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    IGN: FoxyTheBoss.
    Nickname: Foxy or Emma.
    Rank applying for: Mod Or Admin.
    Maturity: 8/10
    Experience: I have lots of experience - I have been mod, admin and once head mod on other servers.
    Why you want to be staff: For one I love warriors and for two I love to be a part of servers.
    How many Warriors books have you read: I have read all of the first and second series. I am only just on to third.
    Other: I hope you like my application. Thanks!

    - Foxy

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    Admin Apply Sheet
    Name: Emma
    Age: 12
    IGN: PeekABoo500
    Skype: Kitty_The_Skyping_Kat
    Past Experience?: I have been mod on quiet a few servers, Head mod on two and admin on three.
    Other experience: I have owned a sever.
    What can you bring to the server: I can bring kindness for all new players or anyone who needs help but I can also bring firmness to enforce the rules.
    Why do you want this position: I want this position so that I may help promote this server.

    Thanks For Your Consideration - Emma

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