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    posted a message on JourneyMap 5.5.x: Realtime mapping in-game or in a web browser as you explore
    thank you very much

    I'm not going to try the bukkit plugin yet while its still experimental to many people would be looking to kill me if i corrupted the world lol.

    but now that I know it exists I'll keep checking back.

    is there link to the forge mod you can share
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    posted a message on JourneyMap 5.5.x: Realtime mapping in-game or in a web browser as you explore

    First I want to say this has been for me one of the best admin tools I have. allowing me to help players find lost homes, or find the biome they are looking to build in ect.

    I have one question though, I was hoping you could answer for me.

    And if this has been asked already I am sorry I tried searching first but couldn't figure out how to word it to get what I was looking for

    any way my problem is this

    my server uses Multiverse to allow us to have more than one world we have a small world for spawn, another for resources, our main survival world, as well as the nether and end. my problem is when in ether spawn or resource journey map over writes the main resource map.

    is there a way to get journey map to ONLY map while in the main or to recognize the other worlds and map them separately even if the only way is to turn the mapping feature of journey map off when entering those worlds. is there a chat command or other way to do so from in game any info will be a great help

    but even if this is unfixable this is still a great tool thanks for your work.
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    posted a message on Internal Exception:Java.Lang.ClassCastException:Bll cannot be cast to FV
    i have been on same server for 2 years ... im an admin there and just now just today i lost connection unexpectedly and cant get back in i get this SAME message exactly and i am in skype with others that are still in the server so it is still up and running for them.

    i can get on any other server just fine even an alt server on same host run by same person just not the one i have been on for ever.

    its totally weird if i couldn't get on any server i would think it on my end

    if no one could get in or at least someone else them it most likely there end

    this just makes no sense
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    posted a message on MapWriter - An open source mini-map!
    pleeeeese update this to 1.7.9 i miss it so much and the server I play on updated :(
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    posted a message on MapWriter - An open source mini-map!
    this mod is great so far but i have 2 questions for you if i may

    1. is there a way to make it map an area around you wider than it does now
    is that what this does
    # the square of the max distance from the player to map chunks at

    2. the server I play on has a resource world separate from the main playing world to keep things nice.
    Problem is both are being written to the same map overwriting each other.
    Is there a solution for this.
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    posted a message on [SSP]Enchanting Plus 1.0b(previously Unofficial Better Enchanting)
    for god sake yet another of the mods I depend on lost to god forsaken worthless loathsome forge.
    I have tried anew with each and every update 2 get forge to load on my system with no luck, it just plain sucks.
    so now one by one I watch every mod I use disappear into this sink hole.
    yours was a great mod. and one I cant replace as none of the others even come close.
    thanks for your work but forgive me if I secretly wish I had the developers of forge in a locked room alone. just me, there @#$%^#, and a vise for an hour.
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    posted a message on World edit commands - Found here
    the problem with this post and the wiki alike they are not complete
    I have found a couple very useful commands that are not listed hear or the wiki by watching youtube vids
    at first I thought they may be out of date or old commands but I tried them and they all worked
    so is there a complete command list someplace
    I can think of only two examples at the moment but I'm sure there were more
    one was a brush tool called //gravity that makes all blocks under the brush act like sand
    another was //pyramid just like sphere or cylinder makes a pyramid hpyramid for hallow

    so since this and the wiki post are incomplete I am left wandering what wonderful things I am missing
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Expandicraft [V1.0] [WIP]
    or could any one else that stumbles onto this leave a reply explaining how you installed it
    assuming yours works that is.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Expandicraft [V1.0] [WIP]
    this mod looks very useful to me as I like to fill caverns behind my self as I explore them.
    but alas I cant get it to install.
    I put the 2 folders from the zip into the .minecraft jar like most mods.
    but once in game there is no sine of any change and there crafting recipe does not work either for the foam or the knife.
    then I tried putting just the files from the folders into the .minecraft jar and this time got the white screen.
    I have modloader installed
    any ideas for some reason the white screen on my machine does not last long enough to read before the game crashes or I
    would send you the txt
    if you get a chance could you add a bit of install directions to this page
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