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Hello random Visitor :D

About Me:
Hi im Christian Sales also known as "Metamorposis_2".
I Live in the Philippines.

Ive started Modding due to my brain pushes me to make one √
When ive started Modding all of i do on the code make no sense to me
So ive make and make a new Mod until it reaches a new Level(GUI)
So my first GUI Mod created was the Powerful Fists it is already created without the GUI so ive recode it with the GUI so it wont be harder to type every command.

After that ive asked TomBailey if he can put my Mod in his app and he said it will ne up in the next update and after ive readed that my Feelings was I Am Very Happy :)..

List of my Mods Created :

Smart Zombies


Coding,Playing Mine craft,Watching Mine craft PC Videos that's all

Location Manila, Philippines

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Minecraft metamorposis Xbox I dont have

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