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    Hey I have a question, if I replace the minecolonies mod with an updated version would that mean I have to start over or does it just update my world.

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    hello everyone I have a problem where my Minecraft uses too much memory, my system has 64 gb of memory so I allocated 60 gb of ram to Minecraft, at stationary in the game the ram usage only goes to around 3 to 11 gb which is fine but when I'm travelling at a fast speeds (15~ blocks per second) my ram usage reaches 60 gb and I start lagging/glitching, when I stay stationary or attempt to reduce my render distance it still remains at 60 gb until I restart the game, i do use shaders. help me please.

    my specs

    64 gb ram 3000 mhz

    i7-7700k processor

    GTX 1080ti 11gb video ram

    some asus motherboard

    I'm sure the specs aren't related to my problem because gta 5 runs smoothly on 4k and its ram usuage is like 5-6 gb.

    I have 72 mods.

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