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    Hello, and welcome to the official thread of PokeUnited!

    PokeUnited is a Pixelmon server that has been in deveolpment for a couples of days. Today we decided that we would expand, and try and bring new poeple on to the server. The server is a 20 slots vanilla pixelmon whitelisted server, and we hope that the server expands a lot in the next few weeks! If you love Minecraft and Pokemon you will love Pixelmon! If you do not know what Pixelmon is let me explain. Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod which implements a ton of features of Pokemon into Minecraft. If you want more info go to http://pixelmonmod.com/. Info below on how to install Pixelmon will be down below as well as the application form, and server info.

    How to Install Pixelmon!:

    This video should tell you everything you need to know on how to install it. If you need step by step instructions written down then check this out! http://pixelmonmod.c...nd_Installation

    Future about Pixelmon

    Pixelmon 3.0 will be coming soon and the map will be reset. Hopefully no body will be too angry as their pokemon will be lost, but I know of a way to preserver pokemon but not items, so I will take a vote on whether we keep the pokemon or scrap them and start over. The new map may be a custom map that we have seen. A vote will be created on that aswell!

    Server Info!:

    Ther server is whitelisted so you will need to apply using this application:

    In-Game Name:
    Age: (Just curious)
    Skype: (Optional)
    Why you want to join:(2 - 3 sentences)
    What is your favorite pokemon?:
    What is your favorite version?: (FireRed,LeafGreen, X and Y, ect.)

    Server Ip:

    Now this server is completely vanilla minecraft so no bukkit. Now this is subject to change depending on how many people we have apply, and join the server community. The server has big plans in the future but, that will only happen if we get an amazing community of people! Thanks for considering joining the server, and we hope to see you on soon!
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    Quote from Kedigori

    Could one of you take a crack at making this guy (Abel from fire emblem) into a minecraft skin? Don't bother with the sword and scabbard. Thanks!

    Here are some pictures.

    I'll get to work on it soon ^.^
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    Yea.. appearence. Not just stuff you do.
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