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    posted a message on Command block delay/timer execute only if active for x-time
    the timer he described is exactly what i need for an event I'm trying to make in my server where someone gets to the top of a nerd pole and must hold that position for 3 minutes against all rivals but since it is a nerd pole there is no room for complicated redstone a command block is all you have room for.

    so instead of flaming anyone who asks anything with your redstone snob opinions why not show us all your amazing knowledge and just answer the friggin question.

    from what i see its not going to be possible with what commands exist to do it within the one command block but that block might be the start stop signal for a more elaborate timer setup at a remote location

    perhaps our snobby friends would show you how such a timer might be built instead of frying your brains for trying to learn.

    as for me ill figure it out. and perhaps get back to you hear once my event is done.
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    posted a message on [SSP]Enchanting Plus 1.0b(previously Unofficial Better Enchanting)
    for god sake yet another of the mods I depend on lost to god forsaken worthless loathsome forge.
    I have tried anew with each and every update 2 get forge to load on my system with no luck, it just plain sucks.
    so now one by one I watch every mod I use disappear into this sink hole.
    yours was a great mod. and one I cant replace as none of the others even come close.
    thanks for your work but forgive me if I secretly wish I had the developers of forge in a locked room alone. just me, there @#$%^#, and a vise for an hour.
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