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    posted a message on [✔] The MMORPG Project 2.0 [Global PvE & PvP][75 Slots] [✔]
    Minecraft Username: Meren
    Age: 24
    Do you speak good English? (Y/N) Yes.
    What's your native language? English.
    Why do you want to become a member on this server? It sounds exactly like the type of server I want to play on.
    You will be given the ability to use fire; do you understand it's not a toy, and should not be used to burn the leaves off entire forests? I do.
    Give a good example of a way to use fire that is not server-destructive:
    1) Burn away leaves.
    2) Temporary lighting in caves if you've run out of torches.
    3) A controlled blaze to quickly take down unwanted wooden structures.

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    Quote from Jony »
    Notch wants torches to run out and this is bad :|:

    What a convincing argument.

    I'm in favor of torches burning out provided Notch provides a more expensive permanent light such as lanterns or candelabras that cost iron to make. Torches right now are too easy to make and spam everywhere. When using torches for cave exploration, I dislike the messy look of random scattered torches that end up everywhere, so I always end up going back and removing them when I get done exploring. It would be nice just to know that they would burn out eventually.
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    Finally! I love the cactus texture. There are a few problems in the latest release though:

    -Track textures are lacking transparency between/around the rails.
    -particles.png is lacking the water spray texture shown when boating or jumping in the water.
    -Minecraft crashes when you open the inventory because of gui/items.PNG. Renaming it to items.png fixes this issue.
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    posted a message on Orj's custom texture pack - Beta 1.3_x
    This is my favorite texture pack. I don't much care for the look of high resolution textures in Minecraft, so if you make it 32x32 I hope you'll continue to update the low res version as well?
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    My ideal implementation of Land Claim flags is as thus:

    Flags prevent the placing of any block, including TNT, by non owners.

    Flags greatly increase the amount of time needed for non owners to destroy blocks. I'm thinking that even with a diamond pickaxe , you should be looking at a good twenty seconds to destroy a cobblestone block. Hands should not be able to destroy blocks at all. The idea is to heavily encourage invaders to actually navigate your structure rather than simply tunnel randomly through it.

    Flags do not prevent PVP in any way.

    Flags do not prevent looting of chests. If they did, then chests would also have to be indestructible. If chests were indestructible, people would entomb their land claim flags in them as well as other sensitive areas.

    Flags can be destroyed by invaders who can then assert ownership over the structure.

    Flags prevent mobs from spawning or disappearing in the area. This is already confirmed by Notch.
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    Quote from Jelemonde »
    Lag? What lag? WAIT! I got a quad core, I got NO lag!

    I have a quad core with 6GB of ram and infdev chugs massively for me :/

    Does anyone else get white pixels shimmering on the seams between blocks when they move in infdev? It's an issue I've had ever since the new lighting engine was added, but I've never seen mention of it anywhere. I was hoping it would be fixed with the recent lighting update, but no such luck.

    I like the new trees, but they'll look a lot better with with actual branch blocks.
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    posted a message on help!
    Quote from TKGP »
    I think the answer is that one of our Windows buddies needs to upload a save file for us.


    I'm unfamiliar with Macs so hopefully you know what to do with this.
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    posted a message on The maximum infdev block height
    Quote from dlseth »
    ...why do we still limit ourselves to about 128 blocks of going up?

    What about floating islands thousands of tiles up from ground level? Or being able to construct the tower of Babel? There's a lot of vertical space that's available to use and it's currently aimed at being able to dig 4.2 billion blocks downward.

    I have bad news for you. Height refers to the total vertical space available, not just the space "going up" into the sky. A height of 128 means 64 blocks above sea level and 64 below. Tragically limiting, isn't it?

    Anyways, I asked Notch about the height limit a while ago on IRC and the reasons he gave are twofold:

    1. Lighting issues. If you build a massive tower that extends five-thousand blocks into the sky, how is the ground floor supposed to know if there is a ceiling at the top of that in order to determine if it should be sunlit?

    2. If a player falls from a great height, the map generator will not be able to keep up with them.

    Infinite (or at least greatly expanded) height is one of my most wanted features, but recognizing the problems and not having any solutions to offer, I try not to complain. I take some solace in the fact that Notch said he may revisit the issue in the future.
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    Quote from VR48 »

    Ok lets see...
    It has to spawn on surface, it has to have a light source (torch). You're right, in such situations it would be very hard. Ladon says it should be 10 boxes high or so. What if, depending on size of the map, the totem height changes to accommodate it's presence?

    The thing is, you can only see a maximum of 256 tiles in front of you. If you're many thousands of tiles away from the totem, you'll have absolutely no idea where to begin looking or even what direction to head in. The only way it would be remotely fair is if the location of the totem were to appear on your map (assuming there will be some form of map) when it spawns. That seems kind of silly though.
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    I kind of like this idea. It could be one of a number of rare random events that happen occasionally to add variety to the game. A 2/10 chance of happening is way too common though. That would mean that on average your map would end up shrouded in permanent night once every five days.

    What kind of range would the totem have? Surely not the whole infinite map? If the totem spawns near me and I decide that I LIKE the permanent night (I will), AND I'm the only person around for miles, then everyone else in the game is stuck with permanent darkness. It should still be a fairly sizable area though; I like the thought of a traveler coming across a mysterious horizon of darkness in broad daylight.

    Also, powerful monsters should spawn in proximity to the totem and the totem itself should drop rare resources when destroyed (diamonds, magical reagents, whatever rare materials end up in the game).

    Also also, this seems like the kind of thing that could be implemented via LUA scripting.
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    posted a message on /infdev/ Session Conflict!
    This happens to me if I try to run /infdev/ in two different tabs. I think it's to prevent multiple people from using one account. Try looking at your running processes in task manager and make sure java.exe isn't listed twice. Kill one of them if it is.
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    posted a message on UPDATE
    Quote from MiniManz »

    YOU PROMISED NOTCH YOU PROMISED! Dont be a butt and say all these new fancy features are part of the infinite maps. Just get a good infinite map generator going and get to work on multiplayer please. :sad.gif:

    I think Notch just plans to use the new Terrain Feature Generator for caves initially (caves are one of his criteria for infinite maps being "done"). Ruins and such will likely come after multiplayer.

    Quote from matthew102000 »
    i think there should be DEEP cliffs with bottomless pits. then notch can have the game generate floating islands in them. :tongue.gif:
    Quote from LightWarriorK »
    I'm hoping that some of those "huge" structures he mentions will be a variety of cavern generators, similar to what you can do in OMEN.

    These would be wonderful, but a total map depth of 128 doesn't seem like it would provide enough space for huge cliffs and caverns. I really hope Notch finds a way to give us more vertical space to work with.
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    posted a message on [infdev] Fire!
    Oh good. I've been looking for an excuse to post this.

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    Quote from Menen »
    New world:

    When you create a new world, you’ll get to pick the name (can be changed later on, will have a random default value), world size (up to a maximum of eight times the surface area of the earth), and a starting position from a minimap outlining the entire world. This map will include different climates and terrain types, like islands, inland, forests, floating (along the edges of the map)and so. Different areas of the map will also have different difficulty, but I’m not entirely sure how to represent that.

    Does that mean we have to go about a billion miles in one direction just to get to a floating island?


    I do have to wonder though, how you would ever find other people if everyone were able to pick a starting spot millions of miles away from each other. The above method of picking a starting spot might just for single player. In multiplayer, the server owner will probably be able to set an initial spawn area for everyone. If you wanted floating islands, you'd have to go to a "floating island survival" server.
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    posted a message on Notch's blog updated
    I hope that hardcore mode will have an equivalent permadeath setting for multiplayer.
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