About Me
Hello my name is Menntallity. I am just a 18 year old male playing Minecraft.
I also other games on the steam engine and the PS4. All information will be down below. If you would like to-
contact me, my discord information will be down below as-well.

[DISCORD USER]: Menntallity
[PS4 USER]: Menntallity

Wow you got this far, congratulations you earn nothing... <3
Interest? Well I have interest in designing animated steam profile artwork. I also have interest in playing-
video-games such as Team Fortress 2 and Need For Speed. I create profile pictures for people,
if you would like a picture ... get one of the internet because I aint making you one.
Location Uknown

Profile Information

Minecraft Menntallity PSN Menntallity Steam Menntallity