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    Opal Mines is a remake of the old one. Hop on to find out more about it.


    Apply with the following format:


    Maturity 1-10:

    Why are you not another staff hunter?

    How do we know you're not 8 and leaving after getting staff after an hour?

    Can you be normally active?



    How do we know you aren't lying and truely want staff to help the community, and be an active staff member?

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    IGN: _Meteroid_

    Discord: Meteroid#9417

    Are You Nice To Others: Yes, I am respectful towards all.

    Can You Manage A Server: I can indeed, I own my own server and can very well manage it.

    Do You Work Well With Others: I work very well with others, very respectful towards all.

    Can You Help Build?: I can, i'm a pretty good builder.

    What Makes You A Good Admin: I can enforce the rules easily, respectful towards all, even ones with bad stereotypes. I can help build if necessary, and know when to be strict. I overall have a lot of experience and would like to work on your server.



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