.
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    posted a message on World Guard Region Help
    Did you set the plots to a higher priority? I think it's: /region priority [region name] [number > 1]

    Edit: I'm sure that is the problem.
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    posted a message on BoredCraft 1.2.3 freebuild!
    It's not "you may need Hamachi," you need Hamachi for the type of server you are running. And the login information.
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    posted a message on Volcanoes!
    I think it would be pretty cool. :)
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    posted a message on [1.2.3]-[WIP]-Mario Bros Miners-[16x]-[v0.1]
    This looks really cool! I will make sure to download it.
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