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    ", sans-serif">{Server Name}

    ", sans-serif">About the server (Vision)

    ", sans-serif">Approximately one week ago I purchased a machine to run a Minecraft Network with the following game modes in vision, but not limited to,(Factions, MiniGames, Prison). Some of the heavy liftings will be done by me- I am ProFewGames, a Java plugin developer with a little bit over 6+ years of experience. I need your help, MinecraftForms, in making this vision a reality I'm looking for the following positions listed below.

    ", sans-serif">Help Needed

    ", sans-serif">Developer - A developer's job will be to aid, or lead, in the development of the network and is responsible for either creation of one of the servers or development in multiple servers. Knowledge in Git, SQL, & Redis is recommended but not required.

    ", sans-serif">Manager - managers are fundamental in keeping things in order and check. Managers will ensure the network is meeting daily standards and that we're on task.

    ", sans-serif">{OTHERS} - An inquiry may be made about any other positions the user may be interested in the information provided below.


    ", sans-serif">You may contact me (ProFewGames) via discord using the tag ProFewGames#6470. This thread will be updated dynamically and in real-time to provide the best information and details on the status of the network. As a new Minecraft network do not expect much to be developed but your aid will certainly be beneficial for a foreseeable release to users.

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    Looks fun. I specifically enjoy the party deluxe mode.

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    Herobrine will visit the comment below me.

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    posted a message on New event server looking for players and staff!


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    Random Person
    You're just a random person.
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    posted a message on Need investor to skyblock server.

    oop- Brain.exe has stopped responding...

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    posted a message on Arcade Server in Network looking for builders

    Hello, we're a small server apart of a larger network looking for builders who're willing to work with the owner and developer on creating a fun and exciting game map for the users to play in. If you think you're up to the task message the owner on discord KidNemesis#1656 or the developer at ProFewGames#6470

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    Hello, we are UNetwork. We are a bungeecord network. We currently offer two different gamemodes Factions, Skyblock, ETC. If you are interested in playing any of these gamemodes join us in the Network We are expanding our network soon so join soon and check us out!

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    Hello, I'm ProFewGames one of the owner for UNetwork. UNetwork was formed recently so we do not have any players. In order to become a partner with UNetwork you must follow the following rules:

    - Allow us to modify any plugins in your server

    - Allowing us to modify anything on the server

    - Allowing us to change your server to offline to connect to the network

    - Allowing us to enable bungeecord in your spigot.yml

    - Giving me(ProFewGames[Network Owner][Head Developer]) access to your console and server panel.

    - All bans must be connected through each server

    - You don't get to hire staff on any other servers besides your own

    Benefits of joining our network

    - Custom Plugins

    - Share developers and builders

    - Shared player base

    - MySQL

    - The network owner group through all our servers (If you have more than one owner, the owner who pays for the server gets the group)


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    Player Information:
    Type: Prison

    Version: 1.8 (Supports all versions up to 1.10)

    Hey guys, I'm writing this thread because I need some players to help me test my server. I'm a plugin developer and I need help balancing plugins like Jackhammer, Laser, Backpacks, E-Tokens, Sells, Pickaxe updates (using blocks mined), etc. Stuff like that. If you are interested in viewing my server and being a beta tester on it please enter the following information in the commands thing below:

    In-Game Username:


    What should be greater: Laser or Jackhammer?:

    Why would you like to beta test my server?:

    If you enter the information correctly I will pick users (depending on their information), on who will beta test my server. Depending on how many people sign up I might choose up to 3 people maximum to beta test.

    Anyone beta testing my server will get opped but not access to our permissions plugin.
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