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    posted a message on New Mobs!
    Minecraft as well should have 4 military-specialisation Mobs.
    Archers are weak when we are talking about health, but they are accurate and will simply shoot down enemies. Villages with more than 15 villagers are having 1 archer(and, sure, Iron Golem)
    Health: 5 hearts
    Damage: 2 hearts
    Accuracy: 100%
    Speed: Normal(Like Villager's speed)
    Approach Range: 50 blocks
    Shoot Range: 45 blocks
    Fire Rate: One arrow per 2 seconds
    Drops: Arrow(3-5), Bow(80% chance if not dead by explosion), leather chest(50% chance if not dead by explosion), Carrot(2-5, 30% chance), Saddle(if dead by explosion(his leather armor will transform))
    Archer will attack player with village popularity lower than -15

    It also can be built by Player.

    Build Schematic

    P - pumpkin
    W - wood planks
    L- leaves
    In the past he was a genius. He orginally made Creepers to act as self-destruction bots, and made controls. He gave controls to his friend and after he dead in battle the controls were lost and found by his enemy. Now the enemy hides in shelter somewhere in other Dimension and controls creepers.

    The commando still cannot believe Creeper control was stolen, and is friendly to them as well as they are friendly to him because he goes with array of explosives.

    The Commando is wielding Cubic Rocket Launcher(Fireworks whose are just stronger) Or Portable Homing Firework Stand(Whatever you call his explosive heat-seeking gun), is stronger and really harmful, and moves fast.
    But this strength costs!
    Crafting isn't easy. It requires expensive materials.
    As well, approach range is reduced. And he additionally has chance of suicide if his explosive missile hits too close him!

    Villages won't have this guy.

    Health: 15 hearts
    Damage: 10 to 15 hearts(if direct hit), Strong Homing capability, Normal Creeper Blast radius.
    Accuracy: 70%
    Speed: Fast(Wolf speed)
    Approach range: 40 Blocks
    Shoot Range: 40 Blocks
    Fire Rate: 1 missile per 3 seconds
    Drop: 1-9 redstone(100% chance), Cake(10% chance), TNT(5% chance if not dead by Explosion), Pumpkin Seed(90% chance), Diamond(1-2, 1% chance if dead by explosion(WOW, RARE AS THIS MOB!!!)), Rotten Flesh(1-2,1% chance)

    Build Recipe

    T - TNT
    P - Pumpkin
    R - Redstone
    C - Cake Block
    L - Wood Leaves
    Wandering and hunting for years after being lost by village since he was children, he is lone and his survival skills are enough to survive a creeper's attack
    due to this guy was lost and wandered away from village, villages will never have those WILD snipers.

    He is medium armored but he is really long range accurate, making pain for creatures like Skeletons,
    Creepers, Sheep and even to Ender Dragon.

    He uses primitive gun, made out of gunpowder and Stick(Player isn't able to craft or hold this gun, its only ability of Sniper.

    Health: 10 hearts
    Damage: 2-4 hearts(random number between)
    Accuracy: 100%
    Speed: Fast(Wolf speed)
    Approach Range: 100 blocks
    Shoot Range: 80 blocks
    Fire rate: 1 round per second
    Drop: Carrot(100%), gunpowder(40% if not dead by explosion), Stick(100%), Iron Ingot(10%)

    Build Recipe:
    W- Wood
    P - Pumpkin
    R - Redstone Block
    D - DIrt
    Wl - Sheep Wool(Must be dyed green otherwise will NOT work; usage - camouflage)

    Attractor, gatherer or anyhow he should be called.
    He is buildable and will follow player or stand whatever once right-clicked. It will only act like magnet to only player-built Archers, Commandos or Snipers(Those mobs are allied but won't follow player, they'll follow Attractor instead). So Attractor is center of your army/gang. When not in combats, troopers(Archer, Commando And Sniper, and your Golems) will follow Attractor once in sight range.

    Health: 5 hearts
    Damage: 0[WIll panic if attacked and might run towards player because in Overworld the player maybe builds these mobs for his house/mineshaft/structure/whatever protection.
    Accuracy: No way!
    Speed: Fast(Wolf speed), will selectively stand or follow player
    Approach Range: 50 blocks
    Magnetising Range: 15 blocks
    Drop: PInk Wool(100% if not dead by explosion or fire)

    Build Recipe:
    P - pumpkin
    Wl - Wool(Will only work with Pink cause love sticks those who dont have this feeling(Troopers dont know what is love))
    This little creature is harmless towards anything!
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    posted a message on Shields, who wants them?
    Love this idea! There would also be great shield slot[like chestplate or boots slots] to enlarge abilities thereby you can use diamond sword with diamond shield :D or axe, pickaxe, potion.. And bow, sure.
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    posted a message on Dreams Should definetly be added,
    Sleeping is really bland, dreams would be awesome.
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    posted a message on Automated Sentries
    Sentry Vs Enderdragon FTW!!!!
    Fully support

    Ammo for Sentries should be simple,
    Normal arrows
    Acid Arrows(Poison)
    TNT Arrows(Explode like 1/2 creeper)
    and last: Redstone arrows(Weakening effect)

    And that's all

    Upgrades: You may guard sentry using fence posts covering its "head" and iron covering its "body", no other upgrades needed
    Turret can be affected by potions. That means no attachable upgrades needed, throw potion of strength II, regen II, Invisibility I and it is done, you can make temporarily regenerative, really strong ghost sentry. Only using potions.
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    posted a message on Minecart with cactus, Updated
    Thats awesome :)
    I support your orginal idea.
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    posted a message on Silver Ore & components.
    I really like wireless device - I even would make it to have another - Extended Wireless Device which emits sygnal in 16 block radius and is crafted out of 2 normal wireless device. Great, my satellites will work without droppers, pressure plates and limit of items in the dropper!
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    posted a message on Stone Golems
    There are already 3 utility combat mobs in Minecraft. The Snow Golem, the Wolf and the Iron golem.
    Snow golems are almost useless ranged attack mobs.
    Wolves are fast melee mobs. They attack fast, they run REALLY fast.
    Iron golems are slow and deals huge damage with mayor knockback. They are tanks in melee battle field. As well they are expensive and lacks range attack.

    The stone golem still keeps Iron golem's slowness but is crafted out of stone.

    P is pumpkin and S is stone. Craft on the ground not grid.

    Stone golems are just a lil bit faster than Iron counterparts but they are crafted easier and their armor and weapons are customizable. They will have 15 hearts of life.

    Their punch (if unarmed, sure) is dealing 2 hearts.
    They can be armed with:

    Bow(if is enchanted enchancements remain)
    Any type of Sword, Axe or Pick, or Shovel
    With Cacti(Brings to enemy and places)
    With TNT(the same but once placed it triggers and stone golem runs away)
    With Flint N Steel(gets close and ignites enemy)
    With Snowball (0.5 heart dmg to any enemy, fire rate is rapid, 5 snowbals per second)
    With Brick Block(2 additional hearts to Orginal Punch)
    With Fishing Rod(Not carrot on stick, 0 damage - just pins to fishing rod)
    With any Potion and if the potion has positive effects this creature will drop at creator within 4 seconds intervals.
    Can be fed with :
    Carrot, Raw/Cooked meat, potatoes, Rotten Flesh, Cobblestone Drop(yes stone golem eats cobblestone), melon and pumpkin, and raw wheat.
    Bread, milk, cake, mushroom, wool, cooked chicken and sugar can also be equiped but will poison, harm, weaken, slow or even set on fire these stone golems.
    They follow the creator and attacks everything harmed by.creator even with snowball or bow. They, however, can be easily made by Endermen. They will attack any hostile to creator entities. They are following creator within 132 blocks(to despawn radius.) If they get lost they teleport where they were created. If they die they do not respawn.
    They can be eqquiped with any armor except headgears.
    Everyone likes this idea!
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    posted a message on Village Upgrade #2
    These villagers shouldnt wander without any needs or jobs. They should be always busy:
    Blacksmith's owner should be crafting something, farmer - gathering resources and putting them in chests - gathering water, wood, dirt, wool, meat, stone, iron, diamonds, at free time - eating or reading in library(yeah reading) or even writing books. Librarians - eating, writting, reading and selling books, gathering sugar canes, talking with farmers to craft paper... Also, avoiding primed TNT, detecting cacti/falls/fire/lava and avoiding them or finding another way past them, running from plauers who hit them(they alredy run from zombies), also, hiding in defensive shelters...
    t least what I said above. Make structure, mate, work, expand...
    If they want they also can make tank with basic long range TNT cannon, 2 dispensers and controls(No no no I am not suggesting this, cuz it will make Minecraft impossible to live or will damage, if not devastate, your precious buildings, plus will make NPC villages overpowered in military)
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    posted a message on Something fresh for Minecraft - Drawers.
    Ow C'mon thats just a decorative block with ability to store and expand.
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    posted a message on Automated Sentries
    With Sentry Turrets Minecraft will ALOT remind me Strike Force Heroes 2!(Another great game). I would add here Rockets and EMP(redstone) rounds(weakening) as ammo .
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    posted a message on Something fresh for Minecraft - Drawers.
    Mojang should add this because of... something new and fresh. In Minecraft cubic worlds drawers would fit perfectly. Drawer is half block(slab).
    • Drawer is able to extend, opening insides block.
    • If drawer is blocked it will not open.
    • Drawer can only contain 3 slots of storage.
    • Once drawer is extended it drops items from slots.
    • Once drawer collapses it sucks everything lying on it
    • If there are items whose occupy more than 3 slots the drawer will not collapse.
    • This mechanism can be operated by right-click or Redstone


    S- Wooden Slab
    H- Hopper
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    posted a message on New NPC Village Villager type: Medic along with Hospitals!
    Quote from Melkior_Wiseman

    I like the part about the medic villager throwing potions which harm zombies and cure zombie villagers. The medic should also be able to heal damaged villagers, so long as they aren't currently being attacked.

    As for trading, the medic should buy glass, glass bottles and water bottles but not sand. Prices should be low because of how easily these things can be made (1 emerald for a stack of 64 glass, for example). Selling should be limited to Awkward Potion, Potion of Heal I and Potion of Regeneration I and they need to be expensive (8 emerald each). If Nether Wart is ever made available, it should not be available very often and should be very expensive (32 or more emerald) because it's so powerful and once you have just 1, you can grow more.

    But I wouldn't mind if the Medic villager didn't have a trading menu at all.

    Great editing for my idea!

    I always liked autorepairing villages.

    Stack of sand? Seems too much. Better is 32 or 16, or 20 sand units for emerald.

    Nether wart, yes, you right, should be far more expensive than potion.

    And Iron Golems are rather slow-(ass). They will not be able to defend village unless it is made not of houses but of flats.
    We solved the problem using quarter-military(harms undead), quarter-convertive(cures zombie villagers), and half-regenerative unit(heals villagers/player(if his popularity is more than 15)).

    P.S. Everyone likes this idea
    And Accepts it. :)
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    posted a message on New NPC Village Villager type: Medic along with Hospitals!
    Quote from 0_Zippy

    I think the idea of that villager type is alright. I still see some serious flaws though... I'll start off by saying that the first wall of text paragraph in your first post doesn't need to be there. You're just talking about mob damage and brewing when you don't need to, and should have dove straight into your medic villager suggestion.

    Nope nope nope. This would make getting Emeralds way too easy from them. Find a desert, collect all the easy sand and you're swimming in Emeralds... Also, why would glass be cheaper than sand, seeing that sand is needed to make glass? Same with the bottles.

    No offense, but now I'm fully convinced you just rushed through this part of the suggestion without any deep thought. You made sand and glass higher priced than valuable potions and ingredients. Unspeakably unbalanced.

    Medic villager buys:

    Sand 5-7/emerald
    Glass 4-6/emerald
    Glass Bottle 4/emerald
    Water Bottle 3/emerald

    I meant 5-7 sand cubes for ONE emerald, also with glass, bottles, and water...
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    posted a message on Propellers!
    1 additional suggestion :)
    1. Propeller

    The Propeller works like reversed(or extended) piston which can only pull up to 8x8x8 cube, sure, when powered by Redstone. Once receiving redstone energy it will pull following block and any connected blocks up to 8x8x8 (towards each side) like extended piston. For example, if you pull lever twice propeller will pull forwards only once, making buttons useful controls.

    Propeller cannot pull:
    1. Bedrock
    2. Extended Pistons
    3. Mobs or primed TNT as well as minecarts
    3.1. However if propeller pulls a block with primed TNT, carts or mobs they will just keep on the block
    4. Obsidian

    So having pulsator and propeller on platform will make Minecraft plane.
    Mounting TNT cannon will make it armed fighter/bomber

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    posted a message on New NPC Village Villager type: Medic along with Hospitals!
    they use golems? As i saw any village - it was golemless... and i didnt even found nether fortress... just plains of netherrack/soul sand with lava-falls and lava seas

    P.S bow needs arrows. and has durability, [as well as armor]
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