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    posted a message on [W.I.P.][Revived]Half-Blood Mod
    I'm continuing Development again :D Had to stop because of school and whatnot but I'm in the process of updating the thread and updating the little I got done to 1.7.4
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    posted a message on [W.I.P.][Revived]Half-Blood Mod
    Half-Blood is a new Minecraft RPG mod. Remember it is a W.I.P. This mod will be entirely based on Greek Mythology. We will be adding many new features from mobs to blocks to items etc. Here you can look at our ideas, discuss the mod, and you may feel free to post anything we may have missed or you think we should add. But remember it either has to be very practical (ie. an apple tree to feed horses) or Greek in some way or another. And please, if you have a suggestion that isn't already posted in Planned features or Features don't be afraid to post. Feedback is also appreciated :D
    Team members:
    Meteoraman4 (Head of the mod/Coder/Artist/Modeler)
    -New Furnace Named Kaminos
    -Tin Ore
    -Copper Ore
    -Bronze Ingot
    Screen Shots:
    Planned features:
    -Bronze Armor: 0% Bronze Armor has the strength between leather and iron. it is made with Bronze Ingot.
    -Variations of Bronze: 0% Bronze will have many different designs and variations to match how the hoplites had to create their own armor, also celestial bronze!
    -Sandals: 0% Unbreakable boots that are half the strength of leather boots.

    -Remove Creeper:(due to not being Greek in any way. will be replaced)
    -Hell-Hounds: 0% Aggressive wolves that spawn in the Nether and have a small chance of spawning on the surface.Will be tamable in the future, as long as you are child of Hades.Model will be changed to make him slightly larger.
    -Satyrs: 0% Half goat, half man. Spawns in forests and protects the forest it lives in. Will eventually build a small dirt house. Can be Tamable as your companion. He'll grow trees for you (like bonemeal).Maybe change the model. Slightly.Make tamable Make build (his house, and grow trees)
    -Dragons: 0% Large reptilian giants. Will spawn in the nether and in the real world
    -Copper Ore: 100% Used in making Bronze. Very common.
    -Tin Ore: 100% Used in making Bronze. Very common
    -Kaminos: 70% More advanced furnace, missing textures, custom model.
    -Marble Block: 0% Plain block found at 17 blocks above bedrock. Has no current purposes, besides decoration
    -Marble Statue: 0% Planned as when you break a Marble Block with a chisel, you will get a statue. Used for decoration
    Green = In next update
    Orange = Being made (not in next update)
    Yellow = Planned(Sorry about the Yellow being a little hard to see
    )Red = Difficult/Will need help to do
    Bugs :c
    -Kaminos textures don't update while in use(Switched to a Custom Model)
    -Custom Kaminos Model does not change orientation based on player like regular furnace.
    People needed to make this mod:
    World Gen Coding
    Basic Coding (From blocks, to items, to mobs, ect.)
    Vehicle Coding (Ride-able mobs, etc)
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    Quote from FireFlare5

    when will this mod be able to download? this is probably the first HoO mod that i've seen that looks successful.

    Development was stopped years ago, but I plan on reviving it now that I've gained experience, http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1676594-revived-half-blood-greek-inspired-rpg-mod-in-need-of-team-members
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    posted a message on (Revived) Half-Blood Greek inspired RPG mod (In need of team members)

    In all seriousness, I was having nostalgia earlier about my old modding days and I really wanted to work on this mod again, maybe get it done for real this time. What do you say we finish it?
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    posted a message on [1.5.1]The Nether: Reheated (A Nether Overhaul)
    It's been so long since I last checked back but I am glad to say that today I started development! Hope you guys like it! :D
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    posted a message on [1.5.1]The Nether: Reheated (A Nether Overhaul)
    I Love Your Ideas Guys and Im glad your so excited about this mod but IM BACK and development will finally continue :)
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    posted a message on looking for a modding team
    Quote from darkmoon3009

    will will be starting tomorrow i will send all the accepted people messages on skype and we can talk about it then get down to work + we need to wait 4 modloader 1.3.1
    ok thanks But we should use FML it is much better
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    posted a message on [IDEA] Realism overhaul [/IDEA]
    This Is a Great Idea I'm going to try Helping you with this as soon as Modloader or FML is updated
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    posted a message on looking for a modding team
    Skype? Marco.sarmiento22
    Timezone? Mountain Standard Time NO Daylight Savings Time
    what you want to do? I can code and kinda of texture not very good at textures though haha
    Age? 14
    Why you want to help? I want to help because I really have nothing to do at the moment and all of my other modding teams simply stopped development :/ That and I love coding hehe

    and What is the Mod About Can't really Help if I don't know what im doing...
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    posted a message on [Help]Generating Trees in Nether
    I am Currently Making a Mod Which will extend the nether far beyond most mods have done. But, I have run into a problem... I am unable to generate trees in the nether :( I'm not going to post any code because that might spoil some of the features this mod has to offer so If anyone can help please do so. Its not urgent but it is needed for the essentials of this mod.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1]The Nether: Reheated (A Nether Overhaul)
    The Nether: Reheated

    Before you stop reading thinking "OMG, Really another nether mod, WHY!!! STAHP" Look it this from a different point of view. We all know and love the NetherCraft Mod By Scokeev9 which is the basis and the inspiration behind this mod. Not only am I bring it back but I will be extending and improving his already great ideas. I Will need a lot of help to develop this mod so not only can you apply to join the development but I am also going to make a Git repo so you can submit your own creations! I have realized I can't do this by myself so I need YOUR help.

    Development has begun, but there won't be any screenshot or alpha releases for a while as not much is really implemented.

    What is done?
    So far the progress I have made is:
    • Nether Glass
    • Nether Furnace
    • Netherite ore
    • Nether Spores
    Green = Done
    Yellow = Being Worked on
    Red = Started

    *Sometimes things are left yellow because there are no textures

    Open Positions (See the Apply Section)
    Texturer - 1
    Modeler - 1
    Coder - 2

    Current Ideas
    • New Mobs: Dark Zombies, Different Tier Pigmen(Bows, Wooden Swords+), NetherBulls(or Maybe Minotaurs), Undead Rams.
    • New Blocks Including: Fire Proof Glass, Nether Wood/Leaves (Removed in Spirit of the Nether), Sporewood, Nether ores, Nether Dirt, Expanding the Nether Brick Blocks(Half Slabs, etc.)
    • New Biomes for the Nether: Soul Sand Desert, Lava Swamps, Ash Biome(Basically just Netherrack covered in Snow Blocks Style Ash)
    • Tools and Armors(Concept Being Worked on)

    I want to apply for: (Modder/Texturer/Modeler)
    I want to apply because:
    My previous work: (or an sample texture, code snippet, model)
    Skype: (Yes/No)
    Additional Comments:

    Da_Kreeper: For the name and the Sporewood Idea.
    Dubbelthore: For the respawn/checkpoint stone.
    XshadowX_mc: For the different pig people ideas, Iron Boat, Spider Pig Men :P .
    Fortanono: Netherite ore/tools, Wither weapon, Blackened Bones, Hell hounds, Phoenix...
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    posted a message on Armor & Clothes Mod (need a modder)
    I can make this smp if you need it? Just tell me what you need but im not doing textures
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    posted a message on Looking for actors, builders, writers, animators,servers and artists for The Bane of Sambramane, a yogscast like minecraft serie
    I have put my application in a spoiler since its long :)

    Minecraft? xXNinjaMXx (its not legit tho :( )
    Hamachi? Yup
    Skype? Yup
    On a scale of 1-11 how would you rate your acting? 7/8
    Will be willing to do other videos llike mod spotlites? sure
    IGN (This is REALY important)? Ninja (I guess)
    Example? None

    On a scale of 1-11 how would you rate your building? 6
    On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your redstoning?8
    Example? i could show you some if you really need it

    On s scale of 1-11.5 how would you rate your writing? 10
    Example? do you need me to pm you a short script? I could do a quick prompt

    On a scale of -7 to 14 how would you rate your Mods? 7
    Example? I can do blocks, items, dimensions, and world gen
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    posted a message on [1.2.4 WIP] Endgame+ (Better nether, New dimension, Bossing, Gems, and more)
    Quote from piousp

    Any news on the update?

    nope I haven't been in development for over a week so...
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