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    Could we please have the older versions of Universal Electricity? I looked all over the website (and indeed all over the internet) and I couldn't find any of them. If you could have a repository somewhere where you put the best, stable downloads for each version, that would be immensely helpful.
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    Quote from RisingTempest

    Really, as a whiney git who complains about everyone else doing what you deem "unrealistic" and "unfair", you're confused why someone else pointed out that what you're doing is both god moding and far worse than realistic and actually plausible actions by myself and Hugz?

    Might I suggest you just shut up and play the game?

    I'm only responding to this one for now, not much time.

    I meant that if he was going to talk about the Russian Republic/Soviet Confederation, he'd be better off talking about by the post by the person who actually plays them. It was not a complaint, merely a confused attitude. It quoted my post which was talking about arriving there instead.

    As well when it comes down to Mexico, the idea that there'd be a sudden popular movement to get out of the Comintern because America sort of blew up flies in the face of what came before, and is a considerable devaluing of the lore set before. It as well ignores the fact that despite being a rather spiritual place - in opposition to China - Latin America has leaned predominately to left, which'd negate the issue of ideology as opposed to the US: which has been historically right-leaning, even in its leftist politics; and Nova swept through it like a grave error needed to be corrected.

    Whether or not America has fallen from the Socialist Graces doesn't very well add up into it. Esspecially when the popularity of the current idea could be supported by the secular/religious-socialist Philippines, who act as a sort of close cousin to Mexico.

    Obviously not massive, but a shifting of the winds if you will.

    Yes, Latin America is predominantly leftist, but socialist is kinda stretching it still. Hence why I'm backing a left-leaning party that is not quite socialist. It would be seen more as a drive towards moderation than anything. And of course the religion card could be played quite nicely, despite religious/socialist coexistence in other places. Also, mind you, the Phillipines didn't exactly peacefully enter the socialist dominion.

    I'm gonna let Revan fight his own fight.
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    Quote from Dinh AaronMk

    I have a bunch of stuff to complain about, but have yet to reach the relevant parties to fully make sure it's anything worth slapping anyone about. But in the instance of this:

    It was decided between I and Vilage this is rather godmoddy, since it shifts a huge deal that has been Russia into a part of the spectrum where you can win something easily. Russia is supposed to be Hell, and has been continually explored by myself and Evan, and would be/will be soon explored by Vilage as well. There's a reason why the idea of Russian diaspora exists in Armenia, and the fact the Chinese intelligence community is concerned when it comes to the Mafiya: they control so much of the Russian country-side with so much influence in the urban realms they're a powerful faction within Russia all the same, and the loss of government control and investment within any aspect of the nation because of their directional influence makes the nation a rather terrible, drugged up place.

    And if the Mafiya can get away with large scale public executions with a theatrical flair seen in the Mexican cartels of today, there's no place they've touched with their power, and part of Russian society that's not falling apart.

    It's postulated that they're so strong, and supported by Vilage and the rest, that the Mafiya can walk up to about anything and start showing off who's boss. It's pretty far beyond fixing, and I would have gone on a longer exposition earlier if I had the time and wasn't rushing to get something out before dinner.

    Plus they got military grade weapons. You can thanks Polish industry.

    I don't see precisely why my post was targeted in this, but okay.

    The Mafiya in general seems to me a meddling in what was in essence Revan's country all along; I stopped posting right before the break and didn't really pick up for a while, that doesn't mean my country will fall into a feudal mafia state. But assuming that the canon of it being there and being so strong is inviolable, that doesn't mean the government can't also be strong. There are likely strong elements against the Mafiya as well, such a strong entity does not arise without opposition. Indeed, I would think their rise would provoke the military/government to become stronger as well, promoted by those people who either don't like the Mafiya or are tired of the violence and killing they provoke. Popular opinion by this time is likely massively against them, and it wouldn't be surprising if people took up arms to defend themselves. These sort of militias are likely associated with (or can be drawn into the fold) of an organized government campaign against them. For this Mafiya to exist without significant opposition, seems in my mind the more god-moddy thing. Especially after what, three years? Mexican drug cartels took way longer to come to significant power.

    The government likely has similar firepower, and probably more heavy stuff like tanks and any helicopters or aircraft from their previous control. Obviously Revan will have to take a lot of time and effort to remove them/disrupt their influence, but I don't see why they wouldn't be roughly equal in power at this point. The government, despite its decay, is likely as significant a faction.

    This is in a similar boat and is stepping on things, and attempting to shift things in one wild sweep that you'll win considerably easy.

    Not to mention by the function of the Third International the fall from grace the US is taking would put them in sole control of the North American branch of the Comintern and wouldn't damage their influence in the Third International.

    I was planning on making this time a lot harder, and basically stirring up a lot of stuff. I was thinking of changing the date on my post to November to roleplay it all out.

    I saw it as them joining because of the US, and if the US left then they would be basically disassociated from it. It also can't help that the US version of socialism has basically failed and been discredited, and Mexico's would likely follow the same general trend given the circumstances. And since Mexico would have been socialist and the US would be now capitalist, they would be disassociated from their former allies as well. It's not so much a thing about them gaining more power in the International as the popular perception.
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    -Yekaterinburg, Soviet Confederation-

    The former UND diplomat from Brazil waited outside the new President's office in a happier part of town than the one occupied by the Chinese agents. He had rode across Russia, getting rides on trains, cars and buses, anything to get to his destination. He had recieved orders from Brasilia to investigate the new "Soviet Confederation" that had come into being. And so now he waited for an audience, eager to discover what new sort of leadership awaited him.

    -A factory in Caracas, Venezuela, South American Confederacy-

    "You, Brazilian, can go take your socialism and shove it up your ****!" roared the fat man.

    "This factory's operation is in violation of the Workers' Ownership Act, sir. I will ask you one more time, will you step away from the door and surrender the keys to us?"

    The man did not answer, but instead spit on the officer's foot.

    "Very well. Take him into custody."

    Despite his efforts, the man was grabbed by two burly agents and hauled into the police car.

    The head officer, wiping his brow in the hot Venezuelan sun, walked into the factory.

    "Attention, workers of this factory!" he said in flawless Spanish, striding out into the center of the building.

    The work around him halted, the production lines were quickly turned off, and the crowd of Venezuelans looked at him.

    "From now on, this factory is a self-governed cooperative. You, the workers, will decide everything. You will work together to make schedules, you will work together to determine pay, and you will work together to produce useful work. You will elect a representative to the higher council of this collective corporation known as Zuela Steel, and all other factories will be governed like this. Do you believe you can handle this responsibility? Can you manage yourselves well enough?"

    "Yes." replied many of the workers in a chorus. Other ones, obviously hostile, glared, but the officer paid them no mind.

    "We will send someone from another, well established factory, to work here and help the process along. Your government wishes you the best in your new socialist workplace."

    As he and the agents turned back and went out, the officer turned and said, "All of the pay that formerly went to the manager now goes to all of you. As well as an equal proportion of all the other executives above you."

    One of the workers replied, "Hey, this socialism stuff isn't half bad."

    "Indeed, comrade." The officer smiled as he departed the building. Another capitalist crackdown complete.

    He reflected on the amusing fact that the increased Spanish hostility, rather than scaring South America, drove it to be even more radical in its policies and in its opposition for what Spain represented.

    -Brasilia, Brazil-

    All across Brazil, there were clear signs of preparation. Government workers began putting up posters on walls. One of the most striking was an image of menacing approaching ships with a Spanish flag waving, saying, "Will you defend your homes from THIS?" Another depicted a cloud of VX spraying from a bomb over the iconic skyline of Rio de Janeiro, saying "No one is safe from the Spaniard". There was a visible tension in the air as people regarded these posters on their way home from work.

    In the military bases across Brazil, soldiers and pilots were at maximum readiness. They prepared positions along the coast with sandbags, artillery and machine guns. The Pacific Fleet was already ascending up from the tip of South America, almost out of Argentinian waters, and the Polish fleet from the North Atlantic. Everyone hoped they would be there in time.

    Claro had ordered, in this time of crisis, that as many artillery guns be brought to the Brazilian coast as possible. People had no idea what exactly they had planned, but they did know that a lot of civilian freight ships were being ordered to Recife harbor for government repurposement. As well, the nation's most advanced fighters, the IL-10s, were brought to the closest air bases to the coast so they could be used preferably instead of the older MiG-3s.

    Under Moreau's orders, people were to seal whatever seams in windows or doors existed with anything they could find, be it duct tape, taped-on aluminum foil, etc in an attempt to make VX attack less damaging. The government also issued an optional evacuation order for coastal cities to advise civilians that if they could be anywhere else, they should be. It was a time of tension in Brazil, but there was still hope.
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    It feels like the old days.

    Checking PoW every five minutes to see if someone posted.
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    Quote from vilageidiotx

    There has to be some one-sidedness. Elsewise we end up with the North American War.

    I've said it too many times, and I think it is oftentimes missed. This ain't a game. You have to learn how to take your place in the story and play it up. There is a hierarchy of power. China and Spain are first tier, Germany and Canada second, and Brazil and Ethiopia third. That is the way it works. Not wearing your place correctly will make your part of the story poor.

    I think Canada lost that category long ago. That spot may be Japan or France's, perhaps.

    But it is understood.
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    I'm willing to accept it as long as future parts of the invasion don't seem so one-sided.

    I have changed my post.
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    Quote from HugTheZombies

    Yes, because it would have been so much harder for us to make the exact same post, but with the word 'Odessa' changed to 'Gdansk'


    It would have been the same amount of work. We get nothing from making the post take place on either port. There was nothing to gain; there was no reason to lie. It was an honest mistake. A very insignificant one, too. So I don't see the big deal.

    Both coasts are being hit anyway. So either way the Indomitable is dead.

    They didn't mysteriously appear there. It was part of my public agreement with Evan that, during the timskip years, Prussia sent forces to Turkey, including ships that helped take and patrol the Black Sea and its coasts. Those same forces, now withdrawn from Armenia, are part of the forces invading Ukraine. They didn't magically appear there. They were there the whole time. And I even made a post where Frederick announced they were changing course for Ukraine.

    I'm arguing that you couldn't destroy it with what you're sending. Perhaps you bombed them, and there's some damage, but you wouldn't have submarines in place to take anything down. If you don't have air bases in Turkey/the Caucasus, then there's no way you could have sent air forces all that way either. And without the support from the Prussian mainland, defeating them would be substantially more difficult if not impossible right next to the Ukranian mainland.

    Anyone can attack any NPC nation.

    And there will be a fight. We just haven't gotten there yet since, you know, we're only like, a handful of posts in. And hell, even in those few posts Tempest mentioned some Prussian losses, which included ships and aircraft. I plan to go further, but with time. These were surprise attacks, after all. And those are always one-sided.

    Fair enough, but within eight hours you would think they would be able to regroup sufficiently to not all die.

    It's being bombed from sea - the Black Sea.

    See above.

    You really shouldn't go arguing points after just skimming through people's posts.

    Do you have aircraft carriers?

    I did read them, but the losses seem so insignificant as to not even matter.
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    Quote from HugTheZombies

    I've told you several times now. Keen wasn't around to verify. You weren't around to confirm either way. We had to guess. And so we did. It's not hard to simply assume it was being built on the Baltic Sea. We've ret-conned bigger things for the sake of the RP. And it's not like we meant any wrong when we guessed it'd be on the Baltic Sea. We just guessed and moved on with our story.

    I would buy that if it wasn't clearly stated on the post that it was in the Black Sea. If you put more effort into looking for it, you would have found the post.

    Quote from HugTheZombies
    They don't? They can't sail into the Mediterranean and up into the Black Sea? Of course they can. In fact, those ships were there long before I planned to invade Poland. They were there dealing with the Armenians. And if they can't, how can Brazil make regular trips across the Atlantic?

    Yes, you can. But did you say you were sailing there prior? No. Does everyone question me when I have forces mysteriously appear and not mentioning I sent them? Yes.

    Quote from HugTheZombies
    But it does make sense.

    And if i remember correctly, Keen left saying Poland was up for grabs and whatnot cause he wasn't certain when, or if he would ever come back. We can't make Poland a no-fire zone simply because Keen is away.

    Up for grabs means you can play as them, not blow their nation to bits without much of a fight.

    Quote from HugTheZombies
    Explain to me how it is OP.

    And then, for good measure, explain to me how Brazil's everything isn't OP in comparison.

    It's not completely unchallenged. Freddy's claim to the Russian territories is one of a few reasons I could list. And Prussia isn't attacking from the Caucasus. I don't know where you got that from.

    It makes perfect sense.

    What doesn't make sense is Brazil being what it is in the RP. Brazil making trips across the Atlantic like they can. Brazil sending people across the world when they have bigger issues domestically. Brazil being able to afford the crap they have/do. I could go on for a while on things that make little sense with Brazil. I could go on for several days if I had enough food and water to properly review all the questionable stuff you've done since the start.

    I saw you were bombing the Ukraine, specifically Odessa. Unless you're bombing it from all the way across the Slavic Union without being shot down along the way (which would be quite OP) you must be bombing it from the Caucasus or Turkey. It may have been a thing that Tempest did without you noticing.

    Unchallenged meaning in all of your posts I don't see the Polish really resisting in any meaningful way. It seems like a one-sided slaughter. The entirety of Poland's Baltic navy being destroyed without any news of a single ship of yours being sunk. Bombing places all over Poland and Ukraine, no evident air resistance, anti-air guns.

    Brazil has sent troops four places in their entire time in the RP, the Russian Republic, New England, Australia, and Central America. The last one of these is not even a very sea-based operation. For the most part I've been refraining from those types of actions since 1976 since I knew that it was too much at the time. The only one since then was the UND intervention in Australia. The technological advancements,as few as they are, were commissioned by the UND and supported by other nations' know-how and funding. In essence, all I've developed is a new tank which is up-to-date with the mid-70s, some rockets and a type of bomb. The only reason it seems so outrageous is you keep on bringing it up over and over. And considering that according to time, I haven't sent any troops anywhere for three years, I don't feel like sending troops to help Poland is overly absurd.
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    If I attacked and destroyed an American ship in Los Angeles harbor that was actually in Quebec Bay (where mind you, I can't reach very well at all), that would surely be called into question. And likely, considering everyone's bent, be decided not true.

    Prussia has no sea access to the Black Sea. There is plainly no logical way they could have destroyed it. And even besides the question of sense, it was Keen's last post, his dying wish if you will and likely the only remaining part of his legacy once this all goes down. The least you could do is not destroy it considering how OP Prussia's invasion is already, destroying half of Poland's navy in one attack and all and what appears to be an unchallenged bombing campaign of its cities from both the Caucasus and the Prussian mainland. Nevermind how you got planes into the Caucasus anyway.

    I'm not calling for a review of the entire Prussian invasion, just saying something doesn't make any logical or canonical sense.

    And that technology has been under development since 1976, as clearly enumerated in my previous posts.
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    This is true. I always did visualize Brazil (and the rest of South America) as a light industrial and agricultural economy with a bit of heavy industry (only state-owned) thrown in. So it would probably be unrealistic for us to have jets yet. Will give it a few more years with development.

    Also, I posted. And Revan. How fabulous.
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    The Socialist Federative Republic of Brazil

    -UND Headquarters, Warsaw, Poland-

    "Roll the cameras," called the Brazilian delegate.

    A little "On Air" sign on the wall switched on, and the Brazilian, Russian, Polish and Belgian delegates stood straighter.

    "Greetings, people of the world. I regret to inform you that by a majority vote of member nations, the United Nations for Democracy has been formally disbanded."

    The Polish delegate followed, "We believe that the UND is largely an ineffective tool for attempting to create peace in this time of crisis. As evidenced by recent attacks on the Russian Republic, the Communist insurgency in Australia, the wars raging in Africa, the reassimilation of New England, and the Prussian invasion of my own nation, we find that the promise of collective security has largely been a fiction."

    The Brazilian delegate said, "We instead have found that it may be a more promising development to create a place for peace and diplomacy, where conflicts can be defused before they start, where there can be international pressure more easily placed on aggressors, and where nations can find common ground for development. We want to create a place not limited to merely democratic nations who adopt our ideals, but instead to create a place where all nations, whatever their social and political system, can meet. The nations of South and Central America, East Australia, the Russian Republic, the Slavic Union, and Belgium have already agreed to create such a place."

    "However, we will keep our strong ties. Our alliances with the Ethiopian Empire, the Slavic Union, Armenia, and East Australia are stronger than ever. Our newfound friendship with Belgium may surely blossom."

    The Belgian diplomat, standing at the center, then finally spoke up. "We believe that the best option to create peace in the world today would be to drop the democracy part of our charter and create a Uni-"

    A quick nudge from the Brazilian delegate, almost imperceptible, occurred.

    "A World Congress," said the Belgian delegate, emphasizing the words, "in the capital of my fair nation, Brussels, as a place for diplomats from every country to be stationed and able to speak to one another. In addition, perhaps even a hotline could be formed from every nation to the World Congress, so that leaders can let their presence be felt without all having to be physically present. We, the former United Nations for Democracy, believe that through this World Congress, a greater state of peace may come to be among all nations. Please consider joining this Assembly for the hope of that greater peace. Thank you."

    What remained unsaid, however, was that the Brazilian forces who formerly guarded the UND headquarters were on the move.

    Through Poland, to that region of the Slavic Union known as the Ukraine.


    -Waters of the North Atlantic, Near Africa-

    Susana was playing with her toy duck, in their boat crossing the Atlantic to Europe to visit their relatives in Portugal. She slowly waddled it across the deck of the ship.

    "What the heck is that?" cried her father.

    Susana paid no mind to this cry.

    "Geez, it looks like some kind of warship!" replied her mother.

    The boat began to sway, as the tidal influence of the ship began to be felt. Susana's toy duck slid out of her grasp. She noticed a big black thing approaching with the Spanish flag on it, but the duck was more important. She reached towards it.

    Her father frantically grabbed the radio, calling for anyone around, yelling his head off about an oncoming Spanish fleet, meanwhile the wake of the ship grew closer.

    As the oncoming wave hit them, both Susana and her toy duck were lost under the waves.


    -Brasilia, Brazil, South American Confederacy-

    "This. Is a problem." said Brazilian President Adriano Claro, in a severe tone of voice.

    "Yes, yes, we recognize that." responded Leopoldo Moreau, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

    "I have reports from our sources in Spain that their fleet is gone, a random boat that spotted Spanish ships steaming across the Atlantic before going dead silent, and now this Prussian aggression!" ranted Claro, agitated.

    The vice president, Jonathan Santos, said "No need for this fuss. We'll call for aid."

    "From who exactly?" asked Moreau. "China? Ethiopia? Nobody has the will or the means."

    "Exactly," responded Claro.

    Suddenly, the phone in the Cabinet room rang. Santos, who was closest, picked it up.

    "Yes?" he asked.

    "We don't have time for phone calls." growled Moreau.

    Santos made a shushing noise and continued listening.

    "Poland is asking for aid." he said. "They want to know if we can send troops and armor to reinforce their lines in Europe.

    "Of course no-" Claro stopped for a second.

    It was as if a lightbulb had gone off in his head.

    "Ask them for the current position of their Black Sea Fleet." he said with sudden conviction.

    Santos spoke for a bit, and then responded, "They say it's traveled through the Mediterranean and is heading up through the Atlantic to assist in the war against Prussia.

    "That's what I hoped." said Claro, now smiling.

    "Tell them I have a deal for them." pronounced the jubilant President.


    -Boston, Former New England Republic-

    The forces which formerly held the New England Republic secure, the most well trained and disciplined troops in the Brazilian military besides those guarding the UND Headquarters, were finally leaving their three-year home.

    Packing crates onto ships in the Boston harbor, one soldier said to another, "What is all this extra junk? This doesn't look like any military hardware to me. These missiles and this bomb-looking thing, sure, but what about this stuff with all the gauges?"

    "Man, are you not educated at all?"

    The first soldier flipped him the bird, having picked up a few American habits.

    "These are the Yu-En-D," he pronounced with great emphasis, "scientific headquarters' equipment."

    "They've been developing all sorts of hardware since '76. I read science magazines, you know, and they have all this cool ­ like ballistic missiles and somethin' called a thermobaric bomb."

    "Man, do you even know what you're talking about?" asked the first soldier.

    "Course, Enrique. A thermobaric bomb," he began to say in a pompous educated voice, "is a bomb that uses heat and pressure to inflict intense damage. It releases a cloud of oxygenated fuel above a target and then detonates it, creating an explosion far superior to a traditional bomb. They're planning on adapting them to fit on the D-13 missiles."

    "Maybe you do know somethin'." replied Enrique as they loaded the last crate.

    As they approached the middle of the ship, Enrique said, "You know, I'm gonna miss this abroad life, training to fight Americans and all. I almost wish we could have actually fought before we went home."

    The loudspeaker on the ship crackled into life. "Soldiers of South America. May I have your attention please. As per executive orders, all of the New English Defense Forces are being reassigned to the defense of our Eastern European allies. Our fellow international defense forces are accompanying us.

    Gentlemen, we're going to Poland."

    As Enrique's jaw fell open, the second soldier shook his head.

    "Ain't anybody ever told you to be careful what you wish for?"


    -Brasilia, Brazil, South American Confederacy-

    "Now that that's taken care of," said Claro, "We have other issues to attend to."

    "Adriano, respectfully, sir." interrupted Moreau. "Even with the Polish Black Sea fleet en route from the Atlantic, do you think we can hold off the Spanish?"

    Claro looked him dead in the eye.

    "I don't know, but we are sure going to try."

    "Anyway," he said, shuffling his papers.

    "We have dispatched a diplomatic delegation to Australia."

    "For what purpose?" asked the vice president.

    "We intend to attempt to reunite Australia as a socialist state rather than a full-blown communist or capitalist state, and in doing so bring them back into our fold."

    "Excellent plan," replied Moreau, "even though I'm not sure about this socialism business. You're the President, though." Moreau nodded.

    "Indeed." Claro responded. "Sotelo's not sure either, evidently."

    This got a mild chuckle from the room.

    "And secondly, there is the matter of America."

    "Those gringos." growled Antonio Patriota, the Foreign Minister.

    "I echo your sentiments, Antonio." responded the president. "They are becoming increasingly racist against Hispanics, fearing our influence. However, in the process, they've alienated one of their closest allies."

    "Mexico." said Moreau.

    "Exactly." "Mexico only joined the ASB on their provocation, and now America's no longer socialist, so they've alienated both sides of the spectrum."

    "Which makes it the perfect time to strike." said Patriota, decisively. "We need to support Jose Alexander, the Progressive Party's candidate for office. The mainline Social Democrats are indecisive and washed up after their general failure and their embarassing ties to America and China, so Mexicans are looking more and more towards our system. We could acquire their alliance and in so doing threaten America itself. The best part is that he is already surging as it is."

    "Which would be a fitting response to this blatant discrimination." responded Moreau.

    "I agree," mused Claro. "Let us see what we can do before the election in July."

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    Ethiopia has some "Sukhois", which I assume now are first-generation jets.

    We made a deal for one, as well as doing research at the UND scientific headquarters in New England on jet technology.

    So I assume, considering South American mineral reserves, we might have churned out a few in the last few years.

    And Ethiopia would still have those, I seem to remember 100 of them.
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    Quote from vilageidiotx

    Balance don't mean nothin'. This isn't a video game. This isn't a game at all.

    So I stand by the decision of the hive mind. How we went about it is about as good as we can do considering the circumstances, and approaching it like children whining about who has the bestest superpowers and how that is unfair is not appropriate considering what we are doing here.

    I just see this in the future...

    *person joins in Africa/Asia as communist/capitalist*

    *Spain/China swoops in with jets and blows them up*

    *person quits*

    But otherwise, I recognize your points.
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    I feel like jets should be allowed on a limited scale in all nations (being phased in, replacing propeller planes) rather than just a few.

    If you say like say Canada, China, Spain etc. has early jets, that's a massive leap. It greatly unbalances their power in comparison.

    So I feel that either there should be no jets whatsoever (which I feel is inappropriate to our time period and canon) or there should be jets and propeller planes coexisting in all nations' air forces, with obviously a larger portion in the more technologically advanced nations being jets.

    But enough of that. I'm gonna finally start writing after intense delays.
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