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    Hello, my name is Nationn, and I would like to apply for Administrator on your server.

    My In Game Name: Nationn

    Discord: Nationn

    Age: 19

    Any Past Experience: I have not been an administrator in mine-craft before unfortunately, but I have been a moderator on a steam game called Team Fortress 2. I use to moderator this well populated server, which is now dead. I had been on the job for 2 years before I finally quit to have some alone time, now I want to get back onto the job of catching hackers and making this community great!

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    posted a message on ♛ SerenityRealm ♛ ► Searching for an Admin

    Hello ... I would like to apply for Admin.
    Question 1: Your IGN: Menntallity
    Question 2: Your Age: 17 - Turning 18 in 1 month
    Question 3: Skype/Discord Name: Sorry but I do not use Skype anymore after an incident that included my phone number and other personal information to be leaked. I am also not familiar with Discord.
    Question 4: Your Experience: I was a Co Owner for a server called FaZe.Zero. That server has been shut down due to server payments. The server owners name is Ziefin, he has a Minecraft Forum account as well. I was also Moderator for 2 small servers that have also been shut-down.
    Question 5: Why do you want the job?: Because I want to help your server out. I have been on your server and it looks great. I have helped many people in the time that I have been on Minecraft for. I love helping people ... that is all I can say.
    Question 6: What makes you the right person for the job?: I am really hard working. I am probably one of the friendliest people in the world. I have never abused a power before ... I give people chances and help them when they need it. I can handle criticism and I am VERY mature.
    Thank you for reading my application .. if you have any questions please ... PM.
    PS: It may look like I just made a new account today ... but I have another MC Forums account. Look up "Nationn" as that is my 2nd account. *I forgot the password*.

    Sorry my mistake ... this was the account that I was meant to use to make this application.
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