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    imma keep this short and simple, we currently have 2 programmers for the mod already, but due to expansive nature of the mod, and shoddy availability, work on the mod has been exceedingly slow. i am the mod author, and sole texture artist as well as the primary modeler, though Cybercat has also been involved in making the models, and showing me how to make models. i'd like to speed up the development of the mod. im looking for coders and possibly even texture artists. we have a google doc outlining many of the immediate plans but the discord has a lot of the later things outlined.

    flip through the doc, see if you like the mod and wanna contribute, then PM me on discord Oracle of Cosmic Vision#0886 (dont mind me im just an edgelord) if you're interested in joining the team, we can go from there.
    oh, and here

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    i second this

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    i uh, dont wanna necropost but im looking for mushroom stem block, that will show the stem texture in 1.12.2 but i cant find the data value for it, any help?

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    shrromlings & their shroumds are added

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    hamadryad is now done. model is for once, by yours truly. and the texture is... as always, by yours truly. not like it matters that much as a Hamadryad is a simple semi-translucent shadow entity. a spirit of the wood.

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    we have new mobs!

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    HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO BECOME SAURON? THIS MOD IS FOR YOU!! never again tweak with the boring and uninspired magic mods of today, no grinding, rituals, or cheesy staffs and wands. real men cast magic through.... rings! This mod would allow a user to craft magical rings with unique powers using a special anvil. The magical powers these rings have would be based off a combination of the inscriptions used, (learned by reading dusty old books) materials the ring is made out of, and the ringmaking skill of the player. Rings could do things such as heal you to full health when you’re on the brink of death, breath fire, hover slightly above the ground, do high levels of damage, walk on water, see ores through the ground and much more. Infinite possibilities abound! we are always looking for more team members, coders are especially valuable, so feel free to join the discord, see what's already done, and decide if you feel like you can contribute.

    General Information
    all information for current plans that i wanna release to the general public can be found on this google doc, any questions or even special inside information will be found in our official discord.
    doc found here






    shrromlings & their shroumds

    join our discord to ask questions, gain insider information on the features currently in the works, future plans and discuss the mod in general.

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    welcome to recentibus, where we play modded minecraft that doesnt actually feel like modded

    👁️‍🗨️ About Us

    Recentibus is a non-PC forge 1.12.2 (Twitch Launcher) modded server which values fun above all else. we're fairly new so bugs are to be expected. With this in mind, we still try to bring the freshest survival experience with minimal evasiveness on personal beliefs and opinions. we have various mods that are attuned to vanilla survival+ with custom starter kits, scripts, and questlines designed to keep players going for a long time. i have purposefully avoided tech mods due to how broken they can make the game and how they are known to cut down on playthroughs by making late-game materials early-game. however, Bewitchment is planned to be added after the rewrite. Recentibus runs off of a modpack with the same name which can be found here
    Note: most of the fun in this server comes by playing with friends, raiding, trolling, and pvp suggested.

    💻 Server Details

    Difficulty: Normal
    players are "downed" instead of instantly killed and can be rescued by a player if need-be
    keepinventory: off [replaced with Pendants of life]
    PvP: on
    Ram: 4 GP (though an upgrade to 8 or even 16 GB is due if more players join and start loading more chunks)

    🤔 Who are we looking for?

    mature players looking for a long-lasting experience who wont throw a fit when they're told they cant do something or when someone in the server does something that would make them mad. it's only a game dude, retaliate if they've pissed you off so much.

    📢 Rules:

    -Be Respectful

    -No hacking (or exploiting)

    -no placing down profane images on Online Picture Frames (which includes but is not limited to pornography or other explicit material)

    -raiding is allowed once every real-life week (but during a raid you may not grief the structure, only steal from chests, kill defending pets and/or players, etc but NO GRIEFING)

    -no griefing

    -no spamming chat

    -people with OP are not exempt from these rules and if they are caught they could be demoted or even banned

    -have fun xoxoxo

    B) We have a discord


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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.14: Down below and up above!
    Quote from BobMowzie»

    Uh, I'm not sure what that is. A setblock command?

    Oh right! Hm...

    Maybe, but I don't like gating encounters to require specific items.

    This seems really over-powered. It negates a huge portion of Minecraft's challenges and turns them into a waiting game. Sorry, but no.

    It's pretty cool, but very generic. I also don't feel like the Nether is lacking unique mobs or encounters.


    I really wanted to, but there's just no way that I know of.

    Hm, it's pretty cool, but I'm not too sure about it the ghost theme. When I think of ghosts, I think of passing through walls, turning invisible, and possessing living and non-living things. Creating ghost clones, teleporting around, and shooting strange balls all work as interesting mechanics, but do not play as directly into the ghost theme.
    One other small issue is the three ball-shooting attacks you describe. Each one behaves differently, but looks the same. This can lead to some confusing visual feedback in gameplay; things that behave differently in a game should look different. I think the idea would be stronger if we stripped away two of those and just stuck with the first one.
    Maybe instead of ghosts, it's a plant-matter manipulating bog elemental?

    Hm. Now he can give the player more items? I think the idea is stronger if there's only one reward associated with it. Maybe just pick the best item and stick with just that one? I don't see a reason to make trading relevant with such a hostile-seeming entity. Maybe these rewards would be better as drops when a player kills the necromancer. I still think the design could use another theme or interesting element. Maybe the tribal theme could be played up a bit more?

    Sorry, but the ceiling mechanic just isn't possible in Minecraft...
    Beyond that, I feel like the design is a little too unfamiliar, a bit confusing. Again, sorry.

    That would be cool, but nah I just can't program that in.
    Hm, a stationary mob could work, though.

    The Bryn'Troll is much more interesting than the Necromancer idea in my opinion. I feel like it would be a stronger idea by itself, without needing a necromancer encounter to summon it.

    Once I update to 1.13, I don't plan to keep developing for 1.12.2. It's too difficult to keep up two versions. That said, I am committed to making the 1.12 release fully bug-free before moving on to 1.13.

    Good thought. I'll brainstorm further.

    Thanks! I have some very dynamic mobs planned that I think you'll love.

    Ah, yeah that was definitely a big source of inspiration. Also the sirens from the Witcher 3.

    Ah, sorry. Next is the Sculptor so that Geomancy will finally be obtainable in survival.

    Thanks! Glad you like it.
    Ooh, that's really neat. Would also work with an earth-themed mob.

    I don't see much point. You can't place vanilla items on walls without item frames, why should you be able to with my items?

    Sorry, this really isn't what I'm looking for.

    I'd like to do this too, but I'm not really sure how. I don't think the solution you've proposed will work...
    I might have to make it a separate entity...

    I already responded to you in your private message.
    I'm glad you like the mod.
    No, I'm very happy with the color I chose.
    No. No other mobs have size variants. Why should the foliaath? What would it add to gameplay?
    While I appreciate the idea, the mechanic you have proposed of building on top of mobs is just not possible in Minecraft (at least, within my abilities). Additionally, Minecraft already has flying manta rays: the phantoms. I understand that the ideas are different, but designs should avoid "stepping on each other's toes".

    Well, it's intended to be a minor enemy. If you'd like it to be stronger, you can adjust it in the config.
    I have something planned not as another drop, but as a new reward related to the nagas.

    See above about the suggestion. Designs shouldn't conflict like that, even if they are different in other ways.

    It doesn't need fleshing out - it explains everything I need to know about the mob. The suggestion just has other issues.

    making a separate entity could work, and it would open up new possibilities regarding AI work. still pretty sure the method i presented would work as well, but it would be a generic repeating animation and im not sure if that's what you'd want. so if you added foliaths in a flower pot, you could do it like so:

    creating -
    right click a flower pot with a foliaath seed, it would delete the block and replace it with an entity, killing the entity would be easy, and drop the seed and the flower pot.

    mechanics (?) -

    this is a little more tricky, but a fun detail could be the tiny little foliaath hopelessly snapping at the player in a fruitless attempt to eat them, but it's so small so what can it do? awww.

    - [more is needed, but what?]

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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.14: Down below and up above!
    Quote from 4Point»

    contemplated, not happening, it's already possible. place a flower pot, dirt block on top, seed on dirt, break dirt. boom.

    yeah but that puts a full size aggressive foliaath in your nice little flowerpot and it looks dumb.

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    posted a message on Gravestone mod

    i cant access your website, i think it's down.

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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.14: Down below and up above!

    suggestion: allow foliaath seedlings to be able to be planted in flower pots so we can have a miniature foliaath in our windowsill
    you could achieve this by adding the foliaath model as a child to the flower pot model. the only potential issue could be texturemaps however, you can bind and render those in a separate call. and badda bing badda boom. miniature foliaath in flower pot. make it happen plez.

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    posted a message on Better Nether [1.16|1.15|1.12]

    did you notice my mob suggestion and just haven't commented on it or...? not tryna be rude just wanna know :)

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