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    posted a message on Hidden Paradises
    Earth and Ender things are good, but I didn't like the Nether one. Because Glowstone and Quartz is very common, it needs something rarer like:
    • Coal block
    • 2x4x1 Mushroom Array
    • Soul Sand with Nether Wart scattered
    • Dead Shrubs
    • Coal Blocks
    • Chest(All paradise forms need chests with something)
    • Dirt with tree saplings
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    posted a message on New Fireworks! ♦Updated♦
    Cool, we need "shattering" animation with ice block.
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    posted a message on Boats(randomly generated)
    not oversugested.
    Just post some pictures and I will support!.
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    posted a message on Circle / cylinder / tower pixel templates
    can you post a hexagon?
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    posted a message on Special effect upon low health
    I also want this on Medium and Easy modes
    For physical direct damage shader is gonna turn a little bit red or pink(only small amounts, noone wants children to be shocked just by playing a game)
    For fire DOT shader should turn black and a little grey(body is getting charred)
    For wither DOT shader should turn dark purple/violet("shadow" damage, depressive effects, the withering of soul)
    For lightning/electric direct damage(sure, if you survive burns) shader turns white, blue-ish and yellow and sparkly(electric charges, coloured sparks after high voltage)
    For poison it turns nauseatic plus you gain weakness.
    Support if that's what I said right.
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    posted a message on Diamond slabs
    I support gold, diamond, lapis and iron slabs. Also there should be dirt slabs and sand slabs(with falling physics)
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    posted a message on Using Pufferfish to Repel Liquids [with concept art]
    It is really useful, no more needing to make sign house and get troubles with forests.
    Sure, sounds a bit illogical, but minecraft is more like magic and mediavel themed game,
    along with ability to brew potions or redstone stuff.

    A thing that makes sense is to put windmill instead of fish, but... Lava(and masses of water) are too heavy to repel.
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    posted a message on Iron Golem upgrade
    Quote from XazoTak

    Iron golems are already OP.
    This shouldn't happen until we get really powerful enemies or enemy armies.

    We are getting them. Villagers are attacked by Siege zombies, Wither is dousing anything using darknings, spiders are threatening us too, another people are suggesting small bosses, plus Nether mobs...

    Easy to die in hardcore without diamond freaking enchanted armor. Especially in other dimensions.

    If awesome means stupidly overpowered then yeah.

    Pay power to gain power?(if power means damage)
    Definitely illogical.
    They are paying their power for ranged attacks, (de)buffs, walking speed and DOTs.

    So take a golem that could possibly 1 shot me, and then buff it. Just no...

    Where did you see "10 hearts" inside description of attack? Its bassically 2-4 hearts. Just read.

    If the village is large enough, you should not need to build one. Just improve their pathfinding with stairs, fences and walls. And recognise bridges.

    Sure. I have nothing bad against their pathfinding. I counter with their slowness and melee-only attacks combined. That's the biggest problems of those golems. Sure, damage can be less as big, and health a little lower(by 5 hearts so they have 45 hearts but can heal themselves and regenerate health?)
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    posted a message on Slime! (Slime Golems, Slimeballs)
    Yes, its good. I want Minecraft with more varying allies ,with their different abilities.
    Wanted to make snow/slime machinegun tower, with knockback over time in range and slowness.
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    posted a message on An extra Use For snow balls
    Good. And if you are on fire, you could just eat that snowball like apple using left click. Support!
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    posted a message on Iron Golem upgrade
    Golems crafted or spawning in village are pretty dull. They are slow and only damage.
    They could be better if they:
    Use range+DOT attacks combined with melee and guard ally (Pyron golem)
    Use slowing ranged or melee attacks with debuffs(Hydron golem)
    Use pure debuffs and DOT attacks as well as give a second chance to ally(Venom golem)
    Have almost no physical damage, instead attack their mind directly(Priest)

    So they could be made like this:
    The middle block for Pyron is coal block and for Hydron is snow block.
    They look like: pyron golem with orange chest plate and hydron with blue chest.
    Venom golem is with green colorful plating and priest with blue and pink plates.

    Attacks and abilities:
    A balanced golem.
    1. (Range 20 blocks)Projectile - inflict 3 hearts(6 pts) damage + DOT(inflame) for 1 second. Cooldown: 5 seconds.)(Debuffs cannot stack)
    2. (Melee range)Hot Shell - will apply regeneration and resistance to damage II for anyone allied - damaged player, villagers, another golem, self
    3. (Melee range)Ignition - 2 hearts direct damage with 5 seconds on fire for enemy targets slowly.

    Loaded with variety of attacks and debuffs enemy up.
    1.(20 blocks range) - Frost. Deal 3 hearts instant, and apply both DOT effect, similiar to poison, but lasting 10 seconds and damaging 1 pts for 1 second(0.5 heart/sec) and slowness IV for 10 seconds. Cooldown 5 seconds.(Cannot stack)
    2.(5 blocks range) - Chill. Deal 3,5 hearts and apply weakness to enemy(cooldown: 3 seconds)
    3.(6 blocks range) - Superconductor. Deals 2 hearts and increases both damage and healing for that unit by additional 2 hearts of heart loss(decreases life of even Wither). Not used on allies.(Cannot stack)
    4.(25 blocks range) - Isolation. Deals 1 heart and will apply weakness III, healing reduce V and damage 1 heart each second(7 seconds). Cooldown 10 seconds(Cannot stack)
    5.(20 blocks range) - TeleHeal. Heal for 5 hearts instantly.

    Got rid of physical damage but has rather strong damage-over-time abilities(DOTs)
    1.(10 blocks range) - Envenom. Deal no damage but set up some poison to 4 seconds(Cannot stack)
    2.(melee range) - Infect. Deal 2 hearts. Set up poison for 6 seconds(Cannot stack)
    3.(6 blocks range) - Degenerate. Damage for 3 hearts. Set up extremely slow, stacking poison debuff over 15 seconds to destroy 2,5 hearts. Cannot be dispelled.
    4.(7 blocks range) - Adrenaline. Set on allies. Set a permanent buff making target won't die after attack which should kill him. After one such attack which would normally kill that ally, that debuff is dispelled, making it able to die. Multi-Shot and DOTs such as Wither and Fire will finish off because it is further taking damage after dispelling of this buff.
    5.(15 blocks range) - Weak. Attack enemy for 2 hearts and apply weakness III
    6.(Self) - Sprint. Makes self 150 percent more fast than before for 10 seconds.

    Almost got rid of any need to damage enemy. However it is attacking their mind directly, and the curses works even if it is dead.

    1.(10 blocks range) - Arrow drain. Drains ammo of hostile players and skeletons(also decrease fire rate) for 30 second with 1 arrow drained in 30 seconds. For unarmed players and zombies, also spiders it will apply Attack-Slowness which will slow any action they do(just like dullness but more extreme) and after 10 seconds of this curse unarmed and armed with swords cant attack for the rest of time(20 seconds, but if you rest in bed you can attack again). Creepers also cant expode, Wither cant fire, Snow and Iron golem hostiles cant fire too. [Pink bubbles shown up, stacking]
    2.(15 blocks range) - Hunger drain. Drains food bar of players and animals for 1 hungerbar for 5 seconds. Undead is damaged by 1 hearts per 2 second for 5 seconds. [pink bubbles showing up, stacking]
    3. (Self) - Sprint. Makes self 150 percent more fast than before for 10 seconds.
    4.(15 blocks range) - Confuse. Literally confuse any mob, flips and inverts controls for players plus applying nausea and illusions. Mobs also try to attack air blocks. Blue particles showing, (Do not stack)
    5.(17 blocks range) - Bad aura. Attack enemy for 2,5 hearts and make it more vulnerable, weakened and hunger drain is increased twice.
    Update: Venom golem, Priest golem

    Sure, as they have such awesome additional abilities, their melee physical damage is reduced. And, both Pyro and Hydron golems will pay the cost - as if they used only melee, will have killed enderman in 3 blows( not 2 like that known golem). But they are moving faster, especially Pyron.
    Hope to see this ingame

    Spawn rate is proportional to village's size. Normally(with 10 villagers), they(better golems) are going to spawn 15% for pyron golem and 15% for hydron. 70% remaining is for normal golems.
    With each villager both pyron and hydron spawn rate increases by 2% and normal golems spawn rate decrease by 4% until 26%.

    Thanks for reading.
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    posted a message on Underground Fungi Biome
    I support once cubic chunks are confirmed.
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    posted a message on New mob in the Nether: Nether Spiders! Source for jump boost potions!
    Good, and the damage should also be a little modified(affected by remaining health - the less HP it has, the weaker it is, but fire DOT won't change)
    I would support if that's true
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    posted a message on Redstone Resistor, Redstone Fuse, and other RS circuitry components
    I support;

    Dying redstone wires is useful;
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    posted a message on What is the noobiest thing you have ever done in Minecraft?
    I was building my house(Very big) and my bed place was blasted by creeper... And I died... It was seemingly enough torches to not let it happen but it did. Now i need super lighting and fence to scare them off

    In creative(w/commands) i switch to survival and stand inside flashing creeper. I see its insides and it throws me into the sky :D
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