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    posted a message on How much of a noob are you?
    How much of a noob am I now, or how much I USED to be.

    When I started playing Minecraft, I was a noob to the intermet.

    That all that needs being said...

    Now I'm more of a troll. :P
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    posted a message on I'd like to set a custom server spawnpoint in vanilla 1.8...
    This commamd was added in 1.7.

    The command is "/setworldspawn".

    Note: Even when you use this command, it won't spawn you at the exact location you set. It will spawn you within 10 blocks of that location.
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    posted a message on What's wrong with most of the people in minecraft?
    My server.

    EDIT: I accidentally clicked and posted on the wrong topic.

    I guess now that I'm here, I should post something...

    Don't get offended. What they say or do to you should effect your belief. Ignore them. Many players on Minecraft are teens that are athiest or don't know what to believe.

    Unfortunately they are still young, so they don't understand that they should respect other people's beliefs.
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    posted a message on Imagine a server where the main goal is to hack as much as possible
    It would be interesting from a research stand point. You can tell the hackers to try to hack your server and if they succeed, to tell you how they did it. The server would be whitelisted and only trustworthy people could join and try to hack. (This is so that the hacks don't get distributed.) The owner would then collect the information about the hacks and submit it to Mojang.
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    posted a message on MineCon 2014 suggestions
    Hey guys!

    With MineCon 2013 over, we all start to turn our attention to Mojang's next big convention: MineCon 2014. I thought I might give my suggestions for next year's MineCon.

    Problems with MineCon 2013:

    Before I go over any suggestions, let's review some of the problems with MineCon 2013.

    - Not enough tickets

    Minecraft has reached 12.5 million sales. Having a MineCon where only 7,500 can attend just won't work with a community that size.

    - Not enough time for panels.

    When I was watching the live stream, many of the panels could only answer 1 or 2 questions because they were out of time.

    - Ticket prices!

    A ticket price of $150 is very expensive for just 1 person. My 2 brothers, my dad, and I were going to go to MineCon, but just barley. Between the 4 of us the combined price I would've had to pay would've been $600. Wow, that's expensive, not to mention airline tickets, hotel costs, food, etc.

    Now that we've reviewed some of the biggest problems with MineCon 2013, let's talk about solutions.

    Solutions (P = Problem, S = Solution):

    P: Not enough tickets
    S: You need a bigger place to do it in! Orange County Convention Center was the 2nd largest in the U.S. With the size of the Minecraft community, a convention center will no longer do it. MineCon will need to be hosted at a stadium. Stadiums can hold from 80,000 to 200,000+ people this should help with the ticket problem.

    P: Not enough time for panels.
    S: Make more time!

    P: Ticket prices
    S: Doing the above, hosting it at a stadium will allow more tickets to be sold. The more tickets sold the more revenue is made by Mojang. Although renting a stadium for 2 days will cost a lot more than a convention center, it will probably be worth it. I think the ticket prices should be lowered to a least $100 USD if not $75 or even $50.

    I hope Mojang hears about these ideas for MineCon 2014. Anyway, if you found a problem and know of a good solution, feel free to post it.


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