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    Minecraft name: MercaJR

    Discord name:



    What are your goals in survival Minecraft:
    I don't really have any, just roam arround, build and relax, since I have my own survival world in which I make crazy projects and farms, I'll probably go onto the server when I'm tired of being there and want to chat with some people and do some community stuff

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    MC Username: MercaJR

    Age(prefer +18): 21

    Location: Argentina

    How active can you be: It depends on the week, but mostly 4-5 hours per day

    Why you would like to join: I'm kinda tired of playing survival alone, and I feel like i need a server again ^^

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    Quote from LessThanWise»

    IGN/Username: LessThanWise

    What should we call you?: Bre or LessThanWise work

    Age: 18 (19 in June)

    Country + Timezone: US MST

    Tell us a bit about yourself: Well I'm a college student who's finally off for the summer, and I have basically nothing else to do for the next 3 months, so I thought Minecraft sounded like a great idea! I've never played on a smaller server before except for my own, but I think it sounds like a ton of fun to be able to collaborate with other's to create builds, or do shops to help each other out, and just generally have a fun time playing something. Also, I love Hermitcraft, and have wanted to be a part of a community like it for the longest time. I hope that I'm a good addition to the team if you decide to add me :)

    How active will you be?: Most days, except for maybe the weekend because I have work

    Have you ever been banned from a private server?: Nope.

    What do you think you can bring to the server? Some creative shops and builds, and all sorts of community activities hopefully, and my (hopefully) bubbly attitude :)

    Any other questions or comments?: How long has the server been going for and how many people are a part of it? How far along has the server come since it was created? Thanks :)

    Hey Bre! You have been accepted to the Zitriex community! Make sure to get on the Discord and then more information will be there. If you have a diferent name on Discord please let us know who you are once you're there. In regards to your questions, the first season started on February this year, and there were 10/15 people at the beggining, of course, not all online at the same time

    ~ MercaJR - modderator

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    posted a message on ( PC ONLY ) STILL!!! Looking for Mature people to join my Survival World Currency System just set up ( Headset Only ) +18

    Sup! I'm 20, IGN is MercaJR and timezone UTC -3 (Argentina)

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    posted a message on Zitriex Season 1 [Vanilla Survival 1.13.2] [WhiteListed] [Discord] [Looking for active players] [+18]

    Minecraft IGN: MercaJR
    Age(+16): 20
    country: Argentina
    Playstyle (Builder, Redstone Engineer, etc.): A bit of everything.
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: 7ish years
    What can you do for the server?: Helping in whatever it needs ^^ From mining a big area to just building a few little things
    Why you are interested in joining: I have my own survival offline, and its already a bit... boring? I still want to play it, but I only have bif projects to work, so it's tedious and i want some server where I can have fun, and do projects with people ^^
    Approximate hours per week you expect to play (not counting long AFK sessions): around 20, sometimes more, sometimes less since I'm studying and working.
    Discord (Username and Number): MercaJR#5190
    Why should we consider you (minimum 30 words, maximum 200 words): Because I can help with everything ^^ Even if it's tedious. Also I'm a possitive and funny guy (except when I'm drowsy, I'm just derp there XD)

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    posted a message on [1.13.2] [Vanilla] [24/7] [Survival Minecraft] [White listed] [18+ ONLY]

    In Game Name: MercaJR

    Age(18+ Only): 20

    How Long Have You Played Minecraft: 7 years? Maybe 8. I'm not really sure

    What Is(are) Your Favorite Thing(s) To Do In Minecraft: It really depends on my mood, sometimes build, sometimes redstone, but overall i'll say resource gathering and mining

    What do you feel you can contribute to this server?: IDK, whatever the server needs tbh, especially a lot of help on comunnity projects

    Do you understand that griefing/cheating/stealing will result in a no questions asked perma-ban: Of course ^^

    Tell me A Bit About Yourself: I'm from Argentina and I don't practice my english speech so much, so probably in discord calls I may not talk to much. Also I'm a mess with chests XD

    Youtube Channel Link:

    Twitch.tv Channel Link:

    Discord Name: MercaJR#5190

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    IGN: MercaJR

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