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    10/10 service, support responds very fast and servers are never down with no lag. I recommend 100%

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    posted a message on MikeRaids [GUNS] [SURVIVAL] [RAIDING]

    Connect: mikezernyun.tk (No Whitelisting)

    Welcome to MikeRaids!

    Our small and humble server is about mature players looking for a true survival experience, with some enhancements to make the game a little more interesting. Our server is just beginning and still in its growing stage.

    Friendly, fair and honest Staff and Players.

    Our plugins add to add to the game to try and enhance survival gameplay.

    -Full-time 24/7 Server.

    -Huge map that will never reset!

    -Warps to extend players convenience.

    -Anti-Xray tool to prevent cheaters from getting many resources.

    -Landclaim system for all players.

    -You can use your Faction to claim land and protect it from getting raided.

    -Awesome plugins.

    -We run McMMO, Factions, Jobs, and Guns! (to be able to see the guns please download the server resourcepack)

    Type /help and /rules when you join to see a list of commands and rules!

    Server Rules:

    • [1] No Cheating. (permanent ban)
    • [2] No Advertising. (mute/ban)
    • [3] Keep Racism at a minimum. (do not excessively type racist things. Keep it at a minimum)
    • [4] Do not disrespect mods/admins. (mute/ban)
    • [5] No 1x1 towers. (jailed/tempban)
    • [6] Only claim land that you will use. (will remove useless claims)
    • [7] Staff decisions are final. (Do not argue with staff, if they ask you to stop. Stop.)
    • [8] Griefing is allowed.
    • [9] Stealing is allowed.
    • [10] Do not ask for mod/admin. (mute)

    If you have any questions at all, please refer to either me or a staff member.

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    posted a message on Mike's Fresh SMP Server

    small basic semi-vanilla minecraft server with not much fluff server just launched and is fresh.


    [1] No Griefing

    [2] No Stealing

    [3] No Cheating

    [4] No Advertising other servers

    [5] Keep racism at a minimum

    [6] Do not disrespect admins/mods

    Looking for admins/mods talk to me when i'm on if interested (Mikezernyun)


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