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    Thank you for your amazing work on Optifine. It is looking amazing and always 30+ fps with shaders and HD textures. Keep up the good work!

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    Quote from sandain

    The download link in the script still points to version 1.5. Past updates from Mojang have updated the link used to point to the latest version. However it seems either someone forgot to update the link, or they have changed their process. Anyway, you can fix the problem by changing the following line near the top of the script:

    HI new here :) anyway I have several issues I have been battling with this script on my ubuntu server.
    1. a screen error...SCREEN failed to create a screen for minecraft..... or something similar to that
    2. since the release of 1.6.* when i replace the code above, i still get an error. It seems when you DL the new minecraft server it names it minecraft_jar.1.6.2.jar but fails to do anything with it. Im just guessing its because the script is looking for minecraft_server.jar

    still testing and such trying to get these issues worked out :) any help would be greatly appreciated.

    yay i fixed all my issues i think, I manually DLed the new minecraft_server(minecraft_server.1.6.2.jar) and renamed it minecraft_server.jar then commented out the server update url and everything ran smoothly :)
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