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    posted a message on Merge with Roblox
    Quote from Kirbyguy»

    I know ROBLOX Is Lua. Just reprogram it into Java.

    You probably don't even know even the most basic things about either language. There's so much that's going to be lost in transition, assuming said transition can even be made at all.

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    posted a message on Best Food?

    I'm in favor of steak.

    Specifically steak and not cooked porkchops, since cows are generally better to farm than pigs.

    Cows need wheat while pigs need carrots, so it's easier to breed cows earlier on.

    When you kill the cow for meat, you also get leather, which is very important in enchanting and villager trading.

    Aside from that, I wouldn't just ignore golden carrots either. It's not too hard to get a decent supply of gold once you have Nether access, so as long as you know the proper techniques for killing zombie pigmen without getting killed.

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    posted a message on Merge with Roblox

    Having a great amount of experience with both games, I can safely say this:

    You don't know a damn thing about what you're talking about.

    The two games have only the barest of similarities at the surface. Anything deeper down than that, and they're both completely different beasts. For one, the two games are coded with completely different languages. Minecraft is made with Java, while Roblox is made with Lua.

    Now, as my one specific example I'm going to work with, I'll focus on player characters, since the issue of cosmetic customization was previously brought up in this topic.

    In Minecraft, your player character is a single entity in the game world. It's composed of a single model, with a set of animations, and a single texture placed onto the model. All the coding to allow your player character to do stuff is hardcoded into the game, unable to be altered in any way from within the game itself.

    As for Roblox, well, it's a lot more complex. First, look at this image demonstrating the full extent what exactly composes a standard Roblox character in a place that contains no scripts that would alter said character. It's a bit of a long list, so I have put it in a spoiler.

    As you can see, they're composed of a lot of objects. Around 80, in fact. It could be closer to 90 if I made use of all of the customization features Roblox provides. Only ten of those objects are the actual blocks that make the physical model. The rest are meshes, textures, joints, sounds, animations, scripts, and other objects needed to make the scripting for a controllable player character to work. That's not even showing the objects within the place that handle the actual player connection to the server.

    Going beyond the physical diferences between what constructs the player character, the two different kinds of player character also are played very differently. If you've played both games even a little bit, you'll already know what I mean.

    So after that, I think I should make a short and simple summary and conclusion.

    Basically, the way Roblox and Minecraft work are extremely different. Combining the two would essentially require making a whole new game, something that would take way too much time and resources, when both companies are already getting plenty of profit with what they already have.

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    posted a message on Has the addition of the "Alex" model actually made any good or bad difference to the game or community?
    Quote from Badprenup»

    Lots of confusion in this post. The model is just thinner in the limbs and it has a ponytail, it isn't expressively female. If anything it resembles the developer Jeb who is lanky and has a ponytail.

    Plus changing it is as easy as uploading a "Steve" format skin to and if playing offline due to servers being down or whatnot I believe you just need to replace the default skin in the game files which is also easy. I could be wrong on that part there.

    If I actually cared about my skin enough to not use default I would make a male skin with Alex's model because I prefer the body type over the Steve model.

    That basically sums it up. Once you get into custom skins, the only real difference is the arm thickness.

    I myself stick with Steve since I've played Minecraft for a while and I'm used to the thicker arms, and the custom skins I use were, of course, for Steve in the first place.

    And yes, replacing the texture for the default player model lets you use your skin offline. I'm frequently offline due to data usage limits (since I live out in the middle of nowhere), so I have to do this. I have it as a resource pack so I don't have to go through the process of replacing the texture every update.

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    posted a message on What would happen if Minecraft dies out?

    People, of course, will still play it. Just not as much. And it wouldn't get any updates. But that's just about it.

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    posted a message on Atherium - Not your typical "New Ore" post

    Definitely sounds a bit too effortless for what is widely considered to be a pretty powerful potion effect, if we run under the assumption that we are talking about the effect that Shulkers inflict.

    If you mean a proper feather-fall effect, then it would be a bit more reasonable, though still a bit out-there.

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    posted a message on NEW GAMEMODE FOR SERVERS

    This is something that can already be done with what's already in Minecraft, just using a couple commands.

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    posted a message on How about a SORT button!
    Quote from Mastermined»

    or, y'know...

    You just sort your items yourself,
    Like I do,
    Which takes me like a second,
    because I got a good system going.

    Some people are a fair bit lazier. The sort button would be for those lazy people.

    I could see a sort system working. Press a single button and everything is all neatly sorted in an arbitrary order.
    One of those quality-of-life things. Unnecessary, but not a bad idea.

    As for me, I'm fine with my system of organized disorganization. I group together similar objects, but there's certainly no system beyond that.

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    posted a message on Wind

    Could you perhaps be more specific as to how wind would affect the use of Elytra?

    Also, how would location and biome affect the wind?
    And it also would make sense for wind to affect more than just Elytra.

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    posted a message on Polar Bear Rug
    Quote from Don_Pepito»

    How many cows, chickes and sheep you killed since you started to play Minecraft?

    That kinda sounds like the kind of question some vampire would ask you when you try to call him out for killing a lot of people.
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    posted a message on Large Neutral Mob In Savannas

    Yeah, there's not really a suggestion here.

    The general idea is that you are the one who's supposed to be choosing, not us.

    But on that note, elephants. The bane of dwarves everywhere.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from playwhite»

    Completely OP. I dont want to live in a world similar to a horror showcase displaying heads everywhere. A zombie head would be so cheap as zombie flesh once you crafted the guillotine.

    Now imagine beacons being used almost like torches producing even more visual pollution than it does right now.


    Yeah, that's another reason why I didn't want to make a full topic for the idea.
    It makes it a little too easy to get heads.
    Maybe reducing the rate it produces heads (at most, maybe 10%?) might help, since its primary function is to be a falling block trap, and anvils are a little too expensive to be used for that purpose.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions

    Just an idea I had going around in my head and I didn't want to make a whole topic on it for a few reasons:


    Or rather, just the blade, not the whole setup.

    It's a "trap" block that you place, and when activated with redstone or by right-clicking it, it'll fall like an anvil. Activating it does nothing if it's on top of a block. You'll have to manually break it and place it to reset its position.

    It'll do damage to any mob it lands on, based on how far it falls. Compared to an anvil, it'll take less falling distance to activate the damage, and it'll do more damage for the same distance.

    Most importantly, if it kills a mob that can drop a head item, it'll guarantee that said head item drops. So yes, it'll make it much easier to create a Wither.

    It'll also produce a player head drop if it kills a player.

    Of course, the main reason I don't want to put this on a full topic of its own is because I'm still trying to decide upon a good crafting recipe for it. Particularly one that's not too expensive, and yet not too cheap, considering it is an easy way to get certain otherwise-rare items.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from NueHoujuu00»

    Things that should exist:

    1: Bows only useable from offhand (accurate to life)

    2: Bows have attack indicator that displays accuracy of shots rather than damage (higher max. accuracy than current accuracy, prevents spamming)

    3: Right-clicking with sword/axe in offhand attacks with them (if no right-click action in main hand, allows actual dual-wielding)

    4: Gold tools attack faster and deal more damage, gold armor has higher damage reduction, and both have increased durability (gold tools have always been unloved / too expensive)

    I'm sure in real life there's people out there that hold the bow in their right hand even if it's their dominant hand.

    Also, gold is meant to be the joke stuff. Gold is a rather soft metal. Though I would be fine with the tools doing at least a little more damage, since gold is also heavy. I'm sure bashing someone with a gold sword would be a great way to inflict some blunt trauma.
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    posted a message on Polar Bear Rug
    Quote from ORAS_Dude»


    Well, Minecraft doesn't exactly have any hunting laws. Or even a government to make laws, for that matter.

    But yeah, a polar bear rug sounds like a pretty sweet idea. It would be a lot more warm and inviting than a boring ol' carpet.
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