About Me

I'm really just a simple girl with simple tastes...

... Okay that's a damn lie.


Name: Skyla Evergreen
Gender: Female
Religion: Eternian
Sexuality: Lesbian
Status: Single
Limbs: 3
Favourite games: League of Legends; Mirror's Edge; Minecraft
Favourite anime: Death Note

I've made so many friends here on the Minecraft Forums. This community has really helped make me happy in life and I've developed so many strong relationships. Here I'd like to give some shoutouts to people that have really made my life so much better.

Raynbow - Rayn is the single best online friend I've ever made. From playing League of Legends together to just making asses of ourselves to each other, he's been incredible fun and an incredible friend. LOVE YOU RAYN-CHAN~! ><3

Koumus - Koumus has been a great friend to talk to about my problems, 'cause we've both had similar lives and experiences. From talking about Pokemon to life in general, he's been such a great friend to me.

Kaval - Kaval's always been there to help me when I've been down in the dumps. She's helped me through several big problems I've faced as well as helped me through depression on multiple occasions. Her Skyblock server is also pretty fun too.

VCtheDerp - VC is basically a younger, male version of me. We haven't known each other for very long, but he's already become an amazing friend who is always so much fun to talk to. We help each other through our problems and can talk to each other about anything.

This community means so much to me. I can't imagine my life without it.

I've been playing League of Legends since season 3, and while I have a terrible ranked history (a ~23% win rate) I like to think of myself as an experienced and well-rounded summoner.

I'm capable of playing somewhat well in each lane and role, from top to bottom and from jungle to support. I started out as a mid laner and remained there for the majority of my time playing, but I eventually started to branch out with more champions in more roles.

My favourite champion changed fairly frequently, but I've narrowed it down to always having two favourites: A permanent favourite of 'waifu' status, and a 'flavour-of-the-month' type of favourite.

Mid: Orianna has always been my favourite champion and waifu. She's a champion that takes quite the amount of skill and practise to master, and after quite a while of playing her, I'm able to win match-ups that I'm technically not supposed to win. (E.g. Orianna vs. Syndra, Ahri, etc.)
Top/Jungle: I used to hate Vi, for reasons that I can no longer remember. Everything about Vi is amazing, and she's probably my best champion.
ADC: I don't play as AD Carry very often, but I'd have to give it to Jinx. She's the most fun champion personality wise; her dialogue and mannerisms are just plain hilarious. Mechanically, she's a very strong champion with a pretty strong early game kit, and she's probably the only ADC I actually do well with.
Support: Sona (the first champion I ever played) is most likely the easiest support to learn, but my reason for loving her are pretty much for the nostalgic factor. Not to mention that amazing hair. She's so prettyyyyyyy~!

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