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    posted a message on Minecraft login servers are down, please stop making topics.
    Quote from Rycr

    Now would be a good time to get some extra sleep, right?

    Yes, I am aware of how much of a hypocrite that suggestion makes me...

    Perhaps you both should count some sheep :Sheep:
    Oh, wait.. <_<
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!!
    Does anyone know if the SMP Mo' Creatures can be added to the Tekkit pack? I noticed a lot of mention about forge when reading through a few files in the launcher so I wasn't sure if the Tekkit launcher is based on forge or what..
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    posted a message on [Possible Solution] Those having connection errors after updating...
    I had an issue connecting to my server after updating the game and server client. I kept getting the 'Disconnected by server - Took too long to log in' error.
    From what I can tell, hasn't updated the Minecraft_Server.exe to 1.2..
    Download the updated server .jar from here:

    Hope this helps!
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    posted a message on Cant connect to my server
    I'm having a similar issue. I updated the minecraft server (downloaded it from and even tried to start a new server..
    It still says "[INFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.1"
    So I take it the link on the website isn't updated?
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    posted a message on Cannot log into any multiplayer server
    Quote from KeKoSlayer29

    except i have a 1.2 server and running 1.2 and so are my friends and no one can get in. its not a bukkit server its off

    Having this same issue. Both server and game clients are updated but still no one can connect.
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    posted a message on Updated and now cannot connect..
    Having the same problem here..
    Both the server and game clients are updated from
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    posted a message on disconnected by server, took to long to log in
    Also having this issue. Server and Client are both updated FROM MINECRAFT.NET.
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    posted a message on Took too long to login???
    I've been searching for a solution on this issue but have found nothing.. I've found a few people having the same problem but they're quickly dismissed with "the server isn't updated"..

    In my case I am running the server, it is updated, and is still not letting anyone connect.
    I've tried reinstalling minecraft and the server exe several times..and starting over with a new world.. nothing..
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    posted a message on Dokucraft, The Saga Continues.
    I'm having an issue with the game crashing upon world loading.
    I've tried deleting the .minecraft folder and starting over.

    Steps I've taken

    1. DL Dokucraft
    2. DL Patcher
    3. Install Dokucraft into texturepacks folder
    4. Patch
    5. Start Minecraft
    6. Choose Dokucraft texture pack
    7. Load up new world

    It starts to load and the last thing displayed on screen before the client freezes up is "Saving Chunks".

    I'm not running any mods at all.

    I'm trying to use Dokucraft

    Update: It appears that the texture pack works if I don't patch it, but then of course the game calls me a noob all over the place..

    Update: It appears that unchecking Random Mobs and Custom Colors in the patcher before patching fixes this. Does this effect the look of the pack?
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