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    P.S sorry for too small pictures.
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    I suggest this because acting like medic in survival is hard and deadly. Firstly, you need to find - most hazardous - blaze, which will open fire you and if it is accurate you get hardly damaged and even set on fire, which will probably kill unprotected player. Then, after you made the brewing stand, you need some glass bottles, and water and nether wart, which is really hard to find. then - second brave or foolish getting in the center of hazards is getting your gunpowder. Those ghasts as source of gunpowder arent very hazardous, their "cannon" can deal most of 5 hearts and may probably spread fire on impact but fire probably will not be spread on player. However, their cannonballs are easy to dodge as well as your arrow for the ghast - they dodge them like masters. But the fallen gunpowder items are quite hard to collect - they may fall in lava, or simply will fall on hardly reachable place such as cliff in the Nether. Another way to get the gunpowder, just in Earth dimension, is to hunt creepers, which is foolishly dangerous. They are easily shot with enchanted bow but remember, you are target of ranged skeletons and annoying spiders - it is death if you dont switch peaceful in time for unprotected player. Here you have all the items. Hard, eh? Make it easier with other villager type which will trade you such rare and hard-to-obtain items as well as healing you - sure if you have popularity over 5.

    This is it. We should add this because many of villagers turn into zombies after few hits in zombie sieges. Those "wild" zombies and the village "traitors" - zombie villagers - finish off a village after 1 to 3 sieges.

    The villager type is Medic. It throws "special" splash potions[Impossible to obtain without inventory hack], whose will 1. only have effect on friendly mobs - Player with popularity +5(can be increased by trading to villagers), other this village villagers and snow/iron golems[Villagers of the Medic type will throw Splash potions of instant heal/regeneration/instant heal II(rarer)]
    and, second case, will throw potions of weakness at any enemy mob except zombies. Towards zombies they will throw splash potion of weakness(which only effect zombie), then splash potion of regeneration which will do following effects:

    If the zombie is "normal", not a zombie villager it will catch the effect of poisoning, but the poison has decreased rate of damage and can kill the enemy[only works on zombie]. Expires on:

    Death of the "oddly poisoned" zombie
    when the oddly poisoned zombie falls in water/lava or just in 5 seconds under rainfall
    when the victim catches fire
    Blast damage by Creeper/Ghast

    otherwise, if the zombie is villager zombie, after being affected by "special" splash potion of weakness and "special" splash potion of regeneration it will turn into normal Villager in 3 seconds.

    Medic villager buys:

    Sand 5-7/emerald
    Glass 4-6/emerald
    Glass Bottle 4/emerald
    Water Bottle 3/emerald

    And sells:

    Nether Wart 1/3 emeralds
    Splash potion of Poison 1/3 emeralds
    Splash potion of Regeneration 1/3 emeralds
    Gunpowder 1/2 emeralds
    Ankward Potion 1/2 emeralds
    Splash potion of Instant Heal 1/2 emeralds

    And spawns:

    in Hospitals, 2 medic per Hospital.

    Medium-to-large building which spawns in villages.

    As you see it is glassy. That's the view outside the hospital.

    Interrior. This is a chest with some useful raw foods.

    As you see here is both normal and golden apples and carrots as well.

    Now, interrior:

    Here villagers heals. There those paintings seems like pictures of their diseased organs, or cardiogram... Whatever. But in the left of bed here lies what exactly heals - dispensers with splash potions. What splash potions, you will see later.

    Another picture of interrior. Redstone lamp with lever can be seen here.

    Now, what the 1st dispenser contains:

    Some Insta heal potions, some regeneration potions and one potion of fire resistance.

    Second dispenser contains potion of Night Vision. Great, you will not only heal your wounds in Hospital but also get out a bit stronger than you were unharmed! You may come with extra strength, fire resistance and night vision. Stronger than ever!

    Another pic of interrior.

    X-Ray mechanism is also seen here. But, eh, it does nothing but drops paintings! AWESOME!

    Wow, X-Ray mechanism in somewhat around mediavel? It is funny isn't it?

    Note Blocks are here. But those small holes reminds you microwave oven... who wants to be microwaved in a hospital? xDDD. This thing gets really funny. And a bit scary...

    Dropper can be seen here. What, it microwaves you and throws painting in your face?
    We all here are starting to laugh out loud.

    Interrior. The laugh-making x-ray mechanism can also be here.

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