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    Quote from ForgeWorld»
    1. Forgeworld

    2. I would like to join simply because I love all kinds of mods! I've known about this mod for awhile and have been wanting to do a survival series on it, so if I were to make one, I would definitely do it on this server!

    3. I love making community based builds, such as potion shops, stores, etc. It's an awesome way to keep a server fun, and active! I'm also a decent builder. You can check out some of my SMP episodes on my channel!

    4. I have a youtube channel called Forgeworld117... I am 15 years old and a sophomore in high school... I love talking to an audience... I would choose Ramen Noodles over any other food any day...

    5. 5. With good behavior, you have the right to onetime introductory bread and cheese.

    6. Cheeseee.

    (Btw, sorry for my application changing to bold. I don't know how to fix it :l )

    Dear Forge, your application seems too short and poorly formatted, please, we would like to know more about you, so please, take another look at the guidelines for applying and create a new app.
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    Quote from Vinyl_Craft»
    2,3 and 4 have changed so hope you like it : D

    1) What is your Minecraft username (or "IGN")?

    2) Please explain why you would like to join the Server.
    I would like to join this server to help people and build but mostly because I'm not a big fan of vanilla and this is the only server i could find i also believe it would be fun because i will most likely build secret tunnels and invite many more friends along with me plus it also might boost up my confidence with other people in this server

    3) Please explain how your talents, skills, experience, personality traits, and aspirations can help contribute positively to our server.
    The ways I could contribute is to build because I can build nice and simple things but can really get into it and make large statues if i shall feel like it, I also don't mind giving a helping hand with peoples building and can get really into that too. I'm also a pretty good artist in which i can make skins and profile pictures although i'm better in hand

    4) Please list five random facts about yourself that can help differentiate you from other players.
    I enjoy to draw in my spare time things like youtubers and diagrams

    I am Pretty active outside

    I love cheese

    I only cuss if someone angers me but only when someone greifs spams or trolls

    I rarely use chat unless someones talking to me

    Extra fact: I will defend someone if they may be being bullied by other users

    5) To ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities on our server, please read the Novice's Creed, and write down one right or responsibility that you enjoy the most.
    Favorite Right: If Tiny, you have the right to carve a home within Spawnington, its sewers, or its various hovels, so long as the outward appearances of the aforementioned builds are not altered

    6) And finally, to confirm that you read the Big Sister Server Quick Guide please write down the name of the official server currency.

    Hello Vinyl, and welcome to your review.
    Question 2: Vinyl, there are plenty of modded servers, and the fact that you say "This is the only one you could find" makes it sound like your not the most eager to join, also, try the mods this server has before applying, what if you don't like the mod this server runs.
    Question 3: Hm, so your more of the artistic type, okay, also it's called traditional drawing.
    Question 4: On this server there are people of all ages playing, so it wouldn't be very hard to just not swear, also these facts are quite vague.
    Question 5: This right again, it's not that it's bad, but we would rather see people choosing other rights.
    Question 6: Yes, out currency is cheese.
    You are DENIED, as a whole you application feels like it's missing something, please have a good day.
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    Quote from lorenzo309»
    1, IGN: lorenzo309

    2, Why: I LOVE gulliver mod and a server makes it better

    3, My talents in minecraft: Building mining and crafting

    3, My RL talents (Real Life): Games, minecraft, Burning fingers, sports, cooking and eating cheese

    4, i love to make soup and i love kittens :rolleyes:

    5, everything (Maybe i dont understand that mutch english :( sorry)

    6, Jep its Cheese :D

    Hello, your application isn't very good quite frankly, this is a English speaking server, so if you are not able to understand it very well, you should look for a different server, thank you.
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    Quote from Adamsuper2002
    HI! Im back with an upgraded version of my app!

    1. My nick is Adamsuper2002.

    2.I saw your trailer, and I just wanted to join the fun straight away, I always wanted to be on a modded server. And I'd be nice to make new friends

    3.Im a very nice person, if in need i could help out somebody, or make someone feel better, if they were griefed or something like that. Im also a very good builder, I could build lots of nice things for the server like a big house for all those huge giants! That way I'd be helping both the poeple on the server and the server itself (Helpception)

    4.Im a very smart pupil, I can come up with awesome ideas. I have a LOT of patience. that could be used for a multitude of things, such as, cutting trees, digging for diamonds, building a massive house, and many more. Im very good building, with a very creative mind, unfortunatly im not very good at pvp or fighting mobs, but i can createnice mob traps with redstone, because I'm AWESOME at redstone!

    5.For the rights section my favorite would have to be Number 5 which says: If tiny you are allowed to make yourself a home in the spawnington sewers As for responsibilites my favorite is Number 21 whick says: I have to help other novices when they start playing the server with no knowledge. As i stated in Q3 I love helping

    6.The money is CHESSE!! (How did you come up with that?!)

    This is an upgraded version of my old app so I hope you like it (I read everything twicw over)

    And thanks in advance if you let me join!

    Dear Adamsuper
    here is your updated review for your updated app
    Question 1: 2002 was a good year
    Question 2: Oh dear, it's still too short, you have more explaining to do.
    Question 3: It's nice to have helpful players, and I'm glad your one of them this server is a place somebody can escape to when down, so cheering them up would be appreciated
    Question 4: You seem to be good at quite a few things, and it's good that you do well with redstone (I don't ):) and for this server you don't need to be good at PVP.
    Question 5: Yes, that is a very nice right.
    Question 6: Correct, and the server this server is the sister to's owner thought of it, and made sure we read the rules by making us say "I like cheese"
    Status Denied please fix number two, and you may be whitelisted, have a good day.
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    Quote from Adamsuper2002
    1. My nick is Adamsuper2002

    2. I saw your trailer, and i just wanted to join the fun straight away, i always wanted to be on a modded server

    3. People tell me im a really nice person, maybe i could help somebody out if they need some help,also im a really good builder, i'd be happy to build stuff for the server

    4. Im a very smart pupil (6th class) im preety good in the kitchen, making salads I show love to animals, Hamsters in perticular Im a very fast runner, fastest in my school i LOVE helping poeple out, i dont know how some people just hate others

    5. I like the gulliver mod because it works so nice in multiplayer, it would be nice to feel a powerless little thing, and have someone care for me, but also feel so powerful, and huge

    6. The currency is cheese (i laughed so hard when i saw that)

    Other servers i was on banned me beacause of someone else, please let me say something before you ban me if there is a situation like that


    Dear Adamsuper, after a review of you app, I could tell it needs work, questions 2 and 3 need to be 60-90 words, number four would be better if you formatted it like:
    Fact one
    Fact two
    Fact three
    Fact four
    Fact five
    5 looks like you had no knowledge of what the question is asking, I'm sorry but it's the truth
    And six is correct
    Servers, as in multiple, well, here you get to give an input, but, it could be dangerous to let you on.
    Please rethink if this server is right for you, we have a strict whitelist process... kinda... not really, but you need to take your time, I promise the server is not as strict as this phase, but really think if the server is right for you, good day.
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    Quote from ant_alm456

    I'm ant_alm45.
    Because i like this mod and want todo have fun on this server.
    I have play minecraft for a year.

    I am spanish and i dont speak english very well
    Dear Ant, to be blunt, you need an "proper application" don't fret, there are directions, if you would kindly read them, Thank you.
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    Quote from goten1010142

    IGN: goten10101

    Why: i love the gulliver mod and i have been looking for a good server to join. my friend told me about this one and it looks great!

    How: i am a decent builder and i can help build houses for people to buy/rent

    Facts: i have a dog, i love to play modded minecraft, i have my own server that i play on with my 3 friends on skype, my favorite anime is Dragonball z, i love to listen to music

    Favorite responsibility: 6. Please refrain from the act of griefing or vandalism on private property, as well as wholesale destruction of public property.

    Currency: Cheese, Cheese Blocks (sponge)
    Hello goten, Your app was alright, but that is not why I am writing this, I would like to know who your friend is, you seem nice, but you may be... secretly a tree... Okay not really, but once we get the answer, we can begin the whitelisting process. Thank you in advanced
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    Quote from NickDoesStuff

    Ok, then here I go.
    1. What is your Minecraft username?
    Nickylmac3, but with no caps.
    2. Explain why you want to join the server.
    One day I was just playing with the Gulliver mod, squishing tiny cows, when my friend gm01epic told me about this server. I decided I wanted to try it out, but then he said you have to get whitelisted, so here I am!
    3. Explain how your talents, skills, etc. will positively affect the server.
    For starters, I'm very good at building houses, so I can make someone a house if they don't have one. Also, I'm a very nice person, and I've never griefed or trolled, so I can be trusted, and I can help people who need materials more than me.
    4. List 5 random facts about yourself that would differentiate you from others.
    -I am terrible at almost all Minecraft mini-games. The only one I'm good at is Hide and Seek.
    -I have a lot of old video game consoles, like a Gamecube, an original Playstation, and a Gameboy Advance, and they are all in very good condition.
    -Bacon isn't my favorite meat. I just like other meats more, like sausage and beef.
    -Never let me think of an idea if you're bored. I always get bad ideas.
    -I still remember TV shows like Harold and the Purple Crayon.
    5. Read the Novice's Creed and pick out one right or responsibility you like the most.
    Right 6. If adventurous, you have the right to build and live in public thematic maps such as the Cheese
    Quest house, provided your habitation positively contributes to, rather than negatively impacts, the

    thematic value of the map. I like this right because just the name Cheese Quest House sounds awesome. Plus, I'm more of the nomadic adventurer type.
    6. What is the currency of the server?
    Oh, darnit, I can't remember. Uhm... Mayo? Turkey? Cheese? Ooh, cheese. I like cheese.
    Hey Pig king :3 I checked out your app, and it checks out, it is quite good, and I will whitelist you ASAP, please enjoy our server!
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    Quote from Ezra_Is_King

    IGN: Ezra_Is_King (Case Sensitive)

    2: I Would Join Because I Think This Looks Like A Fun Server And I Love The Mod :)

    3: I Am Very Good At Building Minecraft Skins In Game, I'm Not One Of Those People Who Kill Just To Make Others Mad (The Keep The Server Happy Part) I Have Been Playing Sense 1.2. I Am Also Like To Play Around With People (Not In A Bullying Kind Of Way) Jokes And Pranks (Also Not In Any Mean Or Destructive Ways.)

    4: I Like Cows/Monkeys.
    My Favorite Color Is Blue.
    I Like Circles. :3
    I'm Scared Of High Places.
    I Play Minecraft A Ton!

    5: My Favorite One Is... 10.Please refrain from frequent and blatant acts of vigilantism against offending players. Record
    useful evidence of crimes being perpetruated, and inform the authorities if you wish to help.

    6: Cheese

    I Hope You Add Me I Cant Find Another Server Anywhere And This Ones Sounds Awesome!
    Dear Ezra, your app seemed a bit too brief, also Title Case made the app a bit confusing to read, and we would like for you to give more information about yourself. I would appreciate it very much if you can make the edits I suggested. Thank You.
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    Thank-you Zarien for re-applying with your new account, Benny_Fantastic, you app gave some great details about yourself and I will whitelist you shortly!
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    Quote from deadsun__star

    My pokemon's textures are messed up like squirtle is missing its body tyflosion is missing its arms and legs and rayquaza is missing its body and i can only see his tail but this is a fresh .minecraft and im using the right forge version. PLEASE help me i love this mod.I created an account just to find a way to fix it

    same here, treeko has no head, cyndaquill no body with the flames, ect
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    posted a message on [MC/Forge][1.6.4] Gulliver the Resizing Mod (v0.14.3 *Oct 21*): changing your perspective of Minecraft [OVER 900,000 downloads]
    Cia, i don't really randomly crash, i just log off for a few secs with out telling anybody. Now my secret has been revealed...
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    posted a message on [MC/Forge][1.6.4] Gulliver the Resizing Mod (v0.14.3 *Oct 21*): changing your perspective of Minecraft [OVER 900,000 downloads]
    Okay, Well lets start.
    1: The machine, a dell PC, Windows IDK, laptop so not really a gaming pc but it is really good for gaming. You can find the windows version in the report under system details, i think its windows 8
    2: The Mods (forge) Rei's mini map, and TabbyChat (and Gulliver's but i think you knew that)
    3 Installation type: The auto installer
    k i dun takin goodly butt newt lik dis cuz dis gramar flz iz annoyng
    (i associate full sentences with homework or apps)But, if i need to say more i will
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