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    posted a message on [Mods] Finding minecraft.jar file [18/10/10]
    When I type in 'show hidden files,' I don't get the 'show hidden files, folders and drives' option. :l
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    posted a message on New Server looking for Staff
    Name: Kash
    IGN: MillionMinecraft
    How long I have played Minecraft: beta 1.4
    Screenshots: I had many but my computer crashed and I got a new one only a week ago so I have to build everything over again or make new things
    Timezone: Eastern US
    How often I play: As much a possible (Atleast 5 hours a day)
    I know I am very late on this post but I want to add something too
    I have been an admin on 5 servers, a mod on one, and a builder on one! I have the experience needed and I would love to be accepted
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    posted a message on New Minecraft Server Looking for Staff
    Mod request:
    IGN: MillionMinecraft
    Skype: I will tell if you accept the app. for safety reasons
    Experiece: I have been a mod, and a builder.
    Activity: I am online on the weekdays from usually 5-8 or 5-9 With short breaks in between and on the weekends from when I get up to as long as I can stay awake unless I have to deal with HW and other issues.
    Abusing powers: No way! I will only use my powers if there is something bad going on
    Griefing: I hate griefers (Unless griefing is allowed on the server, because then you have to grief or be griefed) But I have never griefed once in my life, even on a griefing server!
    Anything else: I would love to help your server and be a great addition to it! Thanks :D
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