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    posted a message on Calvary based mechanics and weapons

    Tbh I like your list but the polearms and some ranged weapons. I'd like lance and halberd to be kind of "modification" for spears, for example lance dealing more damage to unmounted units and halberd also getting the 30% penetration, of course, at cost of speed. But I do like the concept of +2 reach range.

    Crossbows could be actually harder to draw than bows, and should fire higher accuracy, more damage and knockback rounds, behaving as a sniper weapon in Minecraft. Assuming we're talking European crossbows(Notch is swedish), not repeating Chinese ones. Crossbows would serve as the anti-armor ranged weapon.

    Pistols, Muskets and Blunderbuss... let's just not. IMO a Blowgun would be better because this is early mediavel theme. We aren't going to add a Nanite generated laser cannon either. Blowgun might serve as a really effective weapon to deliver poison and weakening, maybe even blinding effect. Could be a debuff weapon, or a weapon that is great against unarmored or lightly armored targets(efficiency drop per same unit of armor is significantly bigger than that of a bow).

    Rocket launcher (not what you imagine - think of MLRS) - is crafted from wood, and is a stationary weapon much like Cannon, and has 9 chambers to be filled with firework rockets. Could be redstone powered and probably even controlled.

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    Calvary really needs an update most people don't fight on horses because it just doesn't provide any benefits if anything it's worst than fighting on the ground.

    Horses provide mobility advantage, but it comes at a cost of its own(big target size and reduced maneuverability around terrain) - so I agree we need cav update. IMO horse fighting is just bland and boring, much like MC combat always was.

    I kind of want heavy two handed battle axes, 2h swords, spears, lances and halberds added for better uses both as the horseman and as the anti-cavalry infantry(think of spearmen)

    IMO combat should get an update in general, with crossbows, harpoons, blowguns and other custom weapons. Maybe we could think of some tribes that worship some gods and make their unique weapons, too.

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    posted a message on Boat Enchantments

    I know that you're trying to make large oceans friendlier for boat users, but maybe in a different way?

    Enchanting wouldn't make much sense, so there should be something else. And here it is: Engines.

    1. Firework Rocket boat.

    You strap 2 firework rockets to a boat and they give you 20% more speed for 3 minutes.

    2. Small Steam Engine

    You put a furnace and a pickaxe(as rotor shaft) in a vertical line, and above them you put 3 iron ingots acting as propeller. Gives you 8% speed boost, and it will be powered for (Amount of items burned by the fuel) minutes, for instance, 2 Wood planks will power you for 3 minutes, a Stick would power you for 30 seconds, and Coal piece would power you for 8 minutes. Ultimately, lava bucket could power you for hours!

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    posted a message on Ocean Mob: Sea Cucumber

    This is awesome. Way to revive minecraft!

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    /Rotate [x1][y1][z1][x2][y2][z2][axis][degree] All arguments required. Can be both said on chat and triggered by command block

    makes a box between 2 points - x1-y1-z1 and x2-y2-z2(just like in /Clone if object is being cloned). Then,


    (Picture wasn't created by me, but by it's respective owner.)

    Defines axe.


    90 degrees.Turns counter clockwise

    180 degrees. Reverses

    270 degrees. Turns clockwise.

    Why it shouldn't be a mod?

    • Doesn't work in snapshots(Forge ones)
    • Hard to install(Non-forge ones)
    • Developers must keep up with Mojang to work for all the versions
    • Mods are temporary solution to long-term problem
    • If /rotate should be a mod, then /clone should be removed from vanilla.

    Best used with /clone command for machines and robotics!

    This little robot definitely should turn around and ghast ball a village!
    (dunno why but it always throws me an error when I create thread in "suggestions" section.
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    posted a message on Revolutionary, real 32bit computer in minecraft. Has 8kb ram.
    Are you designing this PC yet, or starting to program it?

    New (colors suggestions):

    Diamond block: cyan, gold block: golden, iron block: silver, emerald: green, also use stained clay and etc.

    And slime block. So it will have alot more colors.
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    posted a message on Better NPCs - Bringing more life to the land-squidwards!
    I was posting similiar suggestions, but they weren't accepted. Lol. Anyway it's a well made suggestion(someone must be going to email Jeb about this)
    Also, Demolitioners should build TNT Cannons too.
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    posted a message on Snowmen(and snowballs) DO damage.
    Playing 1.7.9 version, /execute is unknown. Help please?
    Well, thank you, but damaging snowballs aren't nesecarily thrown by snowmen.
    I want to add different effect to snowballs, for example if you name a snowman "Tank", the snowman has high health, resist and regen and his snowballs are simply damaging, but when I name a snowman "Exhaustor", the snowman has a ball which not only damages but also hungers enemy.

    I want to have following snowmen types:
    Tank(high HP, regen, resist, low damage, heals+regens undead, player, snowmen)
    Drainer(medium HP, high regen, poison+damaging snowballs)
    Snowman(without name)(low HP, medium damage, heals undead, player, snowmen)
    Freezethrower(high HP and regen, Slowness VI snowballs(!))
    Reductor(high HP and regen, Dullness VI snowballs(!))
    Snow Cannoneer(High HP and regen, Damage III within 4 blocks to mobs, Heal VI to player, fellow snowmen and undead)
    Approach-less(High HP and regen, Damage, Slowness and Jump Supression snowballs)
    Actually I want to mount them on bat and make "Fighters" which are patrolling(or rather flying randomly) area to destroy any hostile mob in area.
    Now I haven't server so I do it in creative
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    posted a message on New Mob - Ender Cube (with name poll)
    Never thought of it before.
    I think that it's name "Ender Quarter" is fine.
    End itself needs some expansion, likely, to relieve all the dullness of the End. Fight the dragon and that's all? Nope. Find a structure full of Ender Quarters(a reason to visit End once again)? Yes
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