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    Quote from Dean Otaku

    i cant really critique people on no originality, since my idea is the kanto region, as in, i seen the kanto region, thought, i should make that, and did.
    the map is still up for downloading, just wont be fixed, tweaked or made shiny with updates.
    This decision spawned from seeing some other guy's work in progress on the minecraft monday show after my finished map has recieved litterally NOTHING.
    and hey, for all i know, this guy may have never heard of me, though its the third map that has come up since mine, so yeah. mine's here, there's is there, make your choice.

    So wait a minute...what if we got a big enough following begging for you to be covered on Minecraft Monday? As they are all about appealing to the masses, if we got a mass large enough I'm sure they'd run it. Don't be demoralized simply because they didn't know about your project, there are nearly a dozen projects just focusing on Kanto. However, unlike those projects, you put in the most work, so I don't think you should just give up now! Let's get this publicized rather than give up when nearly everything is done in it! It's a brilliant mod, it just hasn't had enough publicity. In fact, I just found this awesome mod only yesterday browsing the forums...I'm sure we can mass a following as long as we keep this thread active!
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    Bah, I took forever to make a hermit house which was practically grief-proof since it was hidden behind a dirt 6x7 wall which blended in with a mountain, followed by a 30 block drop if you got over it, followed by brick everything, and layers of it and then you were like "Ohai, we can't deal with the grifers, so we're wiping everything and going private kthnxbai". :C
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