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    Hi everyone! so nice to see familiar faces after all this time.

    I moved to Minnesota. Bought my first car (an escalade no less). Became a Corrections Officer and got my own apartment and now I'm about to get engaged to the love of my life. As Dwight Schrute once said: I am in perfectenschlag.

    Also, meet Remy:

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    I guessed as much.

    Try turning off Anisotropic filtering.
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    Let's get some info, shall we

    What operating system are you on?
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    is it kid picture time

    oh here's a funny video of me
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    Hi there!

    Rekindling an old Planetside 2 subject!

    Lyyti and i have been playing Planetside 2 recently, and since our squad was kinda thin we thought it'd be fun to invite some of you guys to join us.

    As a side note - Even though it's already started, this weekend is member double XP weekend.

    Who and what we are: We play Terran Republic on Emerald(US). We have a staff outfit, [MCF], if you wanna be a part of it and represent. If you'd like to join us, just add either one of us, or send a PM in-game.

    Me: Burinsan

    Lyyti: Lyyti

    For those of you who don't have the game, here's the store page on steam. For those of you who haven't yet ascended to the glory of steam, here's the website. The game can be downloaded separately from steam there. I'd make you all a sales pitch and get you interested, but frankly the steam page already does that and I'm not Billy Mays.
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    Quote from Disethas
    • If you pirate something, it makes a copy. If you steal a physical item, the person you stole it from no longer has the physical item.
    When you steal an item from a store, the retailer or manufacturer isn't using the item until you come and steal it. They manufacture and stock the item in order for a consumer to purchase the item in a transaction. The item is produced specifically because one or more people worked together to supply something that other people want or need.

    When you pirate a digital good, it works in the same way for the economics that allow the digital good to exist and be provided.

    It's not the same system as physical objects. Think of it like this:

    The store buys an apple. They are down 5 points, totaling at -5.
    Jay comes along and steals the apple. The store is down -5 points permanently, totaling at -5.
    The store stocks another apple. They are down 5 points, totaling at -10.
    Jay liked the first apple he bought, so he decides to buy this one. The store gains 5 points, totaling at -5.

    The store ended up at -5 points because someone stole the apple, resulting in a loss. No matter how many apples they sell, there will always be that loss.

    Let's move on to the Digital retailer:

    The store stocks Bus Driver. They are down 5 points, totaling at -5.
    Jay decides he wants to spend his last bit of data torrenting Bus Driver. The store is down 0 points, totaling at -5.
    Hunter finds Bus Driver while browsing hacker forums. He decides to pirate it as well. The store is down 0 points, totaling at -5.
    Lilly, a good little girl, decides to buy Bus driver, without trying it. (SPOILER: SHE HATES IT). The store is up 5 points, totaling at 0.

    The store ended up at 0 points, even though 2 copies were 'stolen', and only 1 was sold. In the previous scenario, the food distributor would have ended up at -10 points had that happened, But because the digital distributor sells copies, they were able to break even without a permanent loss.

    This is the fundamental difference between Physical retailers, and digital ones. Developers and Publishers (and by extension, investors and shareholders), aren't griping because there is a loss, there's griping because they aren't making as much money as they could have been, regardless of what the consumer thinks of the product. They aren't interested in making you happy, they're interested in shoving their pockets as full as possible, and that means selling to everyone and anyone. Apparently, they learned that not offering a demo to their game increases their sales.
    Quote from Disethas jump
    • I only pirate things in order to assess them before purchasing them.
    Morally, this might not actually be bad as long as you keep to the concept of purchasing things you enjoy. The problem is that doing this endorses systems which allow piracy that is more clearly immoral. (Especially when piracy methods use torrenting programs, your client is used to help other people download the file!) By one person having access to the ability to pirate something, everyone does.

    And honestly, this isn't really necessary. There is a roaring industry of independent reviewers and video makers who are rarely incentivised to be dishonest about a game. Most information about a game can be gleaned by using the service provided by people whose livelyhood is assessing the game for people.

    There is no replacement for trying the game for yourself. Games used to provide demos, but that time has long since passed. In order to be morally clear, you can either buy the game or don't buy the game. Developers expect you to trust them, even though they have nothing to lose if you don't and everything to gain if you do.

    A friend once promised me poison arrows and a bow in the popular game, Dark Souls II. Thinking to myself, "Just what the heck is better than a bow and poison arrows!". When i played the game for myself, i was able to realize that i wasn't getting either of those things, regardless of my friend being a reputable and trusted source of criticism. I had trusted her, but that didn't make up for the experience i would have received had i tried the game out for myself.

    Bioshock Infinite has one of the best reviews on the reputable site, Metacritic. It has a number of reviews and videos about it, all of them claiming "This game is one of the best I've ever played" I ended up getting the game for myself, and i was greatly disappointed. The game was not as i was lead to believe. I ended up wasting money on a game i otherwise wouldn't have purchased, because i allowed myself to be persuaded by the critics and reviews.

    Again, in conclusion, there is no replacement for playing the game for yourself.

    And finally, I'd like to address something a little bit more personal. While it's conjecture, it's entirely possible that had i not of pirated Minecraft before i bought (multiple copies) it, i wouldn't have been a moderator here or discovered Otter. Which means that i wouldn't have been able to play games with you, or any of my other friends, and I'd like to think that I've had a positive effect on you and them. Regardless of what you think morally, piracy has had a direct effect on your quality of life.

    Regardless of any points i make, or any points you make, we're not going to change our opinions. There is nothing wrong about debating about piracy, but the thing about it is that you are either strongly for or against, and you're not going to change sides or approach the issue without bias.
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    Quote from Luvitus»

    That's like opening up the food in the supermarket because there were no free samples of that particular foodstuff.

    That'd be true if the food had unlimited copies, which it doesn't. Games can be copied over and over and over again, and there's no loss when someone pirates a copy. If you're like me, i don't like to trust a developers marketing techniques, and i'd love to try games out for myself. GTA V on Console are a prime example - In their marketing video, they advertised heists as a big part of the game. When the game was released, this feature was no where to be found, even though it was a selling point on their own advertisement. Had i been allowed to try the game myself, i would have realized this, and then been able to properly assess whether or not my purchase would be justified, instead of justifying my purchase on possible lies and a slew of marketing techniques.
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    Because cats are just the best and that's an undisputed fact
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    Quote from Luvitus

    You mean Lyyti Brown.

    nooope. i mean Lyyti gold.
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    Quote from Disethas

    Color is pretty suitable, it's a calm color.

    it's pretty c:

    you might say that it's.... mikko..... blu....
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