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    Hey there destroyermce2k7,

    Just to let you know it works fine if you remove this line (and the last comma on the line above).

    {"predicate": {"custom_model_data":0}, "model": "item/dashorb"}

    The reason why it breaks is that it can't find the model 'item/dashorb.json' that it needs to use. Either remove the line or add in a 'item/dashorb.json' file for it to use.

    Not a big problem. ^_^
    Have fun,


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    Sorry, so just to clear things up: can I only do this on items with durability? Or could I do it on ANYTHING (a carrot on a stick is my ultimate goal).

    In 1.13, you can only implement multiple textures for an item on items that have multiple states, such as durability or pull (bow). See Item Tags.

    A carrot on a stick is an item that does have durability (26 points to be exact), so you could give it multiple textures if you wanted.

    As far as I can remember, it should be exactly the same process as it was in 1.12. The only difference being the format of the /give command is slightly different; Damage moved inside NBT.

    Quote from KittenKatja»

    To summon the 1.8-1.12 bow: /give @p minecraft:bow 1 69 {Unbreakable:1b}

    To summon the 1.13 bow: /give @s minecraft:bow{Damage:69,Unbreakable:1b} 1

    To summon the 1.14 bow: /give @s minecraft:bow{CustomModelData:69} 1

    Hope this answers your question.

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    Quote from KittenKatja»

    To summon the 1.14 bow: /give @s minecraft:bow{CustomModelData:69} 1

    Hey there KittenKatja & NeonPixelAnimations

    I thought I'd just clear up what it means to use custom model data in 1.14.

    An example '<item>.json' file would be:

    	"overrides": [
    			"predicate": { "custom_model_data": 5},
    			"model": "<path to model after 'assets/minecraft/models/...'>"

    When using custom model data though, the '/give' command should be just like the command KittenKatja wrote above.

    '/give @s minecraft:bow{CustomModelData:5} 1'

    I can explain in more detail for how to do it in 1.13 if need be. Good luck.


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    posted a message on Weird yellow texture?

    Hmmm. Sorry but I genuinely have no idea where a fix could be made.

    You could submit this as a Minecraft bug report if you feel it needs one. I had a quick look and couldn't find a similar one already reported.

    Another last resort attempt you could make is to go to your ".minecraft\versions\..." folder and delete the version of MC that you're having this current problem on and then launch it again from the MC Launcher. Don't worry. It won't erase any personal data like worlds or resource packs. It will just prompt MC to re-download the necessary, most recent, jar file from Mojang to play that version.

    Sorry that I couldn't help much.


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    posted a message on Weird yellow texture?

    Hey there exhibit

    That definitely seems to be a mipmapping issue, (see MipMaps), but I have never before seen that cheese-wedge-like texture in MC.

    Minecraft has a slider for MipMapping where you can tell whether you want to apply it or not. Maybe have a play with that? (It will freeze the game for a couple seconds as it rebuilds the mipmap textures.)

    Another option that sometimes is linked to mipmapping is the 'Anisotropic Filtering' which MC also has an option for.

    As for fixing your problem though, I'm not entirely sure where to start. This is a new one for me.

    - Perhaps it's the way in which you implemented your 'missing_texture' image on the brown_glazed_terracotta block? If you just want to replace the texture then in your res pack, save the purple & black texture at '<res pack>/assets/minecraft/textures/block/brown_glazed_terracotta.png'. But I assume you've done that.

    - Does the yellow & black texture appear when you don't have a resource pack on, or when you have one on but haven't changed the block's texture?

    - If you migrate this resource pack to a different version of MC, such as 1.12 or 1.8, does the problem still persist?

    - That yellow shape also seems to share some similarities in shape with the brown glazed terracotta texture. Do you think that MC might still be trying to use the terracotta's mipmapped texture? Try refreshing your resource pack cache with F3+T (Fn+F3+T if you have a laptop with an Fn key).

    - The last potential problem I can think of has to do with your graphics. Press F3 and look in the top-right, what's your MC using for its graphics? (Do you have a non-standard graphics card?) Are your graphics drivers up to date?

    Honestly, I don't think that this is going to be a simple problem but you never know, it might automagically fix itself.

    Good luck.


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    posted a message on How to add custom sounds that plays random music?
    Quote from jonathanpecany»

    Wow...you are quite good at explaining things...did you get that from the internet, if so what did you search for, or did you experiment on your own to see works

    Thank you. I made a new, blank resource pack just to show the examples in this tutorial. I made it from experience as I have created custom sounds before and have also worked with resource packs for years.

    If you want a good online resource to help you with creating your resource pack, I highly recommend searching what you're looking for on the Minecraft Wiki. It has pretty much all the technical help you need. For this example, I looked at the sounds.json page.

    Also, when you're ever working with json files and you think/know there's an error with one of the json files, then paste your code into JSONLint and click 'Validate'. It'll tell you if there are any (syntax) errors and where they are.

    Good luck to you.


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    posted a message on How to add custom sounds that plays random music?

    Hey there jonathanpecany,

    This tutorial is for MC version 1.7.2 and above. I believe it works in all of them up until the current version...

    There are two parts to adding custom sounds to your resource pack.

    - Making sure you save your files (.ogg & sounds.json) in the correct place.

    - Coding a correct sounds.json file.

    Files for Custom Sounds

    You will need to save your 'sounds.json' file at '/assets/minecraft/sounds.json'

    Your custom sounds will then be added to the 'sounds' subfolder (seen above).

    For my example, I've created an 'instruments/...' subfolder containing 3 note block instrument sound files, as well as the player xp levelup sound directly in 'sounds/...'.

    Make sure you roughly remember your sound paths for later.

    Folders and files only allow lowercase letters from 1.11+. They also must not have any spaces.


    I will be showing 2 examples of a 'sounds.json' file.

    The first one will be a basic version if you just want to add your own custom sounds into MC, showing sound events with & without random variation.

    The second one will use more advanced features like random weights, volume & pitch adjustments & what sound streaming is.


    1. This is where you give a name for your custom sound. This name will be the one used in your '/playsound <sound>' command.

    The only characters that are allowed are "a-z" (lowercase), "0-9", any of "/._-" & no spaces.

    If you only use those characters, you can name it anything you want, you don't have to follow my 'custom.' name scheme.

    2. These square brackets ('[ ]') in Json show a list. This means that any items in the square brackets are list items.

    For custom sounds, it means that the sound event(1) will pick a random list item(3) (aka sound file) to play every time the sound event is run.

    3. This is a simple list item that will be chosen at random when the sound event is run.

    It is the path to the .ogg file, starting at '/assets/minecraft/sounds/...'. It does not include the '.ogg' file extension.

    Remember earlier, my note block instrument sounds were saved inside the 'instruments/...' folder. This is why their path in the sounds.json file is "instruments/bass", etc.


    If you want to add another sound file for the event to choose from, then place a comma at the end of the line and type a new sound file path.

    4. Another, separate sound event in my custom resource pack which can be played with '/playsound'. This sound event will play the same sound file every time since it is the only one in the 'sounds' list.


    This advanced tutorial assumes you understand the basic tutorial as well as Json syntax.

    1. This time I will be making a custom sound event just for the bass instrument and not for all three.

    2. Instead of giving a simple string for the sound file path, I now give an object ('{ }') containing all the advanced details I want about the sound file.

    3. The file path string has now changed to a "key": "value" syntax where "name" is the key.

    Note: You are allowed to use the same sound file as more than one list item. It makes it easy to have random variations of the same sound.

    4. "pitch" changes how high or low the sound is in the game. It accepts a decimal where 1.0 is the default.

    In this example, this random sound will play 40% deeper than the .ogg file.

    5. "weight" is the chance that this sound will play compared to the others in the 'sounds' list when the sound event is triggered. It accepts integers.

    To understand this, you add up all the weights in the 'sounds' list (e.g. 1 + 2 + 3) for a total of 6. Then this sound file will be chosen 1 in every 6 times (1/6th).

    6. Following on from (5), this sound event will be chosen 3 in every 6 times (3/6ths aka 1/2).

    7. "volume" is how loud the sound is in the game compared to the .ogg file. It accepts a decimal where 1.0 is the default.

    In this example, the sound in the game will be 5x quieter than the .ogg file.


    I hope you don't mind me making this tutorial much longer and more detailed than you probably need to answer your question but I think it will be a good resource for me to show others who have resource pack custom sound questions.

    Hope this helps and let me know if I've missed any major details out.

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    posted a message on 1.12 Texture Pack Says Incompatible With 1.12?
    Quote from Warrencc33005»

    What was it?

    It was very likely that the 'pack.mcmeta' file that they created had a 'pack_format' tag that wasn't '3'.

    "pack_format" requires:

    - 1 in 1.6-1.8

    - 2 in 1.9 and 1.10

    - 3 in 1.11 and 1.12

    - And 4 in 1.13.

    For example:

       "pack": {
          "pack_format": 4,
          "description": "My Custom Resource Pack"

    Also, please don't necropost: posting a comment on a thread that has been dead/inactive for a long period of time. This thread had been dead for 1.5 years. I don't know whether it's an official forum rule but I know that most forums don't like it. If you have a question that you need answering, it's recommended that you make a new thread for it.

    I hope that I managed to answer your question though. :)


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    posted a message on Random Brick Stair Textures

    Hey MCjossic & KittenKatja

    Thanks for uploading the res pack. It was a great help.

    There are three problems that I fixed with the blockstate file (2 of them similar).

    1. Lines 19-22 were missing colons ":" between "weight" and their value.

    2. Lines 74-77 were also missing colons ":" between "weight" and their value.

    3. The last problem is that I don't think spaces are allowed in the string listing the states for each variant.

    ↓ Becomes:

    In the future, when you have a problem with blockstate files, or json files in general, I recommend giving it a quick validation check with JSONlint. It'll tell you if and where any json errors are. It would solve problems 1 & 2 that I found.

    If you're more of a technically-minded person as well, then I also recommend going to the MC launcher and turning on the Game Output Log when the game starts.

    If there are any errors with your resource pack, it'll tell you what type of error it is, which files are involved and often which lines the error occurs on. It's usually how I fix peoples' bugs. For example, yours said:


    Hope this fixes things for you.


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    posted a message on [1.9] Beyond Perception - A Minecraft Visual Puzzle Map [13k+ DLs]

    ^^^ Click me! ^^^

    Map Title


    Beyond Perception is a Minecraft visual puzzle map that uses a mechanic in the game which is rarely seen and/or used; turning the shading off!

    This map contains 7 small, simple levels with only 2 colors to each level. Your job is to understand what is there and what is not in order to reach the end.

    Estimated play time: 10-30 minutes

    Update: V1.3 (Jan 28th) - Basic multi-language support.



    Lobby Pt.1

    Lobby Pt.2

    A Cube?

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 3

    Level 4

    Level 5

    Level 6

    Level 7

    Command Blocks



    Map made by MinecraftSpace & _Mihro_. Members of Team Extrium.

    Find the awesome original Beyond Perception game here:
    Game Download Page

    Official Game Page

    Developers' Website

    All credits to the original game belong to the Developers


    ^^^ Click me! ^^^

    Download (mirror):

    Snapshot 15w51b and older:


    Snapshot 16w02a and newer:


    If you want to download the Resource Pack separately, use this link:


    How to Install - Map

    1. Download the zip.

    2. Extract into your saves folder.

    3. Have fun playing.

    How to Install - Resource Pack

    1. Download the zip.

    2. Drag and drop into your resourcepacks folder.

    3. Have fun playing.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you use the right version for the right download.

    We really hope you enjoy playing this map.
    _Mihro_ & MinecraftSpace

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