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    Just to start out, this mod is awesome beyond words. Although I do have a wishlist for possible future versions.

    * Give ways for the turtle to detect block ids.
    * Maybe have turtle.detect() and related return the block id as a second return value.
    * Have way of detecting the block ids of the stacks in the turtle's inventory.
    * Possibly have an api to translate block ids to/from item/block names so the codes don't have to be hardcoded.
    * Maybe give the turtle a way of interacting with nearby inventories like chests, dispensers, etc so that it could say dump all the stuff it mined into a chest, or grab stuff out of a chest. Once again it would need ways to tell what the items/blocks are. It'd be kind of cool if regular computers could at least read the contents of adjacent inventories for example reading the contents of a dispenser so it can tell when it runs empty without having to manually tell it how many items are in it, for say a vending system. Of course you could maybe just use a turtle if this was added.
    * A way of telling it's position would be nice.
    * Perhaps a way of acting like a redpower deployer, so it could say bucket up lava/water. Unless place() would work like that... haven't had a chance to try that.

    * Haven't tried this, but maybe a way of sucking up dropped items like saplings, of course I maybe could whip something up with redpower or buildcraft. Oh, I have to check if pipes/tubes can connect to them, that might serve as a temporary solution to some of the above.

    I hope I'm not sounding ungrateful for what it already has, or demanding or anything, these are just things I think would be cool.

    Man, I just thought of a few cool things to try, but I have to go to work soon.
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    Quote from AAAAA42

    so, someone else should port this to 1.9

    or something


    oh god I can't survive without my commands anymore

    Sigh, you know you sound kinda pathetic? I mean I'm not trying to be insulting, but you do. In a very recent post simo has stated it takes like 10 hours straight to update this mod without MCP, and you guys want him to do it for every pre-release? Do you have 10 hours free to work on something at the drop of a hat? If so, you need to find something to occupy your time other than minecraft. It's not even a full release yet, it's only meant as a preview, yet people are playing it like it's the new official version. Did it ever occur to go back to 1.8.1 and just wait for the full release and for the mods to update? And in the meantime you can continue to enjoy your favorite mods?
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    Quote from ExpertMiner100

    Absolutely love this mod, purposefully not updating to 1.9 pre2 so i can keep using it. Although I would like to report a bug. I am running Beta 1.8.1, only mods used are TMI, Modloader, SPC and WorldEdit. The problem is that when I jump with fly and noclip off, i jump like 3 times normal height, and i run at flying speed. I have turned fly on and off and noclip on and off, still the problem occurs. Any advice?

    1.)reset - Resets everything to default, although if you have any other commands that change things, like timeschedule, reach, firedamage, etc it'll reset those too.
    2.)setspeed 1 and setjump 1 or you could also setspeed reset and setjump reset - That'll just reset your movement speed and jump height.

    Were you by any chance using fly 3 or something, because there's been a bug report in the past of this happening if you use a certain sequence of commands.
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    Quote from Mine Guru

    lol most of us have tried to download the 1.8 one but there's no (f word) download link! like seriously, im just saying for the rest of us, not to troll, but nobody can use or wants to use your mod anymore since this thing happened. because you couldn't keep up to date with 1 update that means the rest of us lost all of our things in mine craft. i lost my 10 worlds with city's and maps, and heaps of other stuff. THANKS ALOT :smile.gif:

    Uhm, how exactly did you lose 10 WORLDS? Did they get corrupted or something? I don't see how missing SPC could do that. Unless you mean you lost them because you couldn't play them without SPC, in which case, WTF? I realize it'd be harder to edit things on a large scale without worldedit, but you should have thought of that /before/ blindly clicking update for 1.8, I personally, am still running 1.7.3, as there's nothing in 1.8 that really interests me enough to lose my mods. Although 2 out of 3 of my main ones are already updated, I'm just waiting on OptiFine basically. It seems like it'll be real useful as 1.8 seems to run slower for a lot of people, if they can optimize it, it'll be great. Heck, 1.7.3 runs a bit slow for me without running on a ramdrive and optifine. I also wait to update to make sure all the bugs have been worked out so I don't corrupt my world.

    Also, like the other guy said, why are you blaming simo for "not keep up with 1 update", it's not simo's fault. 1.8 changed a ton of stuff in the code, so he basically had to rewrite the mod nearly from scratch. Heck a bunch of mods were waiting on MCP to update, and I noticed he got it out rather quickly after MCP finally updated. So if you want to blame somebody for not updating fast enough, blame MCP, although even that seems petty, as like I said, this was a massive change and was undoubtedly a hard one to update. Some minor updates go quickly because they're only fixing bugs, but this one completely rewrote some of the code, and caused massive changes, so it took much longer.

    This should be obvious to anybody who actually thinks about it, everybody wanted 1.8 because of the BIG CHANGES it brought, but didn't think that those same big changes would delay the mod updates significantly. Heck, I heard the aether won't be updated for a few weeks because the new hunger mechanic destroys the balance of the boss fights. Since you can't instant-heal anymore, and that used to be pretty much a requirement to win. Well, either that or extremely good dodging skills. So I think they've got to basically rework it so it's not so impossible now.
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    Quote from xlander

    Also of note. The reason people keep asking when is it going to be out is that the idea of filtering through 600+ pages to figure out where to start looking for your answer is mind numbing. I think the forums should give access to authors access to remove excess junk posts such as "When is it going to be out", when the topic is a versional topic such as the case with modder pages. Also the stop asking post would be good to remove as well because they add as much or about 3X more posts to the topic as people try to defend the honor of Simo. While I am sure he appreciates our support I also suspect he is all growd up and knows how to ignore clown shoe posts.

    They don't have to read all 600 pages, after the first or so post, all the posts between there and the last few pages are most likely out of date, they just have to read the first post and like the last 2-3 pages, that's not that hard. They can jump right to the last page and work backwards.
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    Geez people, he's already stated he's going to update it, but he needs to wait until he has the free time. He's got a job to hold down for crying out loud. Just wait patiently, it won't be long, but asking every single hour isn't going to make it come any quicker.

    SPC is a very complex mod, it hooks into a lot of different code, so it takes a long time to update, so he's waiting until he has the hours free to get it done, I think I heard something about this weekend, but I'm not sure. You really need to learn patience, this is why I don't use very many mods, since I know it takes so long after a new version comes out for the mod makers to come out with new versions, the more complicated the mod, and the more changes the update makes, the longer it takes. This is why I choose not to update until the mods are updated, and if I do update, I make sure to backup the /bin folder so I can restore it after I've tried the new verson. Frankly, I don't think there's really anything you're missing out on not having SPC for like maybe 2-3 more days, I mean there is creative mode, although you won't have worldedit. And if the game is totally unplayable for you without SPC, well I think there's something wrong. Either with you, or with the update.

    Frankly, I tried 1.8 out yesterday, and I had a bunch of graphical glitches, specifically the new chests and the old minecarts and such, so I suspect it effects all entities, I didn't see any animals, but I suspect it would effect those too, also my hand in front of me. They all started randomly turning to black spots as I moved. So I restored my copy of 1.7.3 and I'll stick with that until there's some more bug fixes. People have to realize this is a beta version, so with every new update, there's potentially a lot more bugs, which is another reason I wait to update. I don't want a really bad bug ruining my map because I couldn't wait to update. I also noticed it ran slower, but that could also be because I didn't have optifine on the new version, I'm not sure. I've heard other people saying it ran a lot slower too. I suspect this will be fixed soon. Although I do wonder what kinda computers people are running it on to get 150 fps or higher, at one point I was barely getting 10-20 fps with the base game. The thing is, my computer isn't that old, and I think the specs are rather good. I wonder if it's just because I don't have a high-end graphics card. Oh well, it's good enough for my purposes.
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    Hey, it's me again. I wrote the bug report about /mobdamage, I'm not sure if you saw it. I believe it's currently on page 615 of this thread. Anyway, first of all, I forgot to say in my last post how much I truly /LOVE/ this mod, it has just about every possible thing I could possibly need to play however I want. Me and my brother use it together with Too Many Items and can do just about anything. Right now my essential mod list includes SPC, TMI, ModLoader of course, and OptiFine. I currently don't really get that into mods that add new items or blocks as I have to use a seperate map for those, and have to wait till every single mod I use in that world is updated, plus id conflicts and such, it's a hassle. I'll be really looking forward to when mod support is built-in, and will hopefully have less compatibility issues with those kinds of mods, because many of them are really awesome. Also it's hard to modify those maps with editors, because they don't recognize the blocks.

    Anyway, getting off that, I have a few things to say.

    1.) I like /instantmine, but it can actually be a little /too/ fast to have any real control about the shape of the area you're trying to dig out, and I've accidentally partially destroyed machines before because I forgot to turn it off, and it dug right through what I was trying to dig and kept breaking stuff behind it. Anyway, what I'd like to ask, is there another command like "/fastmine" or something that maybe breaks everything as fast as a diamond shovel on dirt maybe(although even that can be a little too fast occasionally also), maybe something with an adjustable speed or something? If not, could you consider adding it? I'm not sure if it's possible to make it consistent across all blocks, since what I think /instantmine does is jack up your breaking strength really high or something.

    2.) What exact kind of damage does the /damage command turn off? I can't figure it out.

    3.) I'd also like a way to maybe be able to turn on/off specific mobs(Like the creepers), and maybe modify their behavior. Like there was a mod that made creepers not blow up, or one that made their explosions not damage the landscape. Maybe if you wanted more difficulty make skeletons not ignite in daylight. Is there a plugin that can do this, or another mod maybe? I wonder if it's possible with SPC without altering other class files... Right now you can turn off all animals and all monsters, but not specific ones.

    4.) The /instantplant command, how exactly is it different? I understand if you specify grow it'll instantly grow, but what if you don't specify that, I didn't think saplings took any time to plant. It's been a while, but I don't remember any delay.

    5.) /itemname, I'm not sure, but I don't think it shows the damage value for some items where you need it, like mod items. I was messing around with the aether mod, and it didn't show the damage value for some of the items. Maybe have it show the damage value if it's non-zero, and not show it if it's zero? Or just show it all the time.

    Anyway, I think that's all I can think of ATM. I hope I'm not sounding greedy or demanding. I love this mod.

    P.S. This might be the wrong place to ask, I'm not sure if I should start a new thread somewhere, but I love SPC, but me and my brother kind of want to setup a SMP server where we can play over our network(If I can get it working this time), but that would mean we wouldn't have any of the SPC commands, do you or anybody reading this thread know which bukkit plugin/plugins, or maybe even a seperate server mod that would give most if not all of the features of SPC? I can figure out how to install them myself eventually, but I don't want to give up most of the features I've grown dependent on. Things like: fly, reach, instantmine, firedamage(lava is my eternal foe, it /hates/ me. One reason I really hate the nether.), waterdamage for building underwater, /give of course for TMI to work in SMP, etc.

    Thank you for your time if you've read all the way through this.
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