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    The following link is to a post of mine from 2011 describing how to do what you are asking for. Every version of Minecraft can then reside in it's own completely separate folder and you can have a customized short-cut for each one to directly launch whichever one you want.


    Now, this was originally done with the old launchers in mind and also before the Forge auto-installers so you might have to adapt it a little. As such you might need to do the manual Forge install for each one. The benefit though would be permanent installs of mods for whichever version you have each one set up for. Currently, as you know, Forge only has one mods folder for some reason...

    The other caveat is I have never tried this .bat method with windows 10 so I can't say if it would have any issues.

    * Also; I'm not saying this is the only or even best current method available, just that it has been a very useful one for me (especially for older versions).

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    Quote from Barteks2x»

    Nice Logo's! Another version based on that image and idea could look similar to this:

    This version is crude and not spaced or sized correctly but I had to do it really really fast as I'm late for bed. But I feel it is enough to show you what I am thinking of better than me trying to explain it with words. Your friend who made the originals should be able to do it properly and clean especially since he has the original images etc. Just an idea. No matter what you go with it looks like you are on the right track!

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    Quote from Foghrye4»


    Will do. Thank for support.

    New in fresh version: Dungeon now separated by levels. Each level have a height of 32 blocks. Vanilla mob spawn (and respawn) disabled and levels now have mobs generated together with cubes (currently only zombies). A deeper mob a more it faster, a more it do damage and have more health. Each level have it own blocks and therefore have unique look (currently 8 levels).


    Level 1:

    Level 2:

    Level 3:

    Level 4:

    Level 5:

    Level 6:

    Level 7:

    Level 8:

    Wow.. You are really making great use of all that extra height, I guess I should say depth. That is really great design work too, good use of colored glass and materials and in how each level looks different.

    Being able to create custom procedural worlds with this much variety and freedom is the kind of thing I've always wanted from Minecraft. Thank you for contributing to that dream for everyone.

    And thanks to Barteks2x, Cuchaz and Robinton for working to give us the space in Minecraft worlds to make such things possible.

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    This Mod project is :sword: by thebaum64 MineCrak Approved :sword: by thebaum64 :)

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    For now I would appreciate it if Add-On threads would have their titles start with [Add-On] or [ADD-ON] and other types of Mods start with [Mod] or [MOD]. And for specific types of modding systems something like [Mod-ModPE] or some such. That would help greatly.

    Also; it would be very nice if people would stop listing their Mods as Add-ons if they aren't using the official new Add-on system to make it. I understand the terms would otherwise be interchangeable but now they aren't and it causes confusion. There are important differences between them now as in how they need to be installed, conflicts, works on Realms? etc.

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    What a brilliant mod! And thank you for making it configurable. There should be lots more AI tweaking/replacing mods.

    Also thank you for trusting ScottKillen with your mod, it is definitely in good hands with him.

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    I hear Creeper blood makes for a quite potent rocket fuel. Collecting it presents a bit of a challenge though.

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    Quote from Sorrowinsanity»

    Well hopefully this project continues on in the hands of others. A mod/concept like this going to waste would be nothing short of a tragedy of gaming.

    The wonderful thing about this situation, this time around, is that the work that has been done so far is open source. This makes all the difference in the world.

    Thank you for that Cuchaz!

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    Quote from Adversity»

    Since you think the cause of these issues is a bug, please outline the specific steps I can take to reproduce this "bug".

    As I mentioned, the snapshots are much faster and more responsive for
    me than 1.8.8 but I'd like to help by adding to your bug report. I
    apologize for Mojang optimizing the game for me and in turn causing you
    performance issues.

    You also mentioned that you had an FPS drop in 1.8. Did you file a bug report for that? What ever happened to it if you did?

    Quote from Wedhro»

    So I did a few tests and I noticed that windows size matters: FPS get from 10 FPS in a maximized window to 20 FPS in a 1/2 screen window size to 30 FPS in a 1/4 screen window size. That's odd considering window size was almost irrelevant in previous versions (just a few extra FPS), that's why I never bothered playing in a small window before.

    Now that I found a possible cause for this issue I submitted a bug report here: [MC-84322] - if you're experiencing something like this, feel free to vote in the bug tracker.

    Quote from Wedhro»

    Of course it turns out my bug report is a duplicate (that godawful search engine...) and therefore it looks like I'm not the only one experiencing a large drop in performances; the only surviving report is this one: [MC-83746] - as above, feel free to vote for it.

    If you could see past your own snarkiness you'd see that he did already outline the steps. He says that that degree of FPS change when resizing the window has not occurred in prior versions and seems to be anomalous, and apparently others who have submitted official bug reports agree.

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    Quote from ScottKillen»

    JABBA hand trucks work great for moving storage drawers.

    Oh wow.. I was wanting to add hand-carts to Cart Mod since back in beta. I'm glad someone has provided one, and one that supports various mods too, nice.

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