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    posted a message on AdvancedHUD Continuation [0.1.8] [LESS bugs]
    Quote from joman195

    It is a Forge mod.

    oh ok.
    Quote from maxpowa

    You won't be able to use the mod in its current state because its deobfuscated, it must first be recompiled. Hopefully I can get a release you guys can download out this evening, doing some reworking of my code space -- hopefully so I can work on Advanced HUD and TukMC in parallel. The biggest issue I've encountered so far, and the reason I haven't released a working version yet is because I'm not 100% sure how to properly do that recompile with the new setup :/

    take all the time you need. ^^
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    posted a message on [1.6.X][Forge] CBM - Condensed Blocks Mod[v3.6.0] Source Released
    why not leave the old textures and for anyone who wants the new textures put a texture pack addon with install instructions for download?
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    posted a message on [DISCONTINUED][1.5.2]TouhouCraft Texturepack Languagepack
    I've discontinued this language pack.
    if you want to you can download it and update it (read my last post)

    Original Post:

    Hello Dear Viewers.

    I have Created an Language Pack For the TouhouCraft Texturepack.

    It Translates all items that have a Touhou Texture to their respective Names.
    There are English and German Translations Available.

    (the above in german)

    Hallo Liebe Leser.

    Ich habe ein Sprachpaket für das TouhouCraft TexturenPacket gemacht.

    Es Übersetzt alle Items die eine Touhou Textur haben zu ihren respektiven Namen.
    Es sind Englische und Deutsche Übersetzungen verfügbar.

    How to Install:

    1. go to C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
    2. go to bin
    3. open up the downloaded TouhouCraft zipfile with 7zip or any archiving program
    4. open up your minecraft.jar with 7zip or any archiving program
    5. inside your minecraft.jar open up the folder "lang"
    6. coby all the files from the "English" folder inside "lang"
    7. Delete META-INF
    8. start minecraft and in the language menu select "TouhouCraft EN (Gensokyo)
    optional: if you want both english and german simply put everything from the folder English & German(Deutsch) in the "lang" folder, delete META-INF and ingame select TouhouCraft En or DE

    How to Install (german):

    1. gehe zu C:\Users\DEIN BENUTZERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
    2. gehe zu bin
    3. öffne die heruntergeladene TouhouCraft mit 7zip oder jedem anderem archivierungsprogramm
    4. öffne deine minecraft.jar mit 7zip oder jedem anderen archivierungsprogramm
    5. in deiner minecraft.jar öffne den ordner "lang"
    6. kopiere alle dateien vom "German [Deutsch]" Ordner in den "lang" Ordner
    7. Lösche META-INF
    8. starte minecraft und im Sprache menü wähle TouhouCraft DE (Gensokyo)
    optional: wenn ihr beide haben wollt gebt einfach alles vom ordner English & German(Deutsch) in den
    "lang" ordner, löscht META-INF und im spiel wählt TouhouCraft EN oder DE

    if you find to see some mispelled words ingame while using this language pack please contact me so i can fix it.

    (the above in german)

    wenn ihr ein par falsch geschriebene wörter im spiel findet während ihr dieses Sprachpaket verwendet, bitte kontaktiert mich sodass ich die fehler fixen kann.

    TouhouCraft Texturepack:http://www.minecraft...ssic-supported/
    Language Pack Download:http://www.mediafire...TouhouCraft.zip

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    posted a message on BiblioCraft [v2.4.5]-Bookcases, armor stands, shelves, printing presses, seats, clocks, the Atlas and more! Updated 06/21/2018
    i have a problem: where can i find that config file to fix this optifine render fail.
    the only config file that i can find is config.class.
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