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    posted a message on Cats and Dogs
    Hello guys, You all probably own a few kittens at the moment. There should be AI and function improvements for when 1.2 comes, so I'll keep it simple because this isn't one of my 'big' suggestions.

    -Cats and ocelots make noise
    -can Sleep (Right click with empty hand) and won't teleport while sleeping
    -are very protective over their kittens
    -tails get lower as they lose health
    -fight back when attacked, as well as ocelots
    -can drink a milk bucket (You get the bucket back) and will begin purring, and will make them go into 'love mode'
    -Fish only heal cats instead of making them go into love mode
    -Slight texture mod, cats have collars
    -Cats attack what the player attacks and vice versa, but not creepers, flying mobs or marine mobs.
    -Cats have a habit of walking on top of fences, but are careful not to fall off.

    -3 types: Original, Brown and creamy yellow variations. The wolf will randomly become one of those when tamed. Puppies can be all 3 colors, just like cats can
    -Cooked pork is used to breed them
    -Will growl (Angry wolf sounds) at cats and ocelots. Ocelots will be scared away by dogs
    -UNtame wolves will attack cats and ocelots.
    -Wolves will run into water when on fire.

    Tame pigs should be ridable
    Baby dragon should hatch from ender egg, you guys decide what it actually is used for. I'm never good at big stuff like that.
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    posted a message on Weapon Ideas (And shields!)
    No guns, that wrecks the feel of minecraft. Crossbows would be OK, and cannons, well I guess they would be OK if they were like the 1870s cannons and would be loaded with GP and shoot ghast fireballs but with a different texture.
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    posted a message on New Heal or Harm
    Velociraptor-20 Health
    Triceratops-6 Health
    Spinosaurus-19 Health
    Brachiosaurus-8 Health
    Ankylosaurus-13 Health
    Archaroraptor-12 Health
    Parasaurolophus-12 Health

    This is taking too long!

    Meteor comes and does 10 damage to everyone!

    I will also no longer heal or harm, I will only create events.
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    posted a message on BAD Suggestions
    Good fauna and flora ideas (Do Not Steal)

    Cherry Blossoms
    Cats (Tamable)
    Tamable Pigs
    Tamable Spiders
    Orcas (Tamable)
    More Boats
    Pig-Drawn carts
    Ghast Balloons
    Monkeys (Tamable)
    Creepion (Creeper-scorpion) (Boss) (Spawns Creepers)
    Earthworm (Boss) (Tunneller)
    Baby Dragons from Ender Egg (Tamable) (Growable)

    Bad fauna and flora ideas
    Hunting rifles
    ender creepers
    Sky-reaching trees
    Giant ravine monsters that eat stuff
    Baby aliens that are useless, follow you areound making noise and stealing, eating and tossing all of your stuff, and that you can pick up and heartlessly toss for entertainment.
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    posted a message on [REQ] [DONE] Advanced Flatmap
    Quote from Nate_knaggs_99

    Got a point, Idk of one eather, But Whats the prob wth the new terrain genertor?

    Useless for underground structures, slime invasion, no biomes.


    Someone who will be revealed In Minecraftia's Credits showed my Worldpainter! I don't need a map anymore.
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    posted a message on [REQ] [DONE] Advanced Flatmap
    I'll keep it simple.

    -Infinite width and length of flatmap
    -layer 0 is bedrock, layers 1-52 is stone, layers 53-55 is dirt, layer 56 is grass, layers 57 to 128 is air.
    -Generates ores, but no caves, strustures and that, JUST ores.

    Please Tell me the name of the map generator you are using, and if it has Biome Control. This is a massive project, and the foundation needs to be perfect if I am ever going to finish the project.

    To Mods:
    If you are going to 'delete' my topic, please notify me because my other topic dissappeared off my watch list.
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    posted a message on ◄► LoafFace's Custom Terrain Collection (Free!) ◄►
    I am aware you are not making maps at the moment, this is just so you know what to make when you are making maps.

    Height/width(blocks or chunks): 56 blocks high, and if you are using a generator or if you can put in a ton of effort infinitely wide and long of flat epicness, if you cannot do that then I will accept 4096 by 4096 width and length WITHOUT a giant ugly bedrock wall.
    What are you going to use it for?: Project Minecraftia, A huge project I am starting on that contains unique terrain, cities, smaller settlements, dungeons, landmarks and all the stuff.
    How do you want me to notify you when i am done?: Personal Message
    'Survivable'(All included, Melons, pumpkins, Sugar cranes, Cacti, mushrooms): No
    Future use: Project Minecraftia
    Special: Layer 56 is grass, Layers 55-52 are dirt and layer 0 is bedrock,, all the remaining layers apart from the ores are stone.
    Anything else: If you are using a generator, tell me what it is called so I can modify the map so that I can control biomes.
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    posted a message on BAD Suggestions
    Sorry for double posting, but I came up with a fre EPIC bad ideas.

    -Jungles are extremely flammable and will burn down to the oil pits below it, which explode and set all nearby biomes entities on fire as well. Oil can be picked up with a bucket and be used to make industrial stuff that pollutes and wrecks the world.

    -Noobs that spawn near lava, then steal your items and run around, prone to falling into the lava, taking your items with them.

    -Spitfires with laggingly realistic animations, and ragdolls so realistic the game lags.
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    posted a message on Need a terrain generator
    Hi, This isn't really a 'game client' issue, but I couldn't find anywhere else to put it.

    I am searching for a map generator that is capable of Generating infinite flatworld, layer 0 is bedrock and other layers are top block grass, dirt for 3 blocks down, then stone the rest of the way. The total height should 56 blocks. generates ores but not caves, and can control biomes (Because I need to be able to choose what biomes and where in some areas) I would use a default map, but there are all these caves everywhere which redirect the mob spawns from my dungeons and worse, cause lag. MCedit just won't cut it when I try to fill them in; they are all over the place.

    This is for a massive project, Project Minecraftia, which I have only discussed to a real life friend, and it turns out that the bland, oreless 63-high flatgrass maps both are too tall (Slightly), and do not generate ore, which will be a very important part of the map, because ultimately I intend to make it a server.
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    posted a message on Bad Ideas
    Blood, Gore, Ragdoll physics, limbs/parts of mobs drop off when you hit them.
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    posted a message on BAD Suggestions
    Instead of rare showers of small comets that do not destroy blocks and contain an ore, which would be a good idea, there should be massive meteors that come without warning at night, outshine the sun and dump flaming gravel, ghast and blaze fireballs, and primed TNT everywhere as a trail before it hits the ground, then it causes an explosion with the power of 300 (TNT is 4) and toss even more of the above stuff all over the place, then all the 'dust' blots out the sun and puts MC into continuous night for an entire moon cycle.
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    posted a message on [ADV][PUZ] ★★★ The Curse of the Rainbow Pedestal ★★★ The Holy Temple Amulets ★★★
    Ridiculous how disrespectful people are. This map deservers FAR more attention than it is getting.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w03a Ready For Testing - New Adventure Map Review
    I'm starting to see a lot of Terraria in the jungle part of the snapshot.
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    posted a message on BAD Suggestions
    Stealth Bombers, Laser tanks, Helicopter gunships, Giant death mechs and Proton missiles.
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    posted a message on [SSP/SMP][1.3.2]Fossil / Archeology [v6.9 P-4]
    Utahraptors are actually 3 times the size of velociraptors. Someone needs to do some research, and a 5 minute resize code.
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