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Micropie's Wall of Frequently Asked Questions (None of these are ever asked), Interests and more!


1. What is your name?

My name is Lachlan.

2. What country and/or state do you live in?

Are you a pedophile? I live in Australia, in a state called New South Wales. Aussie Battler Style, heeeeeeeeeey, chips and gravy! Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, Aussie Battler Style.

3. Do you have Minecraft on PC or Xbox? If so, what is your account name?

I am getting the Xbox version soon, don't panic, the username will also be the same name as my PC name (it is original so it won't be taken). I do own a full PC Minecraft account, with the username of Scattar.

4. What is your favourite Minecraft server?

My favourite Minecraft server for ever and of all time has to be SkyServers. An Australianly hosted Minecraft Server (based in Sydney) with Tekkit, Hunger Games and a Survival server with Protection, rollback, anti-grief, PvP, creator builds, friendly staff and a SkyServers original, Minecraft Zombies. Go to this website for more:

5. Do you have a YouTube account? If so, what is your username?

No I don't unfortunately, but once there is a jailbreak (tethered or untethered) for the A5 chip, then I will :D

6. Who is your favourite YouTuber?

Definitely AntVenom, his videos are nicely edited, rendered and just well-done. But I also like these YouTubers as well: TyeDyeVideos, QuinckGaming, Uksspy, MatEssque (I forget how to spell it), Yogscast Simon & Lewis, Yogscast Sips, Yogscast Sjin, CaptainSparklez, BadLipReading, Nigahiga, KevJumba, RayWilliamJohnson, ChimneySwift11, TobyGames/Tobuscus, SkyServersOfficial and TheFineBros.

7. Are you single?

Yes, here's my number: 000 and here's my fax: 911


My interests, I have a lot of interests. But my favourite interest is definitely gaming. I own an Xbox 360, a nice HP laptop, an iPad 2 and an iPod Touch 4g. Right now, I am loving World of Warcraft on my PC, Darksiders 2 on my Xbox 360, definitely worth getting in my opinion, Grand Theft Auto III: Liberty City on my iPad and Tap Tap Revenge on my iPod Touch.

I also have a huge interest in technology, whether it be Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux or even BlackBerry. I have a love for iOS's simplicity, and Windows flexibility.

Another interest of mine is Music. If I like a song, whether it be in the genre of country or metal, I like it. But my main interest of music is Dubstep or Drum and Bass. My favourite artists/bands are: Linkin Park, Skrillex and Ellie Gouldling.

I have a passion for jogging and sitting, don't judge me.

My final interest is debating. I love an argument, because I generally win just because I am smart and know how to word things correctly, pay attention in school.


What goes into the other section... Hmm, nothing. Unless something happens that I can place here.
Interests Gaming in general, cricket and basketball. I am also Australian, btw :)

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