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    posted a message on Any fun 2 player minecraft mini games?

    Myself and a friend of mine have played every possible 2+ player game, such as....

    Guess who

    Death Swap

    Hypixel: The bridge

    : skywars

    Cubecraft: Lucky Islands

    : Egg wars

    Find the button

    Hive: Speed Builders


    Bed Wars


    Now we're finding it hard to find other server minigames, and want to try some new ones out. It would be appreciated if I could get some suggestions as to more minigames because there are more out there it's just I can't find them.

    Note: It doesn't have to be 2 player because some games like solo bed wars is still fun. It also doesn't have to be on a server. All replies greatly appreciated!

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    posted a message on Two simple questions


    Birch tress need a they need a 5x5 space between 6 and 8 blocks high. Birch trees need the 5x5 level above the top of the leaves to be completely air, not even torches are allowed.

    This is probably the problem you went through the first tree.

    As for the 2nd problem, I have a very easy fix for this, however it variates slightly

    If you really want mending fishing rods, I have tried this out in my survival world near 10 times and ALL 10 times were successful.

    Place some sort of weight on the mouse, be in a spot away from mobs i.e. deep in your house, meanwhile leave your PC for 2-3 hours. It has extremely cheap materials to build and efficient. I can guarantee with a full chest full, you'll have at least 3 mending fishing rods with also extra enchantments, and other goodies.

    I am unsure what was the cause of the original bug was, however if you want a fishing rod with mending, this is definitely the way to go.

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    posted a message on Can someone please do a quick check for me? (Max 5 mins - Map problem)

    One of the people in my comment section said that the map doesn't start the player at the beginning. It also has a considerable number of upvotes. I'm worried if my map doesn't allow the person to start at the correct spawn point. If someone could please download it and check if you spawn in a white quartz room with the creators in front that would be extremely helpful.


    Thanks for all the help

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    posted a message on How Do I do a Focused Straight Particle Beam?
    Quote from CannonFoddr»

    Ok - you dont say whether your doing this in 1.13+ or 1.12 (and below) - I'm also no expert (only dabbled a couple of times) but after watch a dragnoz video

    I came up with the following (by trial & error) that will give you a line of dragon breath that appears at the base of an armor stand going 'south' (in 1.12)

    /execute @e[type=armor_stand] ~ ~ ~ /particle dragonbreath ~ ~ ~ 0 0 0.1 2 0 force

    (Play about with the ''0.1'' & ''2'' to get a 'beam' you like

    Place this into a command block that has been set up as 'repeat / unconditional / Always Active'

    I would guess if someone more experiened could modify this to do the same thing but with possibly a 'named invisible armor stand' then all you would need to do is summon it in at a suitable point to get the dragon breath 'beam'

    Note that in 1.13 I'm pretty sure 'execute' has changed quite a bit

    Thank you for the reply, and I have seen other map creators and what you did is what they basically did! I'll use this command. Thank you so much for the reply and without your help this would have been an impossible task. The force but was right.

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    posted a message on Map Testers Needed!!!

    My friend and I have completed a map and we are not the best Minecrafters.

    We would like professional map testers who:

    Can do parkour with ease. (A MUST).


    Are careful and alert to find mistakes.

    Your name will be added to the credits.

    We would really love feedback, constructive feedback. If you wish to test, please reply to this thread and we will message privately for more details.

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    posted a message on World Spawn Point Glitched???

    Thank you so much for your help. You are really helpful....good to know for the future I guess!

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    posted a message on World Spawn Point Glitched???

    I am in the process of an adventure map, and I am trying to make the world spawn point in the lobby.

    As we know, the world spawn point is the spawnpoint of new players as well as old players if thier spawnpoint is broken (e.g. bed broken).

    I have used the setworldspawn command in the lobby and then purposely broke my bed. HOwever, we always spawn a few blocks away from the exact world spawn point

    This is Java Edition Vanilla Minecraft 1.12.2 if you were wondering.

    If this map were to be released, people will spawn in the wrong places. We need urgent help. ALl help appreciated.

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    posted a message on How Do I do a Focused Straight Particle Beam?

    You can simulate in survival with dispenser + fire charge with pattern.

    On creative, you can actually obtain the dragon spitball entity and use it.

    Yeah true, but I want a straight beam of thin particles because it will make it look a little more professional. It would be really helpful if you could tell me the exact command - thanks!

    Quote from CannonFoddr»

    I assume you trying to do this in creative mode..

    Are you trying to do it 'natural' (modified items with particle effects) or with command blocks ?

    Thank you for the reply, and yes I am in creative mode and have access to command blocks. I am playing java edition vanilla minecraft 1.12.2 if it helps. It would be really helpful if you could tell the exact command - thanks! I want and hope and am willing to use command blocks btw.

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    posted a message on How Do I do a Focused Straight Particle Beam?

    Hi, I want to make an enemy shoot a focused straight line of particles (dragonbreath) at an enemy on the z level co ordinate, as if its shooting a pink laser beam.

    I think it has something to do with "force"?

    Thanks for all the help. Even if you THINK you know please reply! All help appreciated!

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    posted a message on Whats The Command Which....?- Gives Specific Items When A Player Is Standing On A Specific Block?

    Exactly what the title says.


    I am making a map, and when the player is standing on a diamond block lets say, they get chorus fruit. However, the moment they do not step on a diamond block, all chorus fruit from their inventory is erased.

    Is it possible to perform this command in Minecraft Java Edition Vanilla?

    Thank You for reading and if you know the answer or just a slight hint please do reply!

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    posted a message on 1.6.4 mod pack with epic proportions season 5?

    I would like a singular mod pack with epic proportions season 5 for 1.6.4.

    Does anyone know where I can get this from and from a safe websitre

    Majour thanks to anyone who can find this, have a good day.

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    posted a message on Amazing news With HORRIBLE troubles

    Ive been working on a map for ages, then i stupidly went to another version of minecraft (1.12.2-1.13.1).

    I have MCEdit on 1.12.2, so when i tried to back on the world it warned it may crash, and fortunately I made a backup.

    Of course it crashed, then i removed all mods and suprisingly i entered the world, but my spawnpoint missing. This is on a FLAT WORLD.

    I had all my inventory from before, meaning it was the right world but spawnpoint missing.

    I did /kill but that was useless

    I still have the backup but I dont want to rush things or else the entire world is gone forever, do i decided to ask before acting.

    Any ideas?

    (This problem wouldnt exist if MCWorldEdit for 1.13.1 came out)

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    posted a message on Creativity required

    Absolutely love it. Brilliant.

    I’ll come up with the rest so that at least I put some of my work into it but that basis is what I’ll work towards.

    Unfortunately im such a slow builder even with worldedit. Legit maybe late 2019 I may release it.

    Thanks for the basis though, have a good day!

    Quote from gustarfx»

    Maybe a thief stole an object ( you choose ) from a museum and you have to chase him with different challenges between levels that connect to the story that make sense, like he trapped you on a room and you've got to find the hidden button that opens a door, or a parkour, PvP with his fellas, or whatever you want

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    posted a message on Creativity required

    You could say all of the above.

    However, having a hero killing mobs to rescue a village is tooo cliche and done multiple times it’s quite boring.

    Im actually pondering on your artwork idea....nice one.

    With Ideas like your artwork one, I could do a massive combination to an epic storyline.

    Quote from Hexalobular»

    It might help if you gave us your thoughts on what you're looking for.

    Do you want something like “There was a hero, mobs took over, he killed them the end.” just with unique details added or something completely different, perhaps surrealistic? Like perhaps somebody disappears in a modern art museum and the clues are hidden in the artworks.

    What kind of challenges were you planning on having? Killing monsters? Parkour? Codebreaking? Find the button? All of the above?

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    posted a message on Creativity required

    I need an adventure map storyline.

    I would love some help into what ideas I could use.

    Please make it concise and get to the point because I don’t want to fully copy word to word your storyline or else it’s not my map.


    You give me full permission to take any idea from your storyline.


    MUST be creative (I don’t want something like....

    Not taken from an already existing map.

    “There was a hero, mobs took over, he killed them the end.”

    or something like

    “There was an item stolen, you as a character must rescue you it.”

    Basically something never thought before.


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