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    Quote from TenkaichiBudokai

    I really like hunger... :(

    Same, adds heaps on intensity to the game.
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    Quote from PixelDrum

    I take back everything, I...I'm sorry...


    Taking down the staff. One. By. One.
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    Quote from PixelDrum

    Your a very bad excuse for an Enderman, just saying XD


    I teleport everywhere, I have a look here and there. I'm black and very tall, my enderpearl is like a ball. I really do dislike water, because it makes look shorter. If you look at me, in the eyes, your end to me, is nigh.

    Take that.
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    Quote from Shadowiki

    One does not simply make a Program

    Look, your complaining because your impatient, I just tried suggest a better alternative.
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    Quote from Shadowiki

    Still waiting...

    While your waiting, make this program yourself.
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    posted a message on Windows 8 tablets and minectaft pe.
    Quote from Jamie_19

    Guys, Most windows 8 tablets (take the microsoft surface for example) CAN take a keyboard AND mouse input.
    That means that you can still use a wireless keyboard (most come with them) And trackpad or mouse.

    So, just download and instal minecraft like you would regularly on a PC, and use the keyboard!
    All windows 8 tablets can take a keyboard, although not all come with one.

    There's only 1 windows 8 tablet that can do that for a start. It wouldn't work either, as I doubt the Surface nor the Surface pro has 1gb of RAM. And finally, the Surface devices can't take a mouse.
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    posted a message on Porting full Minecraft to mobile devices: why impossible?
    Quote from OhMrBigshot

    Guys, seriously, I'm on Ubuntu now, and Minecraft runs great on it, I have a rather weak laptop (i3 (2x2.53GH), embedded graphics chip) and the computer does not heat at all when playing. It was the same when I was on Windows 7 a month ago. My Galaxy S is a 1GHz/512MB RAM device, tbh, I'm not sure it would run Minecraft PC if ported very well, but a lot of newer phones (SGS2+, iPhone 4+) have decent hardware, and should run it pretty well. My point started with having Ubuntu, and people, Linux is a UNIX descendant, so are Android and iOS. I don't think processor types such as ARM or x86 should have any impact on whether the calculations will run, as Java runs on all these devices in full. The only actual porting would need the control layer (making the game touch-control-able) and maybe reducing the graphics quality/rendering. Also, MCPE is missing a lot like Redstone and a lot of blocks stuff, but seriously, those are all stuff that just need to be added in, the game engine wouldn't differ at all from new blocks, maybe from Redstone, so I don't see why it's taking so long to add a wider variety of block types to the game! I'm not even beginning to wanna talk about Ender dragon and the Nether, those don't really interest me a lot.

    Simple answer to your problem: Make a game that has all of those stuff. Or add them in yourself. Seems like you know a lot about the game engine.
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    posted a message on {iOS}How To Use Bluetooth for a Multiplayer Server
    How To Use Bluetooth for a Multiplayer Server

    This method still works as of iOS 6, screw what the wiki says.

    I wont guarantee this will work every single time

    Yup, that's right, you can use bluetooth for a multiplayer server! Me and my friends figured it out awhile ago, so I thought I would share it.

    An app that uses bluetooth (Call of Duty:Zombies in this case)
    A friend with the same game
    Minecraft PE

    I am using the app Call of Duty: Zombies
    This with all my friends's iPod's, my brother's and my cousins iPod.
    All are iPod 4th gens.
    Don't know if this works for Android devices.

    Easy apps to use:
    Call of Duty: Zombies (Me) [Paid]
    Lightbike 2 (Me) [FREE!]

    How to know if you will connect:
    By watching Tye_Dye's video, he eventually shows that in the top right-hand corner, there is a bluetooth symbol, this isn't normally there and means that you can connect via Bluetooth for Minecraft PE.

    Video Tutorial: ( Thanks a bunch to Tye_Dye for making the video, go check out his channel at www.youtube.com/tyedyevideos )

    Written Steps:
    1.Turn Wi-Fi off and turn Bluetooth
    2. Open up Call of Duty: Zombies
    3. Have one of you start a MULTIPLAYER game with Bluetooth, and have to other person join
    4. Once you have both connected and you are in a map, make sure you both run around for a second, and make sure the other person is running without lots of lag as well
    5. Open up Minecraft PE
    6. Have one person load up a world, make sure the server is visible, and have the other one join it, the IP address should be a little weird.
    7. Enjoy :) !

    Known issues:
    The person joining lags for about one minute when joining, it will wear off
    That person may spawn somewhere random, when I do this for Skycraft Survival, my friend will spawn on the island with the screwed up houses
    When dying they may spawn randomly
    When spawning in certain maps, they make experience a glitch where they see land above, like in Skyblock PE.

    Please post if this did or did not work. If it did, +1 it pl0x!
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    posted a message on Minecraft PE Is Unfair to other people?

    I know right? Seems like so many people never think of the other side of the story when voicing their opinions.

    Exactly, that's the first thing of an argument. Feel both sides of the argument, and make valids off of that.
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    Quote from PixelDrum

    [sarcasm]That would be so fun![/sarcasm]

    But seriously, there are so many apps and updates submitted for release each day. It doesn't take two seconds.

    Someone who understands me.
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