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    posted a message on Boat Enchantments

    I know that you're trying to make large oceans friendlier for boat users, but maybe in a different way?

    Enchanting wouldn't make much sense, so there should be something else. And here it is: Engines.

    1. Firework Rocket boat.

    You strap 2 firework rockets to a boat and they give you 20% more speed for 3 minutes.

    2. Small Steam Engine

    You put a furnace and a pickaxe(as rotor shaft) in a vertical line, and above them you put 3 iron ingots acting as propeller. Gives you 8% speed boost, and it will be powered for (Amount of items burned by the fuel) minutes, for instance, 2 Wood planks will power you for 3 minutes, a Stick would power you for 30 seconds, and Coal piece would power you for 8 minutes. Ultimately, lava bucket could power you for hours!

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    posted a message on Statues!

    Support. This suggestion pretty much speaks for itself.

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    posted a message on New Armour: My Ideas

    So basically, Runescape armor trimming in MC.

    I'd say yes.

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    posted a message on Ocean Mob: Sea Cucumber

    This is awesome. Way to revive minecraft!

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    posted a message on Semi-intangible block

    Ghost block does sound amazing!

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    posted a message on Bedrock Armor
    Quote from fishg»
    I see what's you mean. However, I'm weary about adding in more effects. Right now there's already a lot of new stats, and I feel that adding in more will make it too complicated.

    Meanwhile, gold armor could block major magical effects in a better fashion, just like your bedrock armor would block physical effects. That could go well along with your suggestion IMO.

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    posted a message on Having guns like a revolver and a western shotgun

    Maybe musket or blunderbuss yes, or a Chinese fire lance...

    All in all, even a primitive machine gun would fit into MC. We have dispenser, we have repeating redstone pulser, we have gunpowder and we have some arrows or bullets of some sort.

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    posted a message on Bedrock Armor

    That's a remarkably well written suggestion - I think that it alone will win the support of many of the forum users.

    Although there's the first "no" reaction from me for seeing an overpowered, nearly unobtainable set of armor, the other points - such as vulnerability to magic damage do make up for it. It should also incorporate a number of different effects, too - to make a set of bedrock armor "not just armor". It could reduce knockback taken, have increased speed on iron blocks or water(electromagnetism?) or increase potion throwing range.

    However, I do like an armor suited for specific task, and even more so I do like the usage in maps and Kit PVPs.

    About piercing, now we have potionhead arrows, so there's little use of it IMO. Couple of Poison heads, Harming II heads and a Flame enchantment would make sure to hinder a bedrock warrior.

    I say Yes. Although my "Yes" is weak, because on the other hand it will setback new players because it can be stronger armor without enchanting, it does have some way around that - and it is magic and teamwork.

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    posted a message on Improved Player-Villager Interactions

    I fully agree with everything


    Though I do have my comment on it, too. Butchers could use their weapons to at least try to defend themselves from zombies, too. There should be even Miners and Lumberjacks to chop wood, though at staggeringly slow rates - and slowly expand their cities

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    posted a message on Comparing two entities relative coordinates?

    Thanks. What do these "tag" tags do? Are they only markers or do they have any specific function?

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    posted a message on Command block(scoreboard) improvement

    Minecraft should be more map maker friendly. I've been playing around with command blocks for weeks, and IMO players should have a bit more freedom with their commands.

    1. Rotating a region

    /rotate <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <mode> [xc] [yc] [zc] [direction]

    This one might be redundant but many mapmakers itch for the rotating command.

    x1, y1 and z1 selects one corner, x2, y2 and z2 another corner. Then they select a region.

    xc, yc and zc select coordinates of the center to rotate around if mode is Rotate.

    modes are Flip and Rotate.

    Directions are L(eft), R(ight), T(urn around); or 90 360 270 in degrees for Rotate mode. Or you can just select an axis to be revered(X, Y, Z) for a Flip mode.

    Rotation example:

    Yellow Fighter

    Yellow Fighter pointing South

    /rotate 410 5 615 421 11 626 Rotate T

    Yellow fighter

    Now the same fighter is pointing North. (Demolition airship visible in the background)

    2. Comparing selectors

    Kind of hard to explain, but here's an example:

    /testfor @p[x>10,y>50,z<-100] for a single coordinate comparison, and

    /testfor @p[-400>x>10,0>y>50,-367<z<-100] for testing for entities in exact region.

    Basically, I want target selectors to be comparable. Currently they can only be equal to something. I want my command script to be able to know if I am east, north, or west from that skeleton.

    3. scoreboard stat.CurrentX, stat.CurrentY, stat.CurrentZ

    We need a way to detect exact player or entity coordinates(and then be able to compare them with comparing selectors. Comparing selectors can already be equal not only to integer you input, but also to some scoreboard objective value.

    4. TestRegion

    used like /testregion <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <mode> <tilename>

    coords are used for selecting a region. there are several modes: P, S, N, R. P is for Percentage, and command blocks will output % value with comparator. S means Strict - if at least one block in the region is NOT that of <tilename>, command will fail. Strict mode command comparator can only output no signal or 100% strength. N is strict No. If at least one block of <tilename> is present, the command will fail. If no listed blocks are present, comparator signal is 100%. R is Reverse mode. It is calculated by (100% - percentage by P). If the region in P mode outputs 75%, it will output 25% in R mode.

    That's all for now. With those additions, map makers would be able to make more great projects.


    1. Apparently I posted the same image twice. Edited with another image.

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    posted a message on Comparing two entities relative coordinates?

    Any way to know if one entity is towards east/north/south/west from other entity?

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    posted a message on Regions with command blocks - help needed.

    1. How can I detect that there is ABSOLUTELY no blocks in 250x255x250 area around player?

    2. How can I rotate a region up to 30x30x30?

    These might be complex and require scoreboard usage.

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    posted a message on Defend and Destroy: Team-based monument warfare

    6/7 Chemical Attack Truck

    1000 health + 250/250 Shield(gains 100 charges/turn)

    Weapon - Acid thrower(∞ Ammo, no direct damage, applies Corrosion)

    Corrosion damages enemies for 600 over 3 rounds
    Suicide Bomb - when this unit dies, it deals 200% Maximum Health worth of damage to 4 enemy units.

    Curses: This unit can only attack ground targets.
    4/5 Minigun truck

    2000 Health + 300/300 Shield(gains 100 charges/turn)

    Weapon - Minigun( Ammo, 45[/b]0 damage, note it already attacks every turn)

    Passive - after 3 rounds of action, it will get 20% more firerate(aka damage)

    Curses - Can only attack units on the ground or air. After 3 rounds, damage taken will be increased by 5%

    On hold:

    1/60 Tank Factory v1 (will spawn Chemical Attack Trucks each 3 rounds), 40 000 HP.

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