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    ...243 FPS?!?! And an HD texture pack to boot!
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    'Mo 'Splosions - The Ultimate Explosives Mod!
    -Updated to 1.2.5-

    Have you ever wanted MUCH bigger explosives?
    'Mo 'Splosions adds several new explosives to Minecraft, all with varying powers and uses, from useful to mega devastation, 'Mo 'Splosions has it all!

    Here's a sample of what one of the "Biome Waster" explosives can do.

    Here's some of the other explosives in this mod:

    - Tunneling Explosive
    - Surface Destroyer
    - Vertical Explosive
    - Nuke
    - Cave TNT
    - Lava Rain
    - Biome Waster
    - Mega Land Eliminator
    - Trap Chest
    - Alien Attack Summoning Device
    - NEW! Power Of The Sun

    Descriptions, Pictures, and Crafting

    Tunneling Explosive
    The Tunneling Explosive is the weakest explosive in this mod. It digs a 3x3 hole straight down 10 blocks and is used primarily for digging. It is not good for mining, as none of the materials are kept.

    Tunneling Explosive Damage

    Surface Destroyer
    The Surface Destroyer is a widespread explosive that blows craters in the surface of the ground in a large square. Unlike most of the explosives in this mod, there are materials that are kept. Fair Warning: Due to the fact that materials are kept, this explosive may slow up Minecraft significantly.

    Vertical Explosive
    My personal favorite, this explosive blasts everything above and below it to oblivion, leaving a large gaping hole leading straight down to bedrock.

    Vertical Explosive Damage

    The must-have in every mod including either explosives or Uranium, the elusive Nuke is similar to a Vertical Explosive with the exception that is is more spread out and less deep. It has the characteristic of creating a very messy explosion.

    Nuke Damage

    NEW Nuke Damage (as of v.1.2)

    Cave TNT
    Cave TNT causes little above-ground damage, but blasts explosives straight down and blows out a cave near bedrock. Great for that secret underground lair you've always wanted. Hint hint, 1 does a good job, but 5 or 6 is awesome.

    Cave TNT Damage

    Lava Rain
    Setting off the Lava Rain explosive shoots a ray of lava into the sky and makes lava fall (slowly) all over the landscape in a 50 block radius. This is great for timed escapes and such, as it takes the lava a few minutes before it reaches ground. Fair Warning: Due to the massive simulation of liquid, this explosive may slow down Minecraft significantly.

    Lava Rain Damage

    Biome Waster
    This is easily the most devastating explosive in this mod. The Biome Waster evaporates all but stone in a 350x350 block square, leaving it a material-barren wasteland. This is the biggest and the most devastating explosive currently available.

    Biome Waster Damage

    Mega Land Eliminator
    Though a forth the size of the Biome Waster, this explosive eliminates EVERYTHING and creates a large square hole leading straight down to the void. It's like a mega-sized super-deep tunneling explosive.

    Mega Land Eliminator Damage

    Trap Chest
    This chest look-alike explodes when you open it, damaging living things but not destroying any blocks. It sets the user that opened it on fire, which will not go out until the user dies or jumps in water.

    Please note that this looks exactly like a chest, with the exception that it does not join on to neighboring chests.

    Alien Attack Summoning Device
    This awesome little device is placed and lit like normal TNT. When lit, it will shoot 5 beams up into the air (in a "+" shape) that signal the following explosions. This is the only large explosive in this mod that damages in a circular shape.

    Damage caused by the Alien Attack Summoning Device

    In the middle of the wreckage there is a single beam going upward that leads to this very cool bonus item!

    Power Of The Sun
    This staff is built using 2 blaze rods and an Ender Pearl, and has the power to bring down the destruction of the sun, turning dirt to gravel, trees to stone, and sand to glass. One staff has unlimited uses.

    Thanks to everyone who reviewed this mod!
    Check out these mod reviews!!
    Review by IpodMail!

    Review by Phobic_Bus!

    Review by TCTNGaming!

    Change Log
    - New Item added - Power of the Sun
    - Nuke is now really powerful!
    - Lava Rain has been changed and no longer lags your game heavily.
    -Updated to 1.2.4-
    - New explosive added: Trap Chest!
    - New block added: Alien Attack Summoning Device!
    - All explosives now blink (though still render as a solid color)
    - Mega Land Eliminator now leaves rougher edges.
    - Labeling Errors fixed
    Initial Release

    [1.2.5] Download Here! (1.2)
    If you are having trouble downloading, right click "Skip Ad" and select "Save Linked File As..."
    You will need ModLoader, which you can download here: ModLoader Download

    Old Versions:
    [1.2.4] Download Here! (1.1)
    [1.2.3] Download Version (1.1)
    [1.2.3] Download Version 1.0

    Installation Instructions

    Windows Instructions
    1. Download 7zip or WinRAR
    2. Click the Start icon, go to Accessories &--#62; Run
    3. Type in %appdata%
    4. Go to .minecraft &--#62; bin
    5. Find minecraft.jar
    6. Right click minecraft.jar and select "Open With". Select WinRAR or 7zip
    7. Delete the META-INF file in the minecraft jar
    8. Copy over the ModLoader files
    9. Copy over the 'Mo 'Splosions files
    10. Run Minecraft.

    If you had trouble doing this, google "How to install minecraft mods" There are dozens of video and written tutorials on the internet for your assistance.

    This mod is "sort of" a work in progress. I have thoroughly tested it on multiple platforms with no error, but I may have missed something. If you find something wrong, report it with an error log or a detailed description of the problem. List your OS, processor (if you know it), minecraft version, and currently installed mods in your error report.

    Suggestions and comments are welcome! If you like this mod, spread the word! If you think something should be added, let me know!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][SSP] 'Mo 'Splosions [v.1.2] - The Ultimate Explosives Mod!
    A Big Thanks to all who reviewed this mod!
    And to Pheenixm, for his help so far. :)

    I've been gone all day, so I haven't worked on the mod, but I'll try to get the update out by Saturday. I'll post otherwise if I find that I can't.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][SSP] 'Mo 'Splosions [v.1.2] - The Ultimate Explosives Mod!
    @Pheenixm: I know I told you by PM, but THANK YOU!! I'll try out the random number generator to make the edges look rough, anything can look better than a flat drop off.

    @SpinGamer: Certainly! I'd like to view it first, but yes, I'll post it in the title thread. :)
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    posted a message on [1.2.3][SSP] Craftable Dimensions [v.1.2] - Staffs, Explosives, Weapons, Tools, and more!
    Craftable Dimensions 1.2
    For Minecraft 1.2.3

    Craftable Dimensions is a mod that allows you to utillize elements found in the Nether and the End to make useful blocks, powerful tools, and weapons. This mod gives you a use for Netherrack, Soul Sand, Glowstone, End Stone, and even a Dragon Egg!

    Change Log

    - Added the Staff of Fire
    - Added the Staff of The End
    - Added the Staff of the Nether
    - Fixed the error with Dirty Glass
    - Added crafting to Ender Pearls
    - Fixed the problem with the Staff of Darkness
    - Added Lapis tools
    - Added Lapis Diamond
    - Added Explosives
    - Initial release

    Here are all the new things introduced in this mod.

    Basic Bricks and Elements

    Nether Bricks

    Smelting Netherrack give you a nether brick, which can be used to make Nether tools.

    Ender Bricks

    End Stone can be smelted to make Ender Bricks, which can be crafted into Ender tools.

    Glowstone Bricks

    Glowstone can be smelted to make glowstone bricks. Glowstone bricks can be crafted into Blaze rods or Glowstone Lamps.

    Material Of Darkness

    The Material of Darkness is the most powerful substance in this mod. It is also the most expensive. You can get 8 Material of Darkness blocks by smelting a dragon egg or you can expensively craft it as shown below.

    The Material of Darkness can be used to make the Tools of Darkness, which are exceptionally powerful and last 5x as long a diamond, or they can be used to craft a Staff of Darkness. Swords made with the Material of Darkness kill in one hit.

    New Blocks

    Glowstone Lamp

    This is basically a nicer looking glowstone block, it emits more light than a torch. Also, unlike glowstone, this block will drop itself when broken.

    Dirty Glass

    Smelting Soul Sand gives you Dirty Glass. Dirty glass has all the properties of glass, just with smudges. BTW, it looks a lot better placed than it does in the grid.

    Lapis Diamond

    Smelting a Lapis block gives you a Lapis diamond. A Lapis diamond is used to construct Lapis tools.

    New Tools

    Nether and Ender Tools

    Craft Nether and Ender tools the same way you craft the tools out of iron or any overworld material.
    For Example:

    The finished tools look like this:

    Nether Tools

    Nether tools work and kill very quickly, but don't last very long. The maximum number of uses of a Nether tool is less than that of wood. The sword is good to carry around with you in mines for security, but you probably shouldn't go up against a horde of creepers with it.

    Ender Tools

    The Ender tools are slightly more powerful than that of Nether Tools, but last as long as Stone tools. The Sword is good for small combat, and the tools are good for quickly digging, chopping, or mining.

    Tools of Darkness

    The tools of darkness are crafted just like standard overworld tools and weapons, except a blaze rod is used in place of a stick in all the crafting recipes.

    The Tools of Darkness are extremely powerful and last 5x as long as diamond tools. This could be considered end-game material, as these weapons are second best ONLY to the Staff of Darkness.

    Lapis Tools

    The Lapis tools have the same properties of diamond, but do not last as long. This is so that you can save your diamonds for crafting the Tools of Darkness. Lapis tools are crafted out of Lapis Diamonds.

    Staffs (Darkness, Fire, End, Nether)

    Staff Of Darkness
    The Staff of Darkness is the Ultimate Weapon. It is a staff that rapid fires unlimited ultra-powerful flaming arrows out of the Ender Pearl at the top. It has unlimited uses, so it is literally the last weapon you will ever need!
    It is crafted by first crafting a Stick of Darkness

    After crafting 2 of these, you need an Ender Pearl to craft the Staff of Darkness

    Right Clicking while holding the Staff of Darkness will launch a flaming arrow in the direction you are pointing.

    Staff Of The End
    The Staff of the End is an expensive staff crafted the same way as the Staff of Darkness only with an Eye of Ender in place instead of an Ender Pearl.

    The Staff of the End creates Ender portals on right click! These can be used to teleport you to the End, either to slay the Ender Dragon and collect it's egg (which smelts to make 8 Darkness blocks) or to collect End Stone and make some End tools, End TNT, etc. Keep in mind, if you ever uninstall this mod, the End portals you make will remain in the world.

    Staff of Fire
    This weapon staff is crafted like the Staff of Darkness, only using Blaze Rods instead of Sticks of Darkness, making this a fairly cheap weapon.

    The Staff of Fire acts like an endless Flint and Steel, but can also set fire to mobs if you hit them with it.

    Staff Of the Nether

    The Staff of the Nether is crafted using 2 blocks of obsidian and a block of Gold.

    The Staff of the Nether works like the Staff of the End, only it places Nether portals instead of End portals. Like the Staff of the End, the portals you place will remain even if you uninstall the mod.

    ​Extra Recipes

    I've included some extra crafting recipes that allow you to craft some of the rarer items from Minecraft from some some more commonly found items in the overworld. Not all of these recipes are necessarily from the Nether.
    I don't have images for these, but they are pretty simple and easy to follow.

    Place 1 glowstone brick in the Crafting Grid to get 1 fire. This can be used like Flint and Steel, or to make Chain mail armor.

    Nether Warts
    These can be crafted by placing 8 Nether Bricks in a square and placing seeds in the center.

    Ghast Tear
    0x0 0-Nothing x-End Bricks $-Ender Pearl

    Same as the Ghast Tear, only with seeds instead of End Bricks.

    Nether Brick Blocks
    These are the blocks that make Nether Fortresses. Placing 4 Nether bricks in a square makes a Nether Brick block.

    End Portal Frame
    3 Ender pearls over 3 blocks of sand give you this rare item. NOTE: If you make your own portal in the overworld, it currently cannot be activated.

    Ender Pearl

    An Ender Pearl can be crafted as shown using Dirty Glass and Obsidian. This recipe gives you 2 Ender pearls.


    New update! Crafatble Dimensions now has explosives!

    Nether TNT

    3x as powerful as normal TNT!! Watch out, the fuse is very short....

    Ender TNT

    Ender TNT is 3x as powerful as Nether TNT. Use with caution! It has a much longer fuse than Nether TNT, though.

    Cataclysm of Destruction

    Behold, the Cataclysm of Destruction!! Expensive, yes, but with 48X the power of TNT, it isn't going to get much more powerful! Be careful, if you don't have a good (gaming) computer, it will probably freeze up for about a minute.

    Known Bugs:
    - You must have at least 1 arrow in your inventory to use the Staff of Darkness [FIXED IN 1.1]
    - Soul sand placed on the ground has an X-ray effect.
    - User-constructed End portal frames cannot be activated

    You can download this mod by clicking the adfly link below.
    Download for Minecraft 1.2.3: http://adf.ly/6Cr81


    Installation Guide:

    How to install:
    1: On windows, open "run" and type in "%appdata%" without the quotes.
    2: Find the ".minecraft" folder and open it. Navigate to the "bin" folder inside of this one.
    3: Find the "minecraft.jar" folder and open it with 7zip or WinRAR (google it)
    4: Open up the downloaded mod file and open it with the same program you used for the previous action.
    5: Select all the files in the mod zip and copy them to the minecraft.jar file.
    6: Delete the META_INF folder from inside the minecraft.jar.
    7: Install ModLoader 1.2.3 the same way you did this mod. (Google ModLoader if you don't have it yet)
    8: Run Minecraft

    9: If Minecraft crashes, download the file linked to above and follow the above instructions.

    Older Version 1.1: http://adf.ly/67PNr
    Older Version 1.0: http://adf.ly/66V7y
    You will need ModLoader 1.2.3 for this mod to work.

    Thanks to all who try this out!
    I've programmed for years, but this is my first mod, so feedback is appreciated!
    Let me know what you want added/adjusted, questions and comments are welcome!
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    posted a message on [1.2.3][SSP] Craftable Dimensions [v.1.2] - Staffs, Explosives, Weapons, Tools, and more!
    For some reason, the textures file is NOT getting zipped up with the rest!
    Unzip this folder and place the folder INSIDE this folder (it should be called CraftableDimensions) into your minecraft.jar.


    That should fix your problems! Sorry for the trouble and Thanks for trying out this mod!

    BTW, @CreeperFollowed: I don't know why you are getting this problem. I've tried it and it works for me. If anyone else has this problem, let me know. Did you remember to install ModLoader? If you are using version 1.0 of this mod than you need arrows in you inventory to use the staff.
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