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    posted a message on [Vanilla] [1.4.6] [Whitelist] Standard 100 slot survival server
    In-game username: mine4083
    Favorite activities in minecraft: I like singleplayer minecraft
    and vanilla servers. On servers I like to build underground towns and then establish
    A community there. In minecraft singleplayer, I like collecting
    resources and trying to build something cool.
    I also like to play on servers with my friends, and
    sometimes for a challenge I play on a creeper or
    zombie apocalypse. My age is 13 and I am mature for my
    age. I have played minecraft for a while, I think since 1.0 ( not sure though)
    I put a lot of effort into this, so please whitelist me.
    Thanks, AmberSorry I applied 2 times, I thought my first one didn't work:)
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    posted a message on [Vanilla] [1.4.6] [Whitelist] Standard 100 slot survival server
    Mc username: mine4083
    Please whitelist me because I am looking for a good vanilla server
    that uses no plugins and no commands like / sethome, because mc is harder
    That way. If you look at my post history I am also applying
    for other vanilla servers. I have never been banned on any server
    For any reason, and I do not greif, hack, troll, or cheat.
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    Mc username: mine4083
    Name: Amber
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Time zone: US
    Skype username: I don't have a account
    Have a mic: yes, a crappy one
    Ever been a admin/moderator: no, but I've been staff on a server that shut down months ago
    Ever been banned: nope
    How did you find this server: looking for survival servers on
    Why do I think I deserve this: because I've been playing mc for a while and haven't seen a server with decent staff anywhere, and I want to make one.
    What will I do to help out: I will never ignore players an do whatever the admin tells me to and if there is any building I will help with that too
    When will I be on: on weekdays 1-2 hrs on weekends 2 or more hrs
    Experience with plugins: 3-4
    How long I've played mc: I think since 1.0
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    posted a message on Brand New Bukkit server Looking for Staff
    I would like to apply for staff: I have never been banned
    on any server for any reason, my mc username is mine4083:
    I have never been admin but I have been staff on my friend's
    server that closed down a few months ago:
    I do not cheat, troll, greif, or be a abusive
    admin at all: if you need any more info contact me, I will follow
    This topic ����
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    posted a message on 100% Legit Vanilla Server
    My minecraft username is mine4083

    You should add me because all the servers I try use mods or plugins
    and I like pure survival vanilla servers, but all the ones I find are unavailable or outdated.
    PLEASE add me!
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