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    posted a message on MCreator Minecraft Mod Maker and Development Tool
    Fixed: The file was called cache.properties.lock for some reason
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    posted a message on Change Difficulty After Locking?
    Use /difficulty # it changes the difficulty to whatever you want
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: FunPoo092

    Where did you hear about the server: This post

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes, I have read the entire tutorial

    What's our policy on raging:
    don't rage! It's a challenging server, but you can do it! If you get defeated, it's a temporary setback- don't give up! Build your base and ship better and get revenge!
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    posted a message on Looking for a creative server
    I'm looking for creative server with the following things:

    - /gamemode
    - Ability to place anything
    - Ability to spawn mobs
    - Decent sized plots
    - Easy difficulty
    EDIT: It also has to be 1.7.2/1.7.4
    Also, if the server is called FrontierCraftZ, don't post it because I used to play on it, but I got banned from it
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    posted a message on Pokemon X and Y Review
    Okay, this is going to be an ACTUAL review, not like my previous one on PvZ 2, which is a game I made a horrible review on. Anyway, lets start the review!!!!!

    Part 1: TH3 GRAPH1X

    LOL best title ever right? Anyway, the graphics in this game are THE BEST GRAPHICS I HAVE SEEN
    ON THE 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here's why, they are fully 3D, not pixelated crap that doesnt even look right.
    Also, the animations are smoother and more perfect.
    Nintendo also made a decent mix of graphics and performance, as the game is very good looking and runs mostly at 60 FPS. However, the game will sometimes lag, specifically during hoard battles (I will talk about those later)

    Part 2: Story

    Like all Pokemon games, the story is mixed up, which is weird for games in general.
    In the beginning, your mom recieves a letter from Professor Sycamore, who is the regional professor, that he wants to give you a Pokemon, no crap. Then, you head to the next city and you will find 4 people sitting at a table, they are your rivals/neighbours. Blah blah blah, okay I dont want to type all of this so just click here

    Part 3: Gameplay

    Alright, so has Pokemon X and Y changed the gameplay alot? Yes and No. First let's start with the yes. The first change is that you get 2 starters, not 1, the second starter you get is a Kanto starter. On a side note, I like Chespin and Charmander. The next one is the Exp. Share, it gives all your pokemon that didnt fight 50% of the XP. However, the biggest change is ........................................................................................................



    ANYWAY, let's move on to the no. Has the battle formula changed? No, its just the same choose a move and fight and use items and blah blah blah


    Like I mentioned before, the Battle Formula hasn't been changed. The game is also quite short, which isn't very fun. Since the game is so easy though, it makes the experience a bit shorter than it should be. The game also doesn't add alot of new pokemon, only about 60-70.


    The game is great, but it's not the game I hoped it would've been
    I give it an 8.3/10
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    posted a message on Worst Game You Ever Played
    Super Mario Galaxy 2...
    It's... so... hard...
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    posted a message on Park0urz: A W.I.P Parkour Map
    Park0urz is a fun map for the beginners and the hardcore badass parkour masters
    Here are some screenshots for you to see
    Bird's eye view of Level 1 and 2

    Side view of Level 1 and 2

    BTW This map only has the first 2 levels so far
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    posted a message on Plants vs Zombies 2 Review
    Quote from Sheepz

    You should be recruited to IGN for your amazing rating skills.

    This is only my opinion, you all have other opinions, so I don't give a f***
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    posted a message on Game Keeps Failing to Start
    You said you updated forge right?
    You may have downloaded the 1.6.2 version of forge, while you have 1.5.2
    Try force updating your game, since you can, then install the 1.5.2 version, assuming you got the 1.6.2 version by accident
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    posted a message on How do you get rid of mods in 1.6.2? (Broken Mods)
    Today, I got the GunCus mod and it didn't work, but I couldn't find the "Force Update" button.
    How do I get rid of them?
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    posted a message on Plants vs Zombies 2 Review
    Alright, PvZ 2 is finally here in North America, time to review it

    Part 1: Presentation
    Presentation in PvZ 2 is very well done, with it's stunning graphics. The menu is very well detailed, the level map is useful and good, and the app icon is decent, having a zombie hold up a 2.
    I give this part a 10/10

    Part 2: Gameplay
    The gameplay is fairly standard, placing plants, having them kill zombies, and yeah. However, there were some new gameplay additions that kept this game fresh and new. First, are the new plants, some of them are the Bloomerang, the Iceberg Lettuce, and the Bonk Choy, which adds a new mix to the Plant blend. Also there are 3 new power-ups, the Power Pinch, Power Toss, and Power Zap, which help you kill zombies quicker. There are also new zombies, but I'm too lazy to list them. The last addition is the Plant Food which makes your plants use a special ability. For example, the pea shooter will turn into a gatling pea and start shooting at rapid speeds, taking out anything is his row
    I give this part a heavy 10/10

    Part 3: Graphics
    PvZ 2 has new graphics that will blow your mind. The game looks like a console game, that's in HD. Compared to PvZ 1, it looks much better. The plants have more animation frames, the zombies walk more like zombies and the backgrounds look stunning
    I give this part a 10/10

    Part 4: Story
    PvZ 2's story is pretty weird and funny. Crazy Dave eats a taco and wants to eat it a again, so he goes back in time, but he acciendentaly goes too far back. PvZ 1 had no story other than just kill zombies, so this is a huge improvment.
    I give this part a 10/10

    The Verdict
    This game is one of the best games I've ever played, it has stunning graphics, excellent gameplay, and a good story, the only downside is the in-app purchases, there are too many, but, they aren't nescssary, so it isn't a bad thing
    This game gets an extreme 10/10 (What, like you weren't expecting this)
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    posted a message on Battlefront 3 - Anyone Else Excited?
    I don't buy EA games either (With the exception of Pvz2, I mean, come on, you think I can resist?!)
    I saw on the internet that they were voted the worst video game company ever
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    posted a message on P-U-N-Y Island
    Welcome to P-U-N-Y Island
    A military test where you must complete tasks to get sent back to the main land and be assigned to the military as an official soldier

    Here is a pic <----- (LOL I wrote cake earlier)

    Download now!

    *The mistake was left because I signed the book and I couldn't edit it
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    posted a message on EXTREME Parkour
    EXTREME Parkour is a brand new parkour map made by me!
    It is v0.1 so far, so dont expect too much
    I can't say anything else but.....

    Download now!
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