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    posted a message on Pond Lilies and Lily Pads.

    I think this would be a great addition to your normal ponds.

    There can be 2 types of Lilies Pads. 1x1 Lilies and 2x2 Lilies. You can stand on 2x2 Lilies Pads

    There could also be 2 Types of Lily Flowers. Pink and White. They grow right on the surface of the water.
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    posted a message on Desert Sand vs Beach Sand
    Cacti can spawn on any sand, which means they can spawn on beaches.

    I think they should have a specific Sand, dirt and Stone textures for Desert Biomes.

    Desert Sand

    Desert Dirt should have a reddish color to it. And Desert Stone should look like Limestone.
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    posted a message on Iron chests remake
    Iron doors open on a switch.... So why not make chests that open on a switch? :biggrin.gif:
    There could be a lock on the side. When the switch is activated, the lock unlocks, when power is gone it locks again
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    posted a message on MC Mob Maker
    Minecraft model maker ploxx
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    posted a message on Comparing Minecraft to ROBLOX.
    Roblox Cons :

    Everything about it.
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    posted a message on Scariest, Annoying, Funny, or Awesome Survival moments.
    heres a thread to tell the forums your best or worst or scariest moments in survival.

    My Scariest moment was in a cave. I was looking for mushrooms when a Skeleton Jumped out of know where. I jumped right out of my seat.

    My most Annoying was/is the Strength and speed of the Zombie. Its dead, it shouldnt run faster than you unless your really out of shape. It knocks you so far. When zombies appear on my towers, they knock me clear off of it and I die :C
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    posted a message on Blockland - That game where you build stuff
    Game is awesome, but Badspot is a total jerk to the community.
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    posted a message on Magic: a suggestion for people who intend to make Lua mods
    Quote from Zuriki »
    It's possible but possibly require a very long source code. And I'm not sure how corpses might work...

    However I think a script of this complexity would take some times to write. You're a vdgmprgrmr though right! :wink.gif:

    Lol :3
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