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    It is so awesome to hear that other "grown ups" play minecraft. I am like 40ish and i play ALLOT, mostly in survival mode so i lose the builds that i was proud of for a short period of time when i go exploring a new seed. I am finally starting to understand redstone basics (few of my machines work as anticipated.). I have just recently started playing with others online with my xbox 360 and I enjoy helping others bring their build to fruition. Btw nice pics. I love to see how others progress even though it sometimes make me feel like my work is amateur, well, it kind of is i just started playing sometime last year.

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    posted a message on How to find people on the dying console, Xbox360.

    I have mic. I play on 360, would love to take a look around your worĺd.

    G.T. MicrobialSole47

    maybe show off your work with vids. maybe like YouTube or something

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    I have noticed that even regular villagers ask un reasonable prices sometimes. More often than not you can craft th trade item for less than the cost for the first single emerald offer from each villager. It almost makes trading not worth it at all.

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    Looking to play with people who do so regularly, preferably with mic. (makes for better in-game communication, im not a mind reader and xbox messaging is slow and tedious) but not required if you just wanna run around semi-aimlessly together. If you have tips i wanna know. If your new thats cool too. I play daily.

    MicrobialSole47 on xbox360

    add me send a message for me to add you or just drop your gt here.

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    Left a message for friend add on xbox live

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