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    Welcome everyone! I'm not going lie and tell you this is the best server out right now, because it probably isn't. If you would would like to join than that's fine your more than welcome. :smile.gif: I can however, tell you some stuff that I can offer.


    ServerIP: Mikeyzworld.zapto.org
    T3 Internet Connection
    Dedicated Server Computer
    8GB available ram
    24/7 Up-time


    -Start your own town
    -Start your own Faction
    -Be the king of your very own Nation
    -Make a Shop and sell your valuable items
    -Monsters drop money
    -Become a member of a town and buy your own Land space.
    -Warp, teleport to friends
    -Skills Level up, The more you use them the higher chance of extra loot drops
    -lv fishing and fish up some rare items


    Spout(wallet/trade)Use Spoutcraft client for extra features
    And many more.


    Rules- (We take rules VERY Seriously)

    -No griefing

    -No glitching! Don't abuse bugs/glitches in the game that make the game unfair for others and especially not if they cause lag or crashes.

    -No stealing Chests/crops/trees anything that takes time to grow

    -If going to cut down a tree... cut it all down.

    -No Stealing other players items!

    -Don't break what you didn't build!

    -Be creative NOT Messy when building!

    These are just a couple of features available to you! Come and Join the fun now!

    Thank you! And Happy Crafting!

    (seeking web host/designer,knowledgeable plugin/permission config admins and mods(need to be older than 16 or be very mature))
    Contact Mikeyz Mikeyzzworld.gmail.com

    (players Spaming me ingame to be admin/mod are automaticly taken out of the running)
    If want to apply email Mikeyzzworld.gmail.com Thank you.
    Additional Details
    Mikeyz World [Dedicated Server] [T3 Iine] MMO Style Play, Skill lv ups! Towns, Factions, Shops And Much much
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    posted a message on Mik3yzz's New Fresh Survival Server! 24/7 Dedicated Server -> T3 Line Come Join the FUN!
    Hello all!

    Would you like to start on a fresh new server? Well here's your chance! Join My server now for some awesome fun! Everyone is Welcome!


    See you online!
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