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    posted a message on Moving in minecraft... any help with this?
    Ender chests? :P
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    posted a message on Millénaire - NPC village - 16/09/18 : Millénaire 7 open beta
    Quote from Gollet

    Hey people i need some help!
    I try to play minecraft with millenaire. But i can't find any village!
    The words "v" and "n" don't work.
    I installed millionarie 1.2.5 and forge 4.0.0, the version of my minecraft is 1.3.2
    Help please!

    Dude, think about what you're saying.
    You have Millenaire 1.2.5
    but you have Minecraft 1.3.2..
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    posted a message on What was the first mod you installed?
    TooManyItems :D
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    posted a message on What new foods would you like to see?
    I agree with more food options but not like seasoning and all that, that's just too far. I wouldn't like sheep meat either, there's already enough animals that drop food.

    Food I would like to see:

    * Pumpkin pie (You could put two pumpkins in a crafting table, get 8 pumpkin slices. Pumpkin pie costs 4 pumpkin slices each and heals 3 hearts)

    * Apple pie (Same deal with slices as I mentioned in pumpkins except this heals 2 hearts)

    * Bacon (someone said crafted from porkchop, I say two porkchops is a piece of bacon or something, that'd be cool. And it would heal 5 or 6 hearts)

    * Sugar Cookies (they heal half a heart and are made from maybe just wheat? Not sure about this one)

    * Bear meat - I REALLY, REALLY think bears should be added to the game, too and they could drop bear pelts (used for armour) and they also drop raw bear meat which heals 2 hearts raw and 5 hearts cooked

    * Rice - I also think you should be able to grow more plants, like rice or something.

    * Chocolate - Cocoa beans should allow you to make chocolate which would heal maybe a heart.

    * Berries - berry bushes would be cool, too. and you could flavor pies possibly and also make beverages with the berries.

    Can't think of much else but this page should definitely be looked at by Jeb or somebody so they could get some great ideas from all of us :D
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    posted a message on Whats a decent FPS?
    Quote from Dignatio

    About 70. But I usually get around 270

    Actually that's completely wrong. The question is what's a DECENT FPS not what it is if you're computer is being run by Jesus.
    I get around 35-40 and it works perfectly fine so I'd say once you get under 20 FPS it starts getting pretty laggy.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The BuildersMod [Version 'R5']
    Is this mod ever going to be updated?
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    posted a message on Cobblestone Portal?
    Quote from Nickidge

    Hypothesis 2: You actually did none of that, and made up the story for the same purpose.

    That's most likely what he did. All that he mentioned just does NOT happen. Just a kid trying to start up a Herobrine conversation.
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    posted a message on Too many caves! Game is too easy
    Don't agree. Before 1.8 the only way to get into a deep cave was mostly digging straight down and then strip mining when you're far enough down. Caves are very common now, but who cares? Iron and coal is common, so what? Iron should be common, and so should coal. It's better that caves go deep for me, too. And I think other would agree with me as well.

    I definitely agree that ravines should be rare. My brother and I started a LAN world and it turns out, within 200 blocks in each direction we have 7 ravines :P
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    posted a message on Has Greifing become a sport?
    I half agree because people do treat it as such. But most people are stupid because I would rather consider it an activity. It's definitely becoming a sport, though.
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    posted a message on Your worst "NOOOOOOOO" moment.
    I was in a cave for maybe 6 or 7 hours with over a full stack of diamonds :o and I turned to look at my TV, next thing I hear is a Creeper explosion and I'm drowning in lava.

    It's such a horrible feeling, lol. "NO NO NO NO OMFG NO!!"
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    posted a message on How To Survive In Hard Mode
    Quote from ISTARSHIELD

    this guide is bad and you should feel bad.

    I was dying, ^^ that was hilarious. But anyways, this is what you would do on any difficulty, bro :P
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    posted a message on feather or rotten flesh
    I personally like rotten flesh. I use the food probably most of all and it doesn't majorly screw with your Hunger. Want some feathers?

    Quote from Yegie

    chicken farm, much easier

    Exactly what he said, make a chicken farm.
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    posted a message on Parkour Maze by SkitScape
    This took me about 30 minutes.

    In Creative Mode.
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    posted a message on Minecraft xbox 360 edition will catch up to pc? How?
    Quote from Mhyles

    I doubt it will ever catch up to the current PC version, due to the PC version having a large headstart.

    I don't find that true at all. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is getting the Adventure Update pretty soon.
    I really wish this wasn't going to happen, I don't know why. I just wish that Minecraft was JUST for the PC.
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    posted a message on Leo's Hardcore Survival Server - 1.3.1 - Whitelisted
    What is your IGN?: Minaft420

    Have you ever been banned from a server, and why?: Once - banned by a bunch of immature kids running a small-town server. I didn't do anything wrong :P

    Why do you want to be on the server?: Haven't joined a Hardcore PVP server, and it sounds extremely fun.

    Why do we want you to be on the server?: Because I'm a pretty cool guy xD and I don't and won't break rules.

    What is your favorite animal?: Ostrige. No doubt.

    Do you have a vent client and/or mic?: I have a built-in mic inside my laptop, it works just fine.

    What do you think the most important of the server's rules is?: Rule 2 - no hacks or mods. Keeps the game fair.
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