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    posted a message on [1.7] -=YouCraft=- Mature Community -=Enhanced Vanilla=- Like Mindcrack
    Why should you be white listed? :Because ill actually play,ive been playing for a while so you can trust me and i wont bother people with questions on everything....because i know about google
    Server IP:
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    posted a message on Why 98% of these LP's are garbage.
    Quote from USDMcat

    I'd love to make a career out of it. I'm actually way over the hill as far as making it goes. I've managed to land a Youtube Partnership, I have great content, I just don't have the networking to get my content out, and I don't have the amount of backing some of the larger names had when they started.

    The golden age to jump into making money from this would have been right around the time UltraJman and Cloud8745 really started getting into it. That was when it was uncommon at best.

    i would love to land a partnership in a month or two and get better at commentating!
    And i saw your channel you really are making it quite well!
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    posted a message on [16x][1.5] Isabella II 1.5v2 - I Got Yer Redstone Here! + Fixes (March 15, 2013) (FINAL UPDATE)
    This texturepack is different though and that shows his artistic ability, its good in a different way too rather then him making one where he replaces ores with skittles....haha
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    Quote from AlexHesketh

    Once you defeat the enderdragon he creates the exit portal back to the main world where you can continue playing.

    Yes, this.

    Once you defeat him it opens a portal to go back and forth and you please.
    This does not in any way delete your world. You are also awarded a Dragon Egg that at this point does nothing and can not be picked up without a piston glitch. You will be Teleported back to the End portal in the normal world and continue on playing as if there is no end.
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    posted a message on OMG MINECRAFT IS OVER!
    Quote from crazyslip

    makes sense, always seeing the chickens in the water, but really who has seen chickens in water?

    who sees cows in water?
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    posted a message on 3d Sunset on a rock {WALLPAPER DOWNLOAD 1080p)
    Just a newby 3d art i did today, enjoy :biggrin.gif:

    LINK TO 1080p wallpaper http://dl.dropbox.com/u/45062832/sunset.zip
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    posted a message on Are there caves in PE??
    not YET, but soon
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    posted a message on [16x] Jolicraft ~ Village & Pillage Update READY
    just saw you added Halloween to this pack and that is ALSO amazing wow you done it again amazing!
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    info on closing:i'm sorry to inform anyone who has requested or was going to request a wallpaper. I can't be on my computer for some time, if i'm on one it's not mine so i don't have the advantage of these graphic software. When i am able to do this again i will TRY to personally message each one of the request that have been stated and yes i wrote down your names to see if you are still active on the forums and would like one. Thank you for understanding and once again i apologize for this closure of the wallpaper thread i have ran

    Hey im doing custom wallpapers for anyone who likes this style it will consist of your name and your characters skin.Scroll down to see the template i will use on default.

    And i would like to point out, i don't have every 3d model from ingame some i have to make from scratch or i get the texture and modify a different block, sometimes i have to Photoshop something in so i am sorry if i can not fulfill your order like wooden tools i do not have until re color diamond ones.

    Thanks in advance (:

    Things you need to say in order for my to do it.
    1. Your Minecraft Name
    2. a .png skin file of your Minecraft guy/girl.
    3. Any specific thing you want like color of text or having your character waving/mining/walking.
    4.Dimensions, like 1920x1080 or what ever resolution you would like

    One i made about a month ago:

    Others ive made:

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    posted a message on ***CLOSED***Minecraft Wallpaper Shop
    Quote from DirkManlee4

    aAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA this is so weird! (i sort of forgot what my squidman looked like blocky) oooh man i love it! tell me your username and i will make you a characterture!


    And thanks your squid is awesome hah :smile.gif:
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