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    I've been playing a lot of b1.7.3 recently. It's really a different experience, since there's no hunger bar or regeneration, no repairing items, etc. b1.7.2 was actually the version I first started playing, but b1.7.3 has less bugs. I'm using spoilers here because there's A LOT of images.

    I actually went through a lot of seeds, trying to find the perfect place before dark. Eventually, I found a nice flat island that seems perfect, and it had trees in the shape of a smiley face! I didn't take any screenshots of me getting there but I do have one of my temporary house, which was just a hole...

    Here's a better picture, taken much later. All this stuff is still kicking around, just to remind me where I started:

    After I slept the night away, I made a little farm, and went out to try to find some coal and food on the surface, other things too that I probably forgot. here's the return trip after a successful search.

    Around this time I explored a cave off the shore around my island, getting lots of resources, and I officially named the island: Smiley Island. Afterwards, I put a fence around my farm, since mobs love to trample and jump on crops here. I also used a lot of cobblestone from exploring to snap a photo of the entire island.

    See? A smiley face! I planted the other trees.

    Now here's some photos of me making the island spawn proof, and building my house, and greenhouse. I haven't actually tried building diagonally like I did here before, and I think it looks great!

    A part that you actually couldn't see in the last picture, as that there's a peninsula. I named it the Chin Peninsula, for obvious reasons.

    Planning the layout of the house. Note I didn't think of making the greenhouse yet.

    Here's when I started planning the greenhouse too. (The GUI was a texture pack concept I was mucking around with)

    Much later on I decided to start a 2nd floor of my house. Here's a nice view of the WIP:

    Here's a tour of my (almost) completed base, I don't actually know what to put on the 2nd floor as of right now (Suggestions are welcome):

    The front:

    The back:

    Atop the greenhouse:

    The very top:

    Main room (Those double doors connect to the greenhouse):

    The greenhouse (Took this picture at a WAAAAAYYY earlier time than the rest of these):

    Area right connect/right behind the main room:

    Bedroom (Where the door above leads to):

    2nd floor (Nothing up here yet like I said):

    Entrance to my storage room/mine. The ladder behind me goes back up to the house, the stairs spiral down to Y=12 where my branch mine is, and going forward leads to the storage:

    Storage room (The dirt/grass blocks are placeholders until I need more chests for that certain type, and no you cannot stack chests on one another or the bottom one can't be opened in this version):

    An example of my spiral staircase down to my branch mine. It's a 4x4 staircase, and it looks like this all the way down until Y=12:

    The main room of my strip mine. It has two tunnels going North and South (I could tell by the debug menu), and I keep count of how many branches each tunnel has:

    Here's part of the North tunnel. What I do is that, every 4 blocks, I dig out 32 blocks out on either side. This has netted me lots of ores (and diamonds), and I pretty much do this in any world I play in. Lots of caves have gotten in the way this time:

    Okay now for random screenshots I took, of random importance:

    Mobs love to swim in the water surrounding my island (Especially Creepers, IDK why). This has pretty much persuaded me into just using boats instead of building bridges (Yup, pre-1.9 boats):

    Rain falling on top of my greenhouse:

    You've probably noticed the random oak/spruce trees planted about (like in the above picture). I basically plant a whole bunch of saplings along specific spots on the shore so I can get lots of wood. Here's a whole bunch of oak trees that I planted for the 2nd floor of my house:

    Here's a picture when I went caving, and found my first diamond. It was a single-ore vein, sadly. I have since found a bunch more thanks to my branch mine, but it's still notable:

    Here's a screenshot I nabbed of a thunderstorm happening:

    That's about it so far. I haven't ventured in the nether yet, though I am perfectly capable to do so.

    Here's the seed and coordinates of Smiley Island. This seed only works in earlier version of Minecraft:

    Seed: 8057755136981214788

    Coordinates (X, Y, Z): 89, 65, 180 (Should put you in the middle of the island)

    Thanks if you actually read all that. :D

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    Support, AFK Fishing isn't just broken, it's stupid broken.

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    I'm glad in 1.14.3 they're adding back repairing items by crafting them together again. I found it stupid that they removed it in the first place, and carrying around a grind stone while mining was tedious.

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    A creeper got into my house, despite the fact I had a moat. I had to run into my basement, and I tried mining outwards so I could go outside, and lure the creeper out of my house. When I mined up to go outside, it turned out I was one block short of clearing my moat. I somehow trapped myself in the water, and drowned. I spawned next to my bed, and the creeper was right there, so I ran out before the creeper exploded. My house was in shambles, and I learned not to put pressure plates on my doors outside (inside is fine).

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    The three versions I play are Alpha 1.1.2_01, Beta 1.7.3, and 1.13.2. I'm actually planning to possibly stick with 1.13.2, as I've settled pretty nicely with my texture packs and Optifine.

    For Alpha 1.1.2_01, I wanted to see what alpha was like. Although I don't play it as often, I've sunk in many hours into it already.

    As for Beta 1.7.3, it's the first version I started playing, and it's a nice balance between new and old features.

    Honestly it's kinda hard to explain why I like these...

    If I made a list:
    1. b1.7.3

    2. 1.13.3

    3. a1.1.2_01

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    So after 1.13 came out, I was like, "Aw man! I wish I could experience the new ocean stuff in my best world!" Then I realized, my best world is from before release 1.8, and that I was missing out on A LOT of stuff (like andesite and other stones, and fooling around with re-creations of the seed show that the village near my house is 2 times bigger in the new world generation), so I decided to start anew, but with the same seed. I don't know if that's cheating, since I already know where everything is, but I did it regardless.

    I'm at day 83, and I got a lot of stuff done. I've made a pretty extensive strip mine, I've made a cool house, I got a automatic (but slow) chicken cooking farm, I went to the nether and got myself some blaze rods and nether wart, I have a storage basement, I have almost every farmable thing (like wheat and potatoes), and I already have decent potion brewing AND enchanting stations. I'm not completely ready to give myself 100% diamond stuff, but at this rate, I think I'll have a full set of (possibly) enchanted diamond armor at around day 120.

    Here's my house:

    It's kinda messy (I blame the chicken farm), but I like it a lot more compared to the first house I built. Much more roomy.

    The reason I'm sharing this stuff is to give context on what happened earlier: An enderman teleported in my house!!

    I've heard that endermen teleport underground during the day, so maybe that's why he was there? I don't exactly know why, but I do know that I hate endermen. Ever since I first saw one in Beta 1.8 when I was young, they creep me out, a lot. That scream and the creepy noise after they start attacking you just unnerves me. Not as much anymore, but eugh.

    Anyway, he wasn't too hard to kill, and luckily didn't steal any chests since he was already holding a grass block. It's still scary to hear those unnerving sounds, and go down into your basement, JUST to see it's standing RIGHT THERE!

    Also, if you want the seed for some reason: 4903003342279228619

    You have to walk a bit west until you find plains over a river and bordering a forest to find where my house is.

    (Edit: just realized that my disliking of endermen might confuse people because of my username. My username is actually based off of another thing in another game, Blockland, if you know what that is)

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