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    Ok, but Im still lost. I see other people making 1.5.1 mods- but what am I doing wrong??? Here is the new code:
    package net.minecraft.src;
    public class Mod_moswordsandmobs extends BaseMod{
    public static final Block awesome = (new Block(170, Material.glass));
    public static final Item emeraldsword = (new ItemSword(2000, EnumToolMaterial.REALEMERALD).setUnlocalizedName("emeraldsword")).setCreativeTab(CreativeTabs.tabCombat);
    public void load() {
      ModLoader.addName(emeraldsword, "Emerald Sword");
      ModLoader.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(emeraldsword, 1), new Object[]{
      "W", 'W', Block.dirt
      ModLoader.addName(awesome, "Awesome");
    public String getVersion() {
      return "More Swords and Mobs Mod v1.0";

    I also tested a block that I called awesome.(no texture- it should make it just a purple block)Never mind- you renaming idea worked!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
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